Ciara Rocks The Pages Of Essence Magazine

Ciara continues to live out her high fashion model dreams- this time on the pages of Essence magazine. The singer is featured in a gorgeous 10 page spread wearing everything from a gorgeous Alexander McQueen denim dress to cut-off Capri shorts. No doubt CiCi can pull off any look- day or night.


  1. Yess!!! Queen Ci killin dem hoes!!!Ciara Princess Harris 2010/Basic Instinct in Stores August 17 2010!!!!

  2. 10 pages…thats a good look. I would love to see her do some runway work as well she has got the legs for it.

  3. ciara is a natural at taking photo’s i >3 it :hifive:

  4. I love Ciara as one of many beautiful African-American career women. She looks great! I wish her much success with modeling and with her singing career. She is one of the best female dancers out there. I was so surprised that her video got banned when there have been so many other females of all races just as naked or more naked in their videos. There are definitely far more vulgar, sexual lyrics in many of the rap videos that have been allowed and simply bleeped (censored)on BET.

  5. :bowdown: Yes Princess Ciara
    Basic Instinct August 17, 2010 🙂

  6. This kinda reminds me of an old Ashanti shoot. lol I swear sometimes Cici is a dead ringer for Wanda Sykes (like her daughter or something). lol No shade. Love Cici. Hope Basic Instinct does well for her!

  7. Bet is a sad story for African Americans who already have so little to be proud about,it enforces stereotypes and self hatred, so her video being banned by them is a blessing in disguised, Ciara is gorgous.

  8. wow, she really does look like a younger version of Wanda Sykes. I never really seen it before, but that picture where she is wearing that hat just made me a believer.

  9. If that 2nd photo doesn’t confirm how much she favors Wanda Sykes, then bend me backwards.

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