Goapele Wants to “Play”

Singer Goapele debuts an edgier sound on her new single “Play,” the debut single from her upcoming album “Break of Dawn.”

The single can be downloaded from Itunes now, while the album can be had on October 25th.

Give the new track a listen below…


  1. I love her voice. I like the song. She is so talented.I’m looking forward to the new album.

  2. I love Goapele…I
    like this song…will definitely get her new album…this is one of many artists that could be so big…a major crossover artist like a Sade…but, she missed the 80s or 90s and was thrown into the neo soul pile, which translated into a lack of promotion and low sales…not mainstream…if artists like Goapele was forced-fed upon music consumers, the industry would be in a better position today…people would still care about the music and the artists…but, they took the short-range, quick buck route as America is now completely dumbed down from media in general, people really don’t care about music, more into personalities…most prefer not to buy their music if at all possible and it is!

    I had a class we could play our ipods and when I would put on Goapele…everybody would ask “who is that?”…black or white…I’m glad that she will always be able to tour around the world…she’s just as good live…I sat in the rain, outside…her music vibe is so strong!

    Support “good music!”

  3. love Goapele. She is truly talented and her voice is incredible. I am definitely feeling this song (makes me want some p*nis) and I will be getting her album.

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