Golden Brooks Expands Her Golden Collection


Golden Brooks Launches Golden Collection Home Decor Line

Did you guys know that former Girlfriends star Golden Brooks has a new home decor line called The Golden Collection? Nope? Well, neither did I. Golden launched the collection last fall and recently expanded it to include more items, including bedding and decorative candles.

The original line, which was composed entirely of throw pillows, was apparently such a hit, Golden decided to expand into other areas. “After our initial success it seemed only fitting to expand into bedding,” Golden told fans via Instagram. “Candles help set the ambiance, so of course we added those as well. It’s all about creating a mood in your life and in your space.”

You can check out Golden’s collection via her official website, and a behind-the-scenes look at the collection’s photo shoot above.


  1. Kudos to her for doing other things. good luck on the line. i’m too poor to purchase a throw pillow for that much.

  2. Those pillows are nice though. Plus you kinda get what you pay for. I’m too poor for those prices too. I’m also not a fan of throw pillows. I always ending up moving them out of my way.

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