TP’s ‘Good Deeds’ Movie Trailer

Tyler Perry and Lionsgate Pictures have just released the trailer for the director’s latest film “Good Deeds.”

Starring Perry himself, Gabrielle Union, Brian White and Thandie Newton, ‘Deeds’ tells the story of Wesley Deeds (Perry), a successful businessman whose good deed of helping out a destitute mother and her child, throws his own life and marriage into a tailspin.

Check the trailer below.

“Good Deeds” will be released nationwide on February 24th and will also feature appearances by Phylicia Rashad and Beverly Johnson.


  1. Wow looks good! Great looking cast as well, all experienced actors. Gabby know she stay working girl got a good agent lol!

  2. Looks really good…and not like his usual. I might have to go check this out.

  3. Definitely watching that. Love me some Phylicia Rashad! Love TP too. Good job.

  4. Wow….I can’t wait to see this movie, I’m so glad he’s changing it up!

  5. Eeeee at Tyler in the lead role… I’ll wait for rental or on-demand. Nice seeing a blended casts, something Perry does well.

  6. Tyler is always doing it his way just simply amazeing as always and I can’t wait to see when the movie do come out.Although I do think that gabby should have switched roles with thandie it just looked better meaning the characters they played.However that’s tyler’s choice of course overall they are two talented and beautiful actress and.I am very proud of tyler’s body of work great job ty as always!..

  7. I love the fact that Tyler always show black people in a positive light. He always shows us as educated and wealthy instead of the typical everybody is broke and staying in the projects and have no good outlook on life. You go Mr. Perry!

  8. I love the fact that Mr Perry (as he should be addressed at this time) continues to put African American actors to work. I pray that he is officially recognized for all of his hard work. I cannot wait to see this film.

  9. I to disagree with you regarding Tyler Perry showing us in a positive light. Most of his movies have the fat black lady the crack head girl and the abusive philandering black man. So lets be honest what’s more important, employing us or making sure that the world gets to see the diverse prominent people that we are.

  10. Yes, this one looks like a must-see from Mr. Perry – I’ll be sure to check it out!

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