Good Girl, Bad Girl, Now “Rated R”!

Hip Hop princess Rihanna celebrated the release of her highly anticipated album Rated R in New York City, with two extravagent parties. Unilke most celebrities who are satisfied with just one album release party glam chic Rihanna opted to celebrate her album by having two parties in NYC for the celebrities who could not attend the first one. The first was held at the Supper Club, in which she wore a chic and edgy gold beaded dress designed by the “blondes” and the other was held at the M2 Ultra Lounge which she wore an exotic zebra print dress. I know i’m a little late with the news but I wanted to post this after I previewed her album. Although Rated R is recieving mixed reviews from critics, overall it’s a good album. She shows personal growth and strength she endured after her incident with Chris Brown, in Songs such as “Stupid In Love”, and “Cold Case Love “. She gives her fans an exclusive look at her emotional state before and after the incident. Working on her project with celebs such as Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, The dream, Tricky Stewart, and will.i.a.m. helped her cope with her relationship experience. Rihanna said in an interview “talking about the situation with the people I collaborated with on the album helped me work through my experience and turn it into art”. Although I may not agree on all the decisions Rihanna makes with her image, the girl is doing her thing. Congratulations RiRi!


  1. I’m happy for her, hopefully she’s recovered emotionally from the incident. Her new haircut is kinda…different though.

  2. GO RIRI!!!
    Actually her album received very positive reviews from critics with a score of 80/100 from Metacritic and with an impressive 4/4 by LA TIMES.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this album!!! That’s my girl!!

  3. this is a good album. People are sleeping on it, but you guys would be pleasantly surprised by rihanna’s songs.

  4. Good she has an album out and no hate but u got ahead of urself when u called hiphop princess that’s an opinated statement and not fact as a fan of hip hop I take dat seriously sorry if I offend anyone..but her new albuom sucks sorry gggb was WAY better and actually had content to it the songs on her albulm are garbage

  5. Russian Roulette has grown on me. Interesting outfits here 🙂

  6. Rihanna is a hip hop commercial not an artist. She is a look not a talent. Worse of all, she is influencing the young and naive in a most negative way. Sorry, but I am not drinking her syrup. There many positive and creative artists out there that give as much as they take from their audience. And, they deserve this spot not Rihanna. I am beginning to wonder if Brown Sista is a synonym for Rihanna. SMDH!

  7. @ red lipstick:

    right on, plus she’s made herself into some kinda succubus to gain the attention that was already on her.

    the industry wants us to think this is the best there is, and the populace assents inaptly “yes, yes indeed -give us more bullsh^t, we want more!!!”

  8. Rihanna’s new album is great. the expert music critics give it excellent ratings. Yet, those who can only understand hard beats & not truly good music, comment that it’s garbage. I don’t understand why being highly fashionable is a “crime” all of a sudden. She simply shines with fashion and talent. She’s fearless.

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