Good Guys Finish…

Last. And why is that exactly?  I mean aren’t they typically made of the things we wish for in a man?  They are attentive to us, they do things that make us feel special, respect, adore and love us.

When we imagine the guy we’ll fall madly in love with, the guy riding in on the white horse or the guy who sweeps us off of our feet, its usually a guy who embodies all of those traits.

Yet this guy is usually the last one we’re looking for.

He may come off as a bit corny, boring, may not be as sexy, may lack swagger at times or truth be told just isn’t the guy that we envisioned we’d wake up next to for the rest of our lives.  And he’s probably not a challenge.

But he’s the good guy, the guy our parents want us matched with, and the guy who’ll do right by us.

Why is it that we chase and wait to be chased by the guy opposite of everything we need in life?  Why do we settle for a man who isn’t the best of everything we deserve?  Why do we complicate our own lives by the men we fall for? And why do we complain about the lack of good men when we’ve probably “friended” a good amount of them?

I don’t know what happens to us in life that completely changes our perspective on the good and bad guys but I’m pretty tired of dancing with the bad boys.  Maybe because deep down there’s a little bad girl in all of us, but at what point do we embrace being women who make better decisions?

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  1. Not looking for a “good” guy who are usually self professed as such and can be many things that aren’t so “good”, but moreso the RIGHT guy for me in the right situation, with the right mindframe, lifestyle, values i.e fit, match, compliment, chemistry, core values, attraction, compatibility, lifestyle etc

  2. Yeah, my husband is a good guy and I love him more than anything I can think off, I like nice guy, I love their affection and thei attention, I love that he isn’t dangerous and doesn’t bring me any drama, olive that he is so honnest, I’m grown I can’t with nigg$@&s I really can’t … I think it’s a maturity thing.

  3. There is something so special about a “good guy”, which is why my husband and I are raising our son to become one, and our daughter the tools to find one.

  4. I love good guys. As long as they have confidence and a strong sense of who they are, respectful, employed, honest,loyal, loving and caring AND good in bed I’ll give em the time of day :0

  5. I can actually give some good insight to this question, having once been a girl who was attracted to “bad boys” or guys that didn’t treat me so well. To fully understand why a lot of girls seem to be more attracted to the bad guy vs. the good guy, you have to understand the pschological side to it. First remember, everything stems from childhood. We are usually most attracted to people who have some kind of trait that seems “familiar” to us—whether this is a good or bad trait. For example, I once had a boyfriend who ignored me a lot, stood me up on dates, put me last, etc. When I was a kid, my father was the same way, never paid much attention to me.

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