Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” Premiere

The premiere of Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary went down last night in Los Angeles, California and just about every Brown Sista you can imagine showed up for the event. The film opens in select cities on October 9th and may be worth checking out. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about the film as they were once were- myself included. To read a very open and honest review of the film you can read the Washington Informer’s review here.

Pics from the red carpet are below


  1. Hmmm…looks like the same group of chicks that will show up to the opening of an envelop and bring their own red carpet…no A-list turn out from what I see. Looks like a flop already.

  2. Why is the world so obsessed with what black women do with our hair. Why is it anyone’s business. And for the record I don’t put relaxer’s in my hair to look like white women. I don’t do anything to look like white women. I relax my hair because it’s just easier to maintain. Plain and simple. And I don’t think most black women put weave in their hair to look white women I think we just like the way we can do different styles. I am tired of everything we do being equated to looking or being like white women. It is not us who has the fascination with them it is visa versa.

  3. Yeah…I’m not impressed. The film seems to be one-dimension. It appears to miss all together the elements of a healthy discussion.

  4. Their just upset because women of color can be versatile with theirs, I have friends of different backgrounds who envy us because of this!!!

  5. I totally agree with Bee. Why is it such a big deal what we do to our hair?? I think white people like think that we relax our hair to try to look like them which is not the case at all. It just makes it easier. I don’t have a single black who thinks relaxing their hair will make them look like Beckie on the cover of Cosmo. With that said everyone looks so beautiful. Nia and Jill Marie are absolutely flawless.

  6. i agree its no one’s business what a black woman does to her hair. not a black man’s, a white woman’s or any one else.
    Nia Long looked great a the premeire.

  7. (SIGG)here we go again with ridiculing ourselves for entertainment. I saw it on Oprah and it is shameful. We just are reiterating the self-hate we have. SO havin nappy hair is still tasteful and we still want “goodhair” The whites are still shaking their heads at us trying to be europanized. WE ARE JOKES TO THEM. WE call ourselves “nigga” and try to say it is an empowering word NOW. we almost worship black girl with european features. Now this minstrel showcase of our lack of self-love is comedy. OH yeah Solange was on Oprah showing the side(thank God) where there are black women who love their texture. Solange is BAD. iM starting 2 luv that girl-REVOLUTIONIST SPIRIT.

  8. @Iris- WHy is it no one business. They already know we hate ourselves-why you embarrassed for whites 2 know how much pain and time it takes for us to look like them.

  9. @Bee-let’s keep it real. We perm our hair to look Europeans. Every race in this country in some form or another has become europanized. You have chinese having eye surgery so their eyes are less chinky. my co-worker who is dominican thinks she is white. We are obsessed not them, they can care less what we do 2 our hair. Ladies, u can’t lie 2 urselves. Count on the street how many blacks wear their texture-far and few-We have been taught our texture is UGLY and we still believe. WE are scared to be outcasts-including me, cuz you will be one if your hair isn’t flowing, or if its short it BETTA be straight


  11. Please trust me. I don’t want to look white. I enjoy being a black women. I wouldn’t trade it for nothing in the world.

    I agree with BEE. When I perm my hair, I perm it because it is easier to maintain.

    When I wore my hair in a short natural. I got more looks and complements from ever race, including white women and man. I love myself and feel comfortable in my skin no more the hair texture I’m rocking at the time.

  12. @ 17150918 Nia did kill em.

    Raven looks so grown now. She is a woman.

  13. @Antoya-there are always exceptions to the rule but the majority of African american women it does apply too. And chris already broke down the movie and i read reviews. He didn’t show the other side-natural hair. He just showed all the pain black women go thru to perm, weave,-he just added humour.

  14. Everyone looks great…and OH MY! Nia Long is GORGEOUS!

  15. I honestly feel like natural hair is easier to maintain; you don’t have to subject yourselves to the painful process of perms & the tedious work that goes into weaves, EVERY few weeks. When you sweat or when it rains, you don’t have to rush to the beauty shop…Obviously it’s different for each of us, but I honestly believe that if we were conditioned from jump to love our hair & its texture, it suddenly would become “easier to maintain”. *shrugs*

  16. honestly this is ridiculous It should not matter If you have natural or fake hair as long as u are comfortable w/ what makes u happy , and why Is chris rock so “OBSSESED” w/ this he was on oprah & everything I mean come on now I well most definitley “NOT” go see this

  17. @ RUserious boy/girl speak for your self, i perm my hair so i can comb through the s***. want to be white? yea right, NEVER!!!! black ppl are sooo beautiful, we have different skin tone and all.. and any way, All white ppl hair isn’t straight, so when they straighten it, who r they trying to look like? Halfof them bleach they hair and add tracks too! so who r they trying to be like when they do that? when they get tan, who are they trying to be like? When they go get bigger lips? When they get bigger butts? Who???? so just because some black ppl dont like to wear they hair nappy, we want to be white? palease, and white ppl are not the only race with staight hair. Please tell me you were joking.

  18. I may want to see this movie. I love Nia Long…she is gorgeous! She has been my girl crush since the movie Love Jones.

  19. well dam ruserious I’m waiting on u to comment back as well lol this should be interesting.

  20. Nia Raven Claudia Gabrielle Tamala and Tracie were just fab from head to toe.

    The other sistas… Fab just not from head to toe I wasn’t feeling their outfits.

  21. Eve needs a new style team asap her hair make up and outfit was wrong wrong WRONG. She has been a don’t for the past few weeks now.

  22. I think eve’s make-up looks fine and her hair looks cute.

    do Y’all remember when eve used to rock the blond bald look and the hot red bald look. She had some unique styles back then w/ hair and fashion!

  23. Chris Rock just wasn’t the person to document this issue or tell this story!

    His humor toward black women is almost always very unflattering in my opinion. The only reason he’s not married to a white woman is because he knows she would be with him for his money, comics know the truth about many harsh realities.

    I totally disagree that we straighten our hair, extend or weave with white women in mind. We like how it’s managed with chemicals or the look of a hair style that has a longer length or fuller hair body.

    White women who tan aren’t trying to be black, they just like how their skin look with color or their hair flat ironed or to add volume by using a perm or or for a different look, not trying to be another race.

    All races of women suffer from the unrealistic narrow standards of beauty because everyone isn’t born blonde a(Heidi Klum or Jessica Simpson) or raven-haired (Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox), beautiful, tall, thin and wealthy!

    Black women are the most natural women of any group of women because our looks last, we age well, our color excites the consciousness and we are highly desired, why we come in so many hues and so immitated, even if brothas try to low-ball us in their music videos, who they choose to carry on their arm and marry, sistas weaving it or not, sre definitely in a league all our own! We just sometimes forget it…think Tyra, Oprah, Michelle Obama, our top entertainers, you and me, beautiful, caring titans!

  24. Seems like these women consulted each other on what to wear. Most seem to be in black, white or gray and short and sassy styles. Nia’s look was the most impressive. Eve was…..toned down (?) Glad to see Raven did not raid her 50 year old aunt’s closet for another church outfit. She look’s more her age here.

    I look forward to seeing the film. We need to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

  25. @12345-lol uno i am-
    @”Love-im a woman first of all, Number 2-of course we are one of the most beautiful races out there, now once we realize that we will be fine. “Nappy hair” really means kinky, but do uc the stereoype you even associate with it,. it isn’t desirable, rite. Now, perming is the only way for it 2b manageable, no wash and sets, no blowdrying, no conditioner, just straight chemicals that burn ur hair 2 a crisp.By the way im not on a high horse cuz this applies 2 me. Not all, but the MAJORITY OF BLACK WOMEN cannot admit it cuz it hurts, but we are still told are texture is not desireable this is why we DAMAGE our hair. C’mon that is lame-” i need a perm so i can manage” im not saying you can’t change styles, but there are sum of us who had perms since toddler age(lol maybe exaggerating), and NEVA went natural. hmmm Why is that? u figure it out.

  26. Now, love, if ur one of those females who do go from perm to natural or curly or ur are not stuck in the ” i need silky hair” then by all means you should have bypassed my previous comments cuz i emphasized again “MAJORITY” NOT ALL. lets get statistics, i like stating facts, that did a modern version of a study from i thing the 50’s & did it about 2 years ago. They asked lil black girls & boys which doll is better, a white or black, the majority overwhelming picked the white doll. WE ARE IN 2009-HELLO. INO I AIN’T CRAZY. LOOK IT UP. Im curious, what kinda hair you got where only fire get it straight- put a pic-cuz that’s amazing. i mean i don’t got “good hair” but if i blowdry i can manage it.

  27. people put this in perspective-the idea of black women not BEING beautiful is different FROM KNOWING ur beautiful. People we go thru HELL to get it straight. What im seeing is a lot of delusionment on here. Perming ain’t the only way to have manageable hair our texture isn’t ROCKS. Stop with all this i GOTTA perm, please u want to so u can fit in with society. It like being in school and u want to sit at the “cool” table. ONly a few will wear a weave for style sake, many its a way of life. Dag, black hair is that HORRIBLE where only chemicals tame it. and i ain’t mixed but ya’ll texture must be some “new black” hair.

  28. @17150918, lol

    @ RUSERIOUS wash blow dry? no that wont work for my hair. straighting it still brings heat and will damange it, because i would have to do it every other day. Perm, last longer, about 3 months. In your first staement you didnt say MAJORITY, you said Black ppl. I feel we have options, some may want to straighten they hair others may not. Its they choice. So those who want to perm is wrong, becasue you would rather straighten? Thats burning your hair to with heat. You say we were told our hair wasn’t desirable, by who? I wasnt told that. I’m not being funny either, but i do not know ANYONE who was told that. I have some ppl who stop getting perms because they say it damaged they hair, I know some who still gets them. I know NO ONE who only get perms to be white or was told they hair wasnt good enough. WERE are you from, so I wont move there.
    ” of course we are one of the most beautiful races out there, now once we realize that we will be fine” Are you saying us “blacks” are the only race that have trouble realizing we are pretty?? Just like some blacks do whites do too. As far as the statements of the little kids choosing the white dolls, i agree. However they are children, when they grow up they will see white ppl put perms and weave in they hair tooo.(being jokeful)Im not say KINKY hair isnt desirable and I am not sterotyping. THATS JUST NOT WHAT I LIKE for ME!! thats a crime, becuase I dont like what you feel “being the black thing to do?” Perming my hair, isnot the only way, however I choose to do so every once in a while vs. straighting or blowdry, it last long. Not to “fit in” fit in with who? Just like you say ppl can do other things to straighten they hair, perm do the same. so whats the difference? basically your saying if we straighten our hair period were are trying to fit it, rather its with a wash or a blowdryer or are you just saying if we use the perm? come on now which is it? Is it the perm that is making us want to fit in “as you say” or is it the straighting it period? because you said we use other ways to straighting it. why does the way we straighting it matter?

  29. sorry for any typo’s
    and @Cynthinia, I totally agree with you, i was just trying to make a point. People do it because that is what they perfer
    @RUSERIOUS “ONly a few will wear a weave for style sake, many its a way of life” who are you speak of there? ALL? because all races wear weave

  30. And why are ppl taking this movie so serious? He just made a movie saying how some black women change they hair, and the things they go through. It aint like he was saying “blacks are stupid and bla bla bla” GOSH

  31. @ RUSERIOUS back to this weave tip, so when ppl were curly hair they was to have a black natural look? or a white curly look? when ppl put straight weave in they hair, are they trying to be black or white or asian or etc, becasue all race have long hair, when they wear braids are they trying to be from africa or when whites were braids are they trying to be black? and you say i stero type, why we have to want to be someone other than black when we change our hair? My Cousin wife is pure white, and if she dont put heat or perm her hair, its hard to maintain too. So if be choose to be different we are automatically tryig to be another race? Why we cant just want to change up sometimes? Some ppl like the same look and some just like to be differnt. IS THAT A CRIME? SO what next, its gone be a dressing white and dress black thing? if I dress a certain way I’m trying to be white? Girl please, you need to get it together

  32. @Love-look at my previous posts. I said many races have come to America and to assimilate, because the culture or race that DOMINATES a particular society, other cultures or races will follow, that’s why i mentioned Chinese having surgery to make their eyes less “chinky” But what race takes a word that was used to lynch, burn and just degrade and flip it to the norm, “nigga” that’s a lil bit deep.Now ur point about neva hearing that is juvenile, actions scream louder than words.
    No, not everyone black woman who perms or straighens her hair is lacking love, it depends on the motive. But some people don’t even know why they do things, mama did it, and grandma did it, so i do it. Now, if you are even going to argue that self-hatred does not still exists in the black community, your either in denial or so brainwashed yourself you can’t see straight.

  33. “If we choose to be different” How are you choosing to be different-you look like everyone else, it’s just that when you see a white girl, that’s most likely her texture, stop acting like the majority of white girls change their texture that drastically like MOST black females do when they get a perm. No, love, rocking ur natural texture is being different FOR A BLACK WOMAN- NOW, if it didn’t apply to you you should have bypassed it cuz that means your the exception, but i must have triggered sumthing. THis is why the black community is in shambles now, our president being half-black didn’t change statistics of crime rate, police brutality, and the same problems, because of denial that there is a problem. THe hair things is just one aspect of the self-hate, saying nigga is another, our music disrespecting females and tolerating it is another, the complexion thing-yes, it is still here, is another, -many more. But some have overcame that in our race, but many have residue and more. But, honestly, you sound a lil young sometimes in your post, so maybe when your older u will c what im saying.

  34. @RUSERIOUS, never said it didnt exists in the black community, in prevous staements I said we are not the only ones> now that you argued back you were not only speaking of blacks, i feel were you comimg from, and now that you have stated your not saying ALL ppl who staighten thier hair isnt trying to be white, i feel were you coming come. juvenile? no just trying to get my point across

  35. 90% of white women do not wear their natural hair color. They get perms and relaxers like black people, and many of them wear extensions. People talk about how us black women wear weaves b/c we want to be white. What about a sista with a fro sewed in her natural hair, even though an afro is black as it gets, people will still find something wrong with it. There is too much crazy stuff in our community, I wish we can get past it and focus on what counts. We all know what spreads AIDs and we know what it does, why don’t we talk more about that than some good hair. Personally I won’t pay to see this. It looks interesting, but I can wait for the tv debut.

  36. color and textur is different. What is so hard to accept that we have been taught european hair is more desireable, the sista with the fro is an EXCEPTION. I DON’T UNDERSTAND am i typing chinese. I said there are always exceptions to rules. So the black community is fine?? yes, we have accomplished a lot and there are many influential, intellectual, beautiful black people out there but that does negate we have ISSUES that have been with us since we were forced 2come to this country. OK, IM DONE.

  37. @RUSERIOUS yes you did trigger something, because like i stated before you said “black people” ” you said why get mad, because they are speaking the truth about US blacks” thats why i responded. I’m speaking for my self and all of the black ppl I know. I dont know any black person who do it(get perms or chng they hair) because they want to fit in, not saying some don’t exsist. You dont know how I look. Just because I dont want to wear kinky hair I’m trying to look like everyone else? I wear my hair how I want to wear MY hair. So what you want? everyone to wear they hair natrual? so if everybody wear they hair kinky, aint that looking like everyone else? And when you see a white girl that is NOT most likely her texture, most have curly hair or something, thats why they get perms too. Ok yes the president is half black, you say that didnt change the crime rate. ok, i’m just gone believ your speaking in general and not towards “only blacks”

  38. @ RUSERIOUS I’m dont too because, I see there is no getting through to you. But just realize thats how you view us black ppl….

  39. I am looking forward to seeing the film/documentary. I think that Chris Rock brings humor to a sometimes sensitive subject in the community. I have been getting some type of perm since I was five years dold and my grandmother paied for it because she was tired of having to press my at that time headful of hair. I wish that I could go back to a more natural state but I have thinning spots that are easier to camoflouge with a relaxer than it would any other way. I do however agree that me having a perm is more about having manageable hair than it is about being or actiung white which I am way to dark to even attempt to do.

  40. Nia is glowing!

    All the ladies look great, but I love Nia’s hair and her skin! Ugh! Just gorgeous 🙂

  41. @love-yes, i meant black crime rate we got the highest, over Latino=oh i get it cuz you got a white sister-in-law, u think the black community is fine and no racism or self-hate exists rite??. so im crazy for thinking “we” got issues. yes, us. back in the day, sum1 sees a child acting crazy in the street it was “our” issue, now its each for they own and that black kid acting crazy got nuthin to do with us, its “his” issue. Like i should be ashamed to say the black community has problems, deep rooted, that needs 2 b ashamed, you should be ashamed to act like we don’t.

  42. @Love- now im flexibe-but u keep restating the same thing, while im restating the same thing which is -NOT EVERYONE BLACK WOMEN WHO GETS A PERM HAS LOW SELF-ESTEEM,but naturally you seem to READ OVER that, therfore, we must agree 2 disagree. nuthing u say will change my views, and vice versa. hey, can’t win em all.

  43. aahhh ruserious and love that was weak!

  44. @Cynthia I couldn’t agree with you more. He never has anything to say good about black women. The only black women that he speaks well of is Oprah. That is why I can’t support him nothing that he does. I am sure he tried to make us look in the worst lite possible.

  45. People talking about “Permed hair is easier to maintain…” are on some bullsh*t. ALL HAIR TAKES SOME KIND OF MAINTENANCE! Just say you like the look or that’s the look you prefer on yourself. You are talking to the wrong one when you come at a black women with soft but kinky hair and tell her that the natural state of my hair is hard to maintain. That’s the only thing that burns me up about the whole “Good hair” notion…I’ve worn my hair in many states, including permed, and the natural state of my hair is easier to me. It just takes being aware of the texture of your hair and knowing healthy techniques to style…

  46. Beautiful and classy. Not one trashy in the bunch. In theses days of trashy getting all the headlines it’s good to see that higher standards are still being upheld.

  47. Who cares what people say about your hair. If nobody is paying to maintain it but you then it shouldn’t matter. There is nothing wrong with having options. I shaved my hair about six months ago because the relaxer and glue weaves took my hair out. Nobody knew except my mom and my man that I cut off all my hair because I wore a lace wig. Six months later my hair is touching my neck. I’m giving it a year for it to be past my shoulders. My point is to DO YOU!!

  48. Exactly…..I don’t see why us–some of us–getting weaves or keeping it real is such a big deal. It’s just hair and contrary to popular belief, many of us just like trying new things….we don’t have any deep seated hatred towards our blackness. I don’t know why shit constantly has to be so serious when WE do it…yet you have white women frying in the sun to have our skin tones……you have them buring and frying and ruining their hair to be blonde, then throwing “extensions” in, yet that’s just them being trendy..when we do it, there is this huge ass psychological reason behind it. It’s lame.

  49. i don;’t care if you decapitate urself so u don’t have hair problems. im not gonna see the movie that’s how much i don’t care. im the only one on here saying the issue is deeper so the comments are addressed 2me i assume. NOT ERRY1 WHO PERMS THEIR HAS LOW SELF-ESTEEM.

  50. I can say my view on both sides of this issue. When I was younger I loved my naturally thick hair but as I got older it became harder to maintain and my cousin who did my hair every week moved I decide to get my chest length hair cut so it would be easier for me to maintain. My mom did my hair for me up until I waa around 10 but our schedules became hectic and who has time to sit around 2 hours just to put 4 plaits on my head. I got my first just for me relaxer when I was 12 because my hair became to course to even pick through and it always grows thicker and longer in different spots. I do have to admit I did get bangs bc I was ashamed of my big forehead but I got over it. Now I just wear my hair short even thought it curls up quicker. I may grow it out and see if I can maintain the curls without a relaxer or I may even get a wave put in and see how I like it. There is just so much we can do with our hair and I think that is one of the greatest things about
    African American woman.

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