*gt steals and deals: Under $25

Under 25...yowsa.

Here’s the last of  Get Togetha’s steals and deals installment and GT hopes you’ve enjoyed them. They were a lot of fun to roundup and I hope they’ve given you ideas on looks you can work with within you home to make people wonder how your living space got to be so fly.

…lol…and they don’t have to know that you did it on a dime…

Geo Pillow, $24.95, CB2., Flagger Table Lamp, $19.99, Target. Knappa Klover (A Best Seller), $24.99/Stores Only, Ikea. Retro Orange Clock, $19.99, Target. Credo Pillow, $21.95, CB2Set of Three Square Wooden Shelves, $24.99, Target. Sprout bottle Vases $6.95-$9.95, CB2. Snille Visitor Chair/3 Colors, $19.99, Ikea. Trumpet Side Table (Comes in White or Black), $24.99, Target.  Ceramic Bamboo Vase,$24Gaim.


  1. I went to CB2’s website yesterday after being inspired by something I saw on this site. I ordered a catalog. I can’t wait to put some of this cute stuff in my place. :thumbsup:

  2. ^^^^^^^^I never heard of CB2 til this post. Interesting stuff.

    I like that Credo pillow. It wouldn’t fit with the decor in my place. Maybe my car??????

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