*gt stylish steals and deals: under five bucks!

Under 5 Bucks

Get Togetha here and TGIF. Everyone’s feeling the tight crunch of the re..re..re..recession (gosh I hate sayin it) but that’s no reason to not update here and there and not live in style. Back in the days our parents didn’t have as many stylish and affordably dirt cheap options as we do today.
Times are ll..ll..lean and more of us will be going out less and staying home more; so you might as well de-clutter, decorate, and love where you live. And GT  is here to tell you that you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Here’s a $5 dollar home decor roundup for starters…$15 and $25 will be posted Monday and Wednesday. So be on the look out. You can also have some Friday Fun by voting for room of the week over at the GT Blog…Enjoy.

$5 and Under

Stemless Wine Glass, $1.95CB2. Ibiza Wine Glass, $1.95, CB2. S&P shakers, $2.95CB2. Lumiere Wavy Candle Holder, $3.95, CB2.  Hultet Bowel, $4, Ikea. Sky Blue Colander, $1.99, Ikea. Spoon & Coffee Mug, $3.95, CB2.  Green Glass Mug, $2.99. Ikea/Stores Only. Acacia Serving Boards, $4.95, Crate and Barrel. Serving Tray, $3.99, Ikea. Dish Towel, 2/PK, $3.99, Ikea. Onyx tumbler, $3.95. CB2. Bottle Opener, $.99, Ikea.

Let me and Steph know what you like. Throw your comments in the box. And again…Happy Friday.


  1. Love these products and they are all so beautiful. I fully admit to shopping at dollar and specialty stores for things like this. :thumbsup:

  2. Lola…

    Unfortunately…most of Ikea’s stuff is in store only…they would make a killing if they offered all of their wares online…But Crate and Barrell 2 is probably the next best thing and all they’re stuff is online… :brownsista:

  3. Those are great ideas and would be useful if my sisters cough *voice* cough weren’ t so hard to please, Gift cards is what i do now, Unless it’ s my husband or daugthers

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