Guess that Fashionista!

Guess which sexy Brown Sista celeb poses as Maxim Magazine’s ‘MOST WANTED’, in nothing but her Christian Louboutin pumps and satin lingerie…

                                             click the pic to view in full

                         maxim mag5 by you.

                                            click the pic to view in full


  1. Half naked again I see. She actually looks thicker and better in these pics than she did in the Vibe shoot.

  2. I could tell it was ciara by the mouth as well, bey’s lips aren’t that full

  3. Yeah it’s ciara. I just when on a another blog and they had the full pic.

  4. :lol2: i knew it was Ciara, she’s pretty and everything, but her face is real man like kind of. not calling her a dude or anything because i know that wasn’t trus, but her face shape and bone structure has manly features.

  5. lol ya’ll know she had 2 get 1 !, coz the gurl didnt have no chest!! i mean Damn Good 4 her !!

  6. For all the fans if you actually read the vibe magazine in which she posed in, she did not get a boob job. ALL women know that over time your body changes and your breast of course being one of them. She’s taking prenatal pills. She’s not preganant she checked with her doctor to see if taking them was ok and he approved. She got a tip from her stylist that they are good for your nails and hair. That was mentioned by her in the magazine ariticale.
    NO************** BOOB JOB!******************

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