Guess Who?

Can you guys guess who the adorable little 9 year old is in this picture? She tweeted this old photo of herself and her mom last night- and few ppl knew it was her. I won’t give you guys much of a clue except to say she is a actress who gets lots of face time on this blog.

Click here to check out mother and daughter all grown up now… you’re gonna be shocked.


  1. I wowuld have never guessed who it was until I clicked over. the mother looks rough now. Time has not been good to her.

  2. Whoo okay. I’mma be the one to say it…Momma Good done been through some thangs. We know Meagan has a smoking habit…maybe she picked it up from her mom? And let’s not talk about her toes in the new pic…have mercy.

  3. Meagan looks different. Usually you can still see the adult version of a person in the child version but I couldn’t w/ Meagan.

  4. LOL I would’ve never known.
    The young Meagan I know from Friday doesn’t look like that. But she was a bit younger I gues…and also cause shes smiling.

  5. @hellocity, i was in tears cuz i read the comments then saw the pics, them toes is muuurder. Mama was bad back in the day, Megan still a cutie. This girl could be 40 and still have that lil girl face. Jealous

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