Halle Berry Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

Halle Berry Halle Berry got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame today and the sista darn near lost her mind. Halle put on quite a spectacle as she accepted the star she paid $25,000 for. That’s right- paid for. Stars are not awarded on merit or voted on by a panel- they can be purchased for a mere twenty-five grand by any celebrity who wants one. This doesn’t mean I am not happy for Halle or don’t think she deserves it- I was just a little taken aback by how happy she was considering it was her own doing.

Halle drew quite a crowd for her ceremony as some 10,000 people, including her Mom, boyfriend, and Samuel L. Jackson turned out to help her celebrate.


  1. I’m happy that Halle is happy that she got her star.It doesn’t mean much though and at this point most people know it is for publicity purposes.Notice how most people are awarded them whenever they have a new movie or album coming out.Still good for her :thumbsup:

  2. I just saw Halle on tv boo-hoo-ing over her star.She really let the water flow today.On the upside she looks damn good and her stylist always has her own point.Her new boy toy is sexy as hell too.You all need to post more pics of me. 😎

  3. Halle Berry is one of the most overrated actresses of our time.No actress Black or White has ever gotten the kid glove treatment in Hollywood like this woman has.Halle’s acting is mediocre at best and she hasn’t been in a good movie or even successful in ages.That weird movie with the mutants doesn’t count either because she was pure eye candy in that film and nothing else.We always big up people like Halle who don’t deserve the accolades but hate on people like Beyonce who do. :confused:

  4. Halle looks beautiful and I’m glad she bought a hollywood star; another way to be remembered.

  5. I think it’s an urban myth that people pay for the stars. They have been throwing that rumor around for years. Anyhoo, I’m happy for Halle. She always looks amazing :brownsista:

  6. Congrats to Halle! My girl looks good! I just wish she would rock her short hair again. I love it short!

  7. I didn’t know that you had to pay for your own star.

  8. Dang! I didn’t know they could be bought. I would not feel very good about buying it. I would rather have earned it. But hey, nowadays, you can buy anything. 😉

  9. Halle is gorgeous! I’m very happy that she is so happy about that star! Good going Halle!

    Yes, it cost $25k for the installation/construction of a star, but not just anyone can buy a star. The actror/musician/personality must be nominated to go before a review board. Although over 200 nominations are received a year, only 20 applicants are selected to receive stars. And they better have a solid resume of their ability and experience or they aren’t selected (rejected)!

    Not that I’m a walking encyclopedia or anything, but after reading this post I went to the Walk of Fame’s website to find out how to purchase my own Hollywood star! :lol2:

  10. The stars are paid for..not always by the recipient..but they also have to be nominated to get the star. it’s not like Halle just called and said she wanted a star and she wrote a check and got it

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