Halle Berry Shoots New Fragrance Commercial

As previously reported, Halle Berry has teamed up with perfume giant, Coty, to release her own signature line of fragrances. The 42 year old actress, who was just named “Sexiest Black Woman Alive” by TV One, was seen filming the first commercial for that fragrance yesterday in Hawaii. Speaking of her deal with the frangrancier, Halle said: ““For years I’ve created my own personal scent by mixing fragrances at home. I am passionate about this project as I’ve always wanted hands-on experience in creating a fragrance that is a true representation of me. Selecting a fragrance is a very personal choice and I am delighted to have this opportunity to express myself in a creative new way working with Coty.” Look for Halle’s fragrance to make it’s worldwide debut in the Spring of 2009 and to check out TV One’s countdown of the 16 Sexiest Black Women, tune in to the cable channel this Sunday, July 6th.

To see more pics from Halle’s Hawaiian shoot, check out pages 2, 3 and 4 below.


  1. And this is actually after the baby??

    Miss Halle is to be untouched and will ALWAYS be the G.O.A.T.!!!
    Luv that woman….

    Excited to see what kind fragrance she has mixed together….

  2. I love the 4th pic lol, perfect for a ‘caption this’ 😆 Congrats to her.

  3. Go Halle!!! I do agree she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. People have their preferences but mine is Halle (and Sanaa Lathan)

  4. Halle is beautiful but I don’t think she is the sexy black woman alive. I think that is a bit much.

  5. Halle looks like a Goddess. She`s truly a beautiful woman who represents very well. She has that beauty that you would like to paint and hang on the wall; truly stunning. I wish her well in all her endeavors and I`ll be sure to watch the special on TV One tomorrow night to see what their list looks like. Well here`s my list (just a few) with no particular order, with the exception of Halle.

    1. Halle Berry
    2. Angela Bassett
    3. Alicia Keys
    4. Janet Jackson
    5. Lisa Raye McCoy
    6. Vivica Fox
    7. Jada Pinkett Smith
    8. Gabrielle Union
    9. Pam Grier
    10Vanessa Williams (former Miss America)
    11 Meagan Good
    12 Malinda Williams

    These are on my list.

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  6. She looks great! She’s glowing and she’s not one of those Hollyweirds that lose baby weight in a week–that’s always been SO suspect to me and it can’t be healthy. Good for her!

    Everyone has their own fragrance now.

  7. Haller Berry is the most overhyped biracial woman in the history of acting. She was chosen by white america to be the face of black female talent and beauty in Hollywood because she is half white. Her acting skills are mediocre at best and her acting in Montser’s Ball showed it and what a disgrace for it to be said that she was the first black woman to win an Oscar for such a filthy and poorly acted role. Halle is lovely woman no doubt but she is hardly worth the outpouring of love that seems to come her way via the white and black media. As a matter of fact the only reason black folks gush over here is because whites do. This woman has literally been FORCED down our throats while far more beautiful and talented Black women have gone unrecognized.

  8. Wow Lonnie. The way you feel about Halle is the way I feel about Beyonce Knowles. They are overrated and over hyped because of their looks and light skin.

  9. I don’t feel that way about Halle OR Beyonce. I think they are both really talented and beautiful. I can’t hate on either one. No one shoves anything down my throat that I don’t want there! LOL So, it’s a non-issue.

    BUT… I would appreciate it if Beyonce would SAT down somewhere and give others a chance. It seems that people have tunnel vision when it comes to the “latest, greatest, and hottest” singers. There are so many other singers that need a chance and some spotlight. She’s definitely hot, but there are many singers that can blow her outta the water… sans all that shakin’ and girating. :o) teeheehee

  10. Cosign with Lonnie 1000%. Halle is obviously the safest choice for sexiest woman chosen by the white man to create more division within our culture and race. I’m sick of Halle being the rep for what a black woman “should” look like. Last time I checked, sexy was an attitude as well as a look, but oh yeah I’m in America, whoever looks the closest to Barbie wins. What about the chocoloate sistas Kelly Rowland, Venus & Serena, Keesha Sharp, Jill Marie Jones, Naomi Campbell, India Aire, Lauryn Hill? What about the big sistas Jill Scott, Latifah, Monique??
    Hmmm the other overrated stars of today are: Lauren London, Angel Lola Luv, Rihanna, Beyonce. Most of which have no personalities, they just stand there and say the dumbest things. I’m sick of hearing about “good hair and redbone this and yellow that. Lists like this make me sick. But this whole lighter is better will never stop and I just can just keep ranting. Can’t wait til Jesus comes…then the REAL beautys can win.

  11. to killalthefollowers

    Beyonce is the prettiest redbone i’d ever seen.

  12. I think its really sad that some black women choose to get on the Internet to throw salt at someone for something that is out of their hands. Halle Berry never asked to be the face of anything, nor did she asks to be chosen as the most ‘sexiest’ or ‘beautiful’ anything, so give it a rest already. I’m sure she could care less about those meaningless lists.

    I’m also tired of seeing women try to seperate dark skinned from light skinned women because of their own insecurities. Since when is it okay to put down your own race based off their skin tone? Wether you are ‘redbone’, ‘mocha’ or dark chocolate..we are ALL black women and should be celebrated as such. Just because a woman is dark skinned doesn’t make them any more black then a light skinned woman and it doesn’t give you the right to talk down on others or vice-versa. I’m tired of reading about “bi-racial” this and that, people wouldn’t even know Halle was mixed unless she showed you who her mother was. When Hollywood looks at Halle, they see a BLACK woman..she doesn’t have the supposed luxury of pulling the ‘bi-racial’ card…she gets casted in movies as what she is.

    There are very few lead roles in Hollywood for black women in general. So I for one am proud that she is representing and is showing other women in and out that business that you can be beautiful and sexy all the while still remaining classy, smart and independent. If it wasn’t for her, black women probably wouldn’t even know it was possible to make $15 million per movie. The woman has collected every possible award there is to collect and remains at the top of her game. So give the hate a rest and at least try to appreciate some of the doors she has opened. Wether you think she is beautiful or sexy or ‘overhyped’ is really a non-issue, I don’t see why a strait woman would want to judge another woman on being sexy anyways. Some of you need to stop preaching and typing a bunch of garbage on online blogs that you wouldn’t say to these peoples faces if you seen them walking down the street.

  13. Anon you make really good points. But the truth is that the White media and white magazines only seem to be interested in Halle, Beyonce and Rihanna. Why, because they are pretty light skin black woman. That is the truth. Mary J has been around for 17 years and has yet to get the type of high profile endorsements that Beyonce has and Ms. Rihanna will soon get. The media always favors pretty light skinned black women over the darker ones.

  14. For the most part I agree with Anon. I also agree that some of the celebrity women mentioned on this thread are very overrated by society but…. isn’t that what celebrity is about in the first place? Most celebrities are overrated. But to argue that some of the overrated celebrities need to sit out and let others get there fair share….well that’s just ludicrous. If you were getting paid and highly successful would you take heed to a similar suggestion? Of course not. Beyonce and other women like her are going to keep bringing it until the public stops wanting more.

    And to the person who said that Beyonce is the flyest redbone they’ve ever seen…. you need to get out more boo.

  15. I can imagine who’s on that list. The darkest one will be about the shade of a paper bag. You know the usual.

  16. No Bria the darkest ones on that is Alek Wek at number 16, Iman at number 9, Gabrielle Union at number 2, Naomi Campbell at number 4 etc.

    16 Sexiest Black Women Alive

    16. Alek Wek
    15. Beverly Johnson
    14. Tyra Banks
    13. Alicia Keys
    12. Jada Pinkett Smith
    11. Janet Jackson
    10. Vanessa Williams
    9. Iman
    8. Angela Bassett
    7. Lauren London
    6. Paula Patton
    5. Rihanna
    4. Naomi Campbell
    3. Beyonce
    2. Gabrielle Union
    1. Halle Berry

  17. Hopefully this list will make darker complected black women realize that they too are viewed as beautiful in America, so we don’t have to hear another argument about how they aren’t perceived as pretty. ‘Cause that argument is getting really old.

  18. Dark skin vs light skin will never go away as long as one is veiwed as better than the other. Until dark skinned black women learn to love and accept themselves while being viewed as beautiful by the wider society (hell, the black community will do), this argument will never go away. This argument can be placed in the same category as black vs white or male vs female, one always has the upper hand.

  19. Wow, there is a lot being said on this subject. I guess I’ll just jump right in..I agree that Halle is a beautiful and deserving actress but it is no coincidence that she constantly makes these “Sexiest Woman Alive” lists year after year by both the white and black communities. Her beauty is undeniable, however, the fact that she is biracial makes her easily marketable to white audiences. Her beauty is safe, just exotic enough without actually going “all the way there” or disturbing the fixed Eurocentric standards that are already in place. While Halle is black, she is still only HALF BLACK which makes her winning the Sexiest Black Woman Alive award by TVOne feel kinda like a slap in the face for some black women who feel that she just does not represent what a true black woman looks like.
    Personally, I love Halle but I just roll my eyes @ these kind of lists because I know better…
    The whole colorism issue is not dead, it is alive and well but you just have to deal with it. I think it is getting better though. Slowly.

  20. It kills me that some blacks want to consider mixed people black only when its convenient. Black unity is so nonexistent it’s a shame. Why these lists even matter is beyond me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can’t get mad if what you look like in the mirror is not considered beautiful to others. Get over it!

  21. And your right, it is no coincidence Halle keeps reappearing in these type of lists because… SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.

  22. @Anon…thank you for telling the truth.

    @Amber…thank you for showing us the real list because that is the Actually list, according to TV One.

    So now you insecure, bitter a#s hoes can’t shut-up.

  23. Tina is a typical bitter chick who doesn’t want the truth to come to light. Halle Berry is no more a representative of Black women than Cameron Diaz is a representative of Latina women. The white man keeps the lightest Blacks at the top to keep the darkest Blacks at the bottom. Once upon a time Black women actually looked Black, now we are just knock offs of YT and some of us are just so proud. But of what I ask? Proud that YT let the one that most resemble him get in the door? What, you think cause Halle is in you gettin’ in too? Keep dreaming. I am a visibly Black woman and only another visibly Black woman can represent me. How can Asian looking Kimora rep the Black woman or white looking Mariah? Sistas are being wiped out and don’t even know it. Let me also add that color is just one component of this. Keyshia Cole will never get the opportunities Rihanna get because Keyshia has Black features. Black women need to keep speaking up and fluck the haters who call you a hater. You have as much right to exist and see yourself represented as anyone else. If more of us spoke up we’d have less ass-holes like Young Berg and the biggest H-O-E of them all; Tina. People always want brown women to shut up and take it up the arse. Naturally those who want us to shut up are those who benefit from the belittlement of brown women. Well nah suh, I ain’t shuttin’ up and anyone who doesnt like it can kiss my beautifully brown ass. Keep standing up for yourselves BROWN SISTAS.

  24. Lonnie, you’re the one who sounds ultra bitter. Word of advice, don’t allow your self worth to be dictated by lists created by people you don’t even know.

    People like you are the reason why there is so much division in the black race. You yourself are probably mixed too. But, that mixture apparently didn’t result in the light skin and other features that people like Halle Berry possess. What if you were told though that you don’t meet the black test? This is like the reversal of the brown paper bag test. If its not acceptable to use that test to exclude dark skin folks don’t sit here and use it to exclude lighter skin folks. Dark skin blacks can’t have their cake and eat it too.

  25. Halle Berry is not that pretty. Yes I said it. Black men keep putting her on these lists because white people do. I have been looking at this girl for years and have yet to be bowled over by her. The majority of other women posted her make halle look like like trash. Gabrielle Union’s face just lights up in all her pictures. I have even seen whites on mostly white sites call her perfect and flawless. Lisa Raye kills Halle. Meagan Good is drop dead gorgeous. That skin, those eyes, those lips. I could go on and on. Black men folow whatever white men say and that is why she keeps making the lists that they create. Funny thing is though I never hear Black men in real life talking about her because she is average at best.

  26. sho ya right, your idiotic statements don’t shock me one bit. I mean of course I am dark skinned, ugly and nappy headed. What else could I be right, right?

    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    That is always the fallback when racism against darkskin Black women is discussed. The women are always accused of being bitter, jealous, ugly or whatever misplace adjetive you can come up with to makes yourselves feel superior.

    What I am is visibly Black, but most definitely of the Vivica, Whitney, Janet skintone. I also have naturally kinky hair that I proudly where in beautiful curly tendrils.

    I am a Black woman and and support Black women and Black female beauty at it’s core, something many of you are incapable of doing because you yourselves are filled with hate.

    Sadly, what many of you dummies don’t get is that by continuously keeping quiet and running scared, you allow yourselves to be wiped out more and more. As it stands now, Black women are wiped out of everything, even their natural place beside Black men. Will is given white and latina women to love and protect, while BET is hiring latina women while giving Black women the boot.

    Hollywood doesn’t determine my self worth but it damn sure plays a role in the lives of all Americans and how they view themselves and Black women in genral. Women like you kept quiet and then gave birth to the Young Bergs, Wesley Snipes and Dennis Rodman’s of the world. Women like you sho ya right, more than likely also kept quiet because this brand of racism worked in your favor.

    But the tide turned years ago and lightskin is out. Hollywood and Black men want the real thing and not the knockoffs. So you keep on being quiet while dark skin women are used to portray the welfare mother, hoochies and whores and the mixed women are portrayed as feminine and worth loving. Let’s see which race in the end benefits. I bet money though it won’t be this race or women like you.

    And let it be known that this isn’t about eradicating the Halle’s. It is about inclusion, the inclusion of Black women who actually look Black. It is dark skin and even brown skin women today who have been pushed out because they look too Black and to not speak up about it or fall prey to simple ass claims of reverse Black racism is to be a coward I wasn’t raised to be.

    And why isn’t Young Berg being discussed here? I wonder how 99% of the Black female population felt when they heard yet another n.i.g.g.e.r voice his hate of them?

    OOOPS my bad. We can’t talk about that 😆

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