Halle Berry Talks Beauty

Halle Berry 3Academy Award Winning actress and mom Halle Berry has it all when it comes to beauty. Her flawless skin and gorgeous smile are just a few of the great qualities the forty three year old actress acquires. If you’re anything like me you probably wondering how she’s able to maintain such an effortlessly beautiful look…..well i’ve got the answer! Halle Berry recently sat down with OK Magazine for an exclusive interview on her beauty regimen and routines.

What’s your beauty mantra?
I’m not one of those people who opts for plastic surgery, so my philosophy is to take care of what you have. I’m really serious about my skin-care regimen at night. I never ever go to bed — or even nap — with makeup on.

Can you share some of the top beauty tips you’ve picked up along the way?
Don’t wear too much makeup, because you can end up looking like a man in drag! And learn how to line your lips.

Are you high or low maintenance when it comes to your beauty routine?
I’m a fanatic about skin care, but when it comes to makeup, I’m not. Some days I’ll go out with no makeup on and not even care, because I don’t have the time to be that concerned about it.

Are you into experimenting with your look?
I went back to short hair after having long hair for five years. That’s the beauty of being a woman right now — you can change up your look any way you want because there are no limits. It’s acceptable to have short hair one day and long the next.

Are you planning a follow-up fragrance?
I’m a big orchid lover, so I’d love to do something tied to my favorite flower. If you walk into my house any day of the week you’re guaranteed to find orchids somewhere.

I agree 100% although you may not feel like taking your makeup off, wearing makeup to bed is a big NOOOO!!!!!


  1. That’s her beauty tip … don’t wear too much makeup? That’s IT? WoW,

  2. LOL @ Diamon.

    Halle knows very well thats not her only beauty tip. But not wearing makeup is a beauty tip in some ways. Its your natural look. And theres nothing wrong with looking the way you naturally do.

    She always looks the same. unlike some of these stars that look like crypt keepers without makeup lol

  3. Didn’t Halle have a nose job years ago??? “I’m not one of those people who opts for plastic surgery…”

    Does she mean from the point when she ‘did’ have a nose job she’s opting for no more? *confuzzled*

    Gorgeous lady and I agree; I’m nuts about the condition of my skin and on the whole I HATE putting on the war paint as I call it. I usually just do foundation, mascara and a lip gloss/stain/tint. Occasionally I’ll glam it up 😉

  4. ^^^ the nose job gossip was a rumor.

    Halle is my beauty idol.
    I’ve got myself a little “insider” when it comes to finding out about Ms. Berry’s beauty tricks and to seeing if her skin is really as flawless as it appears to be {it really is!}.

    The not wearing too much makeup & making sure to thoroughly wash off any makeup before bedtime are two very vital tips to having great, young skin.

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