Halle Berry to Launch 5th Ave. Shoe Collection

Actress Halle Berry took time off from her not so busy movie career to shoot a commercial in Berlin for German department store Deichman.

Halle is the spokesperson for the upscale retail chain and will be releasing her own line of shoes, “5th by Halle Berry,” exclusively through the retailer.

Halle’s collection will hit stores on March 5th and will be sold exclusively in Europe.


  1. I would check her shoes out because our styles are very similiar just on different budgets…lol

  2. Great!!! Halle wears the cutest yet fashionable chic shoes. I know the line will be successful! The 6 inch heels need a rest, women are doing serious damage to their feet and bodies. I dropped someone off at a podiatrist visit, went in to see if I should wait and the joint was packed with women of all ages.

    Flats and wedgies can be hot yet comfortable!

    Congrats Halle!

  3. @Cynthia that was a stupid trend in the 1st place. I see those young ladies I work with and their feet just be killing them and I said those shoes are not made to be worn everyday they are made to be worn down a runway for a few minutes and pulled off immediately. You can wear heels and they can fashionalbe & sensible. Stop messing your feet & joints up trying to be styish.

    Now if we can just get the young men to understand why their backs hurt all the time because of they way they have to walk wearing those ridiculously big pants then we will be cooking with gas.

  4. @Bria

    I never thought about the body drama of wearing “big pants”…I see most of them can’t run or barely can cross the street in heavy traffic!

    Let’s hope this trend ends too!!!

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