Halle Berry’s New Movie

Bruce Willis & Halle Berry Halle Berry’s new movie “Perfect Stranger” is set for an early summer release and co-stars Bruce Willis and Gary Dourdan.Halle will play a character named Ro who enters the world of online dating to uncover the murder of her best friend.Though not a make or break film for Halle, the actress is in need of a serious hit.Like many past Oscar winners, Halle quickly fell into the post Oscar win slump that often ruins the careers of many actors.Without a serious hit under her belt it will be pretty hard for Hollywood to continue to willingly shell out the reported ten million a film that Halle asks.

To see the trailer and learn more about the film you can check out IMDB.


  1. Halle is pretty but she is a mediocre actress and not an automatic box office draw like Julia Roberts IS and Jennifer Lopez used to be.Rarely are women big time movie drawers because they are usually relegated to the role of eye candy.Even Jennifer never had a film that opened above 20 million million.Halle will be best is supporting roles but not the main draw.She just doesn’t have that clout with the public yet and I doubt she ever will.

  2. I heard this movie will be another freakfest for Halle with very explicit sex scenes.

  3. Halle stay having ti degrade herself to get roles these days. :thumbsdown:

  4. I don’t see this movie making it big. I feel bad for her, I know its been rough. She shouldn’t have won for Monsters ball, so I don’t know why they are talking about a Post Oscar slump. Monsters Ball was a slump too:sad:

  5. :iagree:

    I agree Liyah, Monsters Ball was horrible, way overrated and definately not oscar worthy.

  6. Few of us seem to be willing to admit that Halle is less than gifted in the field of acting.She has really suffered from that role.Look how White men just grab on her every chance they get.It is so disrespectuful.

  7. i’ll still support halle’s film….what the heck…with all of the other pathetic white based films out there one more black starring lead would not hurt.

  8. Halle hasn’t had any good roles lately, but I don’t think she’s an awful actress. Personally I liked Monster’s Ball. It was an indie type film that main stream America rarely supports. But to each his own. I think Halle is a box-office draw, she just needs a good role or two.

  9. i really like the plot of this upcoming movie, “a perfect stranger.” :thumbsup: i’ll go see it! bruce stars in good movies and halle is such a beautiful brown sista đŸ™‚ so what if an actress does a bude or faux sex scene in a movie? Halle didn’t write the script; she is just playing a character in a film; it’s not real life. she’s not emotionally attached to these actors; she has her supermodel hunk. Halle’s a professional actress who is getting PAID millions of dollars for this role while many groupies would have real sex with willis and dourdan for FREE.

  10. :smile:oops, i made a boo boo, i meant to say NUDE, not bude (or dude)

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