Halle Berry’s Reading Material Sparks Interest

Actress Halle Berry was spotted by the paparazzi leaving her morning workout at the Brentwood gym. Dressed casually and listening to her iPod, the actress carried along an interesting book that caught the the attention of the photogs. Ordinarily, being seen reading a book titled “Diagnosis and Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder” would be cause for alarm, but in Halle’s case it is more than likely just research for her new movie role. As previously reported, Halle has signed on to star in and produce the indie movie Frankie and Alice, a psychological drama in which she plays a character with multiple-personality disorder.

In a twist, the character’s alter-ego is a racist white woman. The film is scheduled for a Spring 2009 release. And just in case Halle’s role seems familiar to some of you, it’s because Gabrielle Union did a similar movie where she too suffers from the disorder and thinks she is Hitler reincarnated.


  1. I’ve never heard of Gabrielle’s movie, but Halle’s sounds interesting, so I probably check it out when it hits theaters.

  2. Gabrielle’s movie was made back in 2005 and is called Neo Ned. I actually just saw it a couple of days ago on one of the cable movie channels.

  3. why is this role questionable?? sounds like something to would give a white woman if u ask me

  4. I remember the days when Halle was actually being riduculed by many for this very thing. None the less the movie should be interesting…………hmmmm!!

  5. I loved when halle would wear her hair short. it was so sharp on her. oh well i guess we get onlder and we change..Movie sounds really interesting!

  6. halle berry used to be a regular patient at the psychiatric a coupleof years ago, so hmmm why should anyone be surprised? honestly if i lived in the same house with her, i will constantly be watching my back……just saying ! you dont know who is psycho these days!

  7. It could be for a movie role (which would be interesting, not so much if the woman was white. There would be no irony.) or it could be for herself. If it’s for her, then at least she knows about it. XD The worst mental illness to have is the one the person isn’t aware of. Really, both of those movies sound interesting.

  8. I love Halle!

    Can’t wait to see this film and all the other films that she was working before the baby. Haven’t heard much about any of them or the production of those films- I need to check on that. I commend Hal for taking her time to get the baby weight off. She’s so beautiful, the extra lbs don’t even matter. Just love me some her…. 🙂

  9. Didn’t she play crazy already ..well sort of in that movie with Bruce Willis called perfect stranger?
    I mean she did not have multiple personalities but still …any who all I can say is sometimes those indie movies end up being a real hit like Juno, Broke back mountain to name a few they end up boosting someones career back up..what i would like to see her do is a TV show if she has the time to devote to one …

  10. Halle is indeed talented some people should take notes. Educated persons know that a research start by a book , then by interviews or trip to museum not by trying a new hair piece!

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