Halle “Post Baby” Berry

Actress Halle Berry made her first public appearance today since giving birth to a baby girl back in March. Halle, decked out in a very revealing leopard print dress, showed up for the Silver Rose Awards Gala, and showcased her fabulous post-baby body. Unlike many new moms, reports have Halle rushing back to work, with two new movies reportedly already lined up.

According to E Online Halle will produce and star in the the independent psychological drama, Frankie and Alice, a film about a woman who has multiple personalities- one of them a racist White man.


  1. Damn get it Ms Berry. This woman is breathe taking.

  2. She looks better than most women that have never even had a child. She looks great as always.

  3. For all the people(mainly young) who thinks 40 is a death sentence I guess Halle is defying those consensus big time. She makes women in their 20`s and 30`s seem so insignificant.(lol) Halle is absolutely STUNNING with no physical flaw to speak of. Now you add the fact that she recently had a baby and all the anti 40 people look absolutely RIDICULOUS… You all better recognize because Halle ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. She looks so healthy and full of love and life and bounty (bountiful…boobieful) πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

  5. AWWWW! She’s a doll!! I love Halle!

    Lord, that woman is beautiful….

  6. I’m still tripping of teh CHI-CHI’S !! I miss my baby days, my boobs were so full 36 D, free boob job for me, lets just say they got repoed after a couple months

  7. Being a mother agrees with Halle, you can see it on her face. I’m so, so very happy for her.

  8. LOL @ the repetitive comments!

    Yes, I must agree and admit that Halle Berry looks good to have just had a baby @ 40. But honestly, I’m not shocked nor am I surprised because she was attractive before the baby (nice body and cute face) and she has money to pay for a physical trainer and maintain that radiant skin, which is the least that I can say for the “average” class woman. Average = not a millionaire…lol. So…ummm…what’s the big deal?

    Oh, she’s 40 and just had a baby and still look good. Okay, there we go….lmao!!!

  9. Halle’s got to get back to work: after her past few duds, everyone’s ready to take her crown as “the” black actress away from her. That’s what they’ve been grooming Kerry Washington for.

    But I agree–she looks wonderful and glowing.

  10. I can’t believe this site actually posted pictures of Halle. It seems like they barely ever post pictures or news on her. Which is weird considering that she is the top black actress in Hollywood and this site is about ‘brown sistas’.

    Anyhow, she looks lovely and for the first time in a long time actually looks very happy and in a great place in her life. She has love and a new baby. Congrats…and no ones taking Halles crown. Halle and Denzel have it on lock. She’s good.

    And Halle looks good for any age not just 40. regardless if a person has money or not thats not an excuse to not take care of yourself. Get up and excersise and stay active during pregnancy and you too can bounce back into shape post-baby. Part of it has to do with having good genes (which Halle obviously has) and part of it just has to do with not being lazy. I think it is a silly excuse when people say “so and so has money and thats why they got back in shape so fast”. I have a friend that just had a baby and she doesn’t have “Halle money”..but she bounced back in shape in no time as well.

  11. she looks great,after having a baby, she looks good for 40,looks better than a 20 year old.

  12. She looks great but I think this trend to lose all the weight very quickly and show everyone you are still fabulous is not that healthy. Be overweight for a while and let the body recover slowly, what is the rush?

    I think there is now added pressure to pretend you were never really overweight.

  13. Halle looks wonderful but what’s the big deal about woman snapping back after a baby both my sisters looked damn good after they had there babies. They act like woman in Hollywood have special powers.

  14. @anon
    “I think it is a silly excuse when people say β€œso and so has money and thats why they got back in shape so fast”.

    I know your comment was directed to me because I’m the only one who mentioned something about Halle Berry having a little ching ching in her pocket which would “partially” constitutes for her being in shape after having a baby; along with the genes and everything else.

    See, what I said, and what you said doesn’t even parrallel.

    But you were right about not being lazy and excercising while being pregnant and I know this for a fact because I have a 3 year old and while I was pregnant, I walked a whole lot – from work to home….LOL. However, due my circumstances of being a single pregnant-mom, stressed and not completely financially stable, I couldn’t do anything extra (financially and physically). But like Halle, my genes allowed me to bounce right back to my perfect 8 size and not look like I had a baby.

    So, my point is…having some money in your pocket helps a lot for maintaining a nice figure during and after having a baby. Because that baby fat is hard to get rid of and if you’re not positioned in your life where you can work it off, then you already know the rest….

  15. Halle Berry looks wonderful. She puts the obese and wannabe thick chicks to shame baby! She just has that glow, and it seems she has finally found peace in life. I am happy for her. Hope she stays in the game for a very long time.

  16. Damn you Halle for being so beautiful!! Damn you!!!!!

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