Halle Premieres Perfect Stranger

Halle Berry and that fossil known as Bruce Willis premiered their highly anticipated movie, Perfect Stranger last night in New York City at the famed Ziegfeld Theater. Halle as usual looked perfect but kept mum on the red carpet about her little spat with Parade Magazine. As some of you may know, Halle was accused of resurrecting her ten year old suicide attempt in an interview she gave with the magazine in an effort to boost interest in her movie. Halle denied that claim and fired back, insisting that the incident was publicized by the writers, not her.

Parade then issued a statement claiming they had Halle on tape mentioning the incident first. Regardless of who mentioned it first and for what purpose, I don’t see Perfect Stranger doing that well at the theater because Halle cannot sell a movie on her own and Bruce Willis’ movie career is as non existent as the hair on his head. This however should not stop us from enjoying a few pics of them gracing the red carpet. Check’em out below and more have been posted in our gallery.


  1. That woman still looks so amazing. I pray I am still that hot when I am in my 40s. :brownsista:

  2. Halle is gorgeous!!! I still don’t know what this movie is about but I’ve seen her promote it everywhere. Are the trailers on TV? Guess I’ll have to check it out on IMDB.

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