Halle Walks For Charity

Halle Berry isn’t letting a little thing like the breakup with her longtime beau get her down. Instead the actress was all smiles as she participated in Revlon’s 13th Annual Walk For Women Event in New York City. Joined by fellow Revlon spokesmodels Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel, Halle told a crowd of thousands who attended the event in Times Square that she was there on behalf of a friend who was presently fighting breast cancer. Revlon’s Walk For Women marathon raises thousands of dollars every year on behalf of cancer patients and donates the money to various cancer facilities.


  1. For Halle to be dubbed as ” the Most Beautiful Woman In the The World” she can’t seem to keep a man or keep a relationship …but hey who’s not breaking up these days smh these superstars do It all the time but her daughter Nahla Is gorgeous 🙂 stay strong Halle

  2. I don’t understand this whole Halley can’t keep a man thing. This woman has had multiple long and short term relationships like most of us. I never heard ppl say Jennifer Lopez can’t keep a man or Elizabeth Taylor couldn’t keep a man. Why does Halle get labeled as a woman who cannot keep a man and other won’t in similar situations don’t?

  3. @JBL
    AWESOME point. I was just discussing Halle w/ my mother and we both said, “Why can’t she keep a man? Waht’s wrong w/ her?”. Your statement just made me think and regret asking that about Halle.

    Anyways, Halle’s beautiful as always and it’s great to see her so faithful to a great cause year after year.

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  5. Good looking out with the charity walk 🙂

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