Harpo, Who Dis Here Woman?

Lest you forget how totally hot Beyonce was before she became pregnant, the singer decided to remind her fans, posting this new image to her website last night.

I first saw this pic while reading my Blackberry email last night, but I passed it by thinking it was a fake. When I got it again this morning, I decided to visit her official website and there it was, all 900 pixels of it splattered across the home page.

So what is Beyonce trying to tell us? Can we expect the singer to return to the music scene just as she left it, or even hotter? Or can we expect a whole new Beyonce, like the one in the above image. I honestly did not recognize the singer and thought someone had photoshopped Claudia Schiffer‘s face onto Beyonce’s body.

Whatever the case, expect the “Beyonce is trying to look white” accusationss to start up all over again..


  1. I saw the photo last night and though I can’t say what Beyonce wants to be, we all know that is not what she looks like. She doesn’t look black, creole or even a mixture or several things. She looks like a straight up white woman. And if that is the look she wants to go for then more power to her.

  2. I thought we came in all shades>>>she look like a regular washed out very fair skinned BLACK GURL…ya’ll givin ole gurl too much credit to the QUOTE ON QUOTE white fame she so desperately needs so she will feel PERFECT!!!! #PSSSH! I personally think she is a pretty hollow and pretentious from viewing her career overall….# NO SUBSTANCE just talent, glitts, and glamour!!! I hate that I dont like her as much as I should with all she CAN bring but it…just always seem so CONTRIVED and then forced down throats and told to better swallow! smhlol.. and for the people who say its my choice thats al LIE…she is White MEDIA’s Super Star so therefore she is everywhere even when dodging.,.

  3. i REALLY thought that was rihanna

    uhm i will just say that i admire P!NK’s pregnancy. she took her time, gained her weight, enjoyed being a mother and said i will be “back” and lose the weight when i feel like it. im just enjoying my baby right now.

    she wasnt worried about being forgotten….

    thats all i got

  4. so Sists you post this article but sideline Beyonce’s Baby Blue is Born article???

  5. Rihanna looks pale and faded more and more and I havent seen an article on her white alter-ego Sista!!

  6. Yeah, Beyonce doesn’t look like Beyonce in that picture, but whatever. If I’d just had a baby you’d bet I’d be posting a hot, slinky picture of me on my website, if for no other reason but to feel good about self! 🙂

    I can see why there was no need to post about Beyonce’s baby. Everyone knows it happened, but the hate that Beyonce insights on this website is ridiculous and no doubt more accusations about her fake baby bump and all kinds of hospital rumors would dominate the thread. It’s just not necessary.

  7. Claudia Schiffer! I remember her. I remember the supermodels of old. *sighs*

    But WHY post a hot slinky picture of yourself??? To feel good about yourself??? What the what?!

    Ain’t nobody forgot you B!!! 😛

    OR does this mean new music is on the way? Perhaps an archived music video from the ‘4’ era to be released? Hmm? Hmm?

  8. She looks damn good. Everybody at some point has those photos, from shoots where it doesn’t look like them at all. Bey has had a couple.

  9. insecurity is a nasty disease, that’s why people tough she faked the pregnancy, she SEEmS too into herself to be getting fat and not rock her heels,but oh well. she loooks good tho 🙂

  10. EVERYONE has pic of themselves not looking themselves but do everyone have a picture of them attempting to look white? If that what she wants…she has proven sex sells and she has proven the lighter and brighter the better them checks….

  11. I think it’sfunny because she has a nice caramel complexion in this pic.

    I think the problem is people can’t accept anything about this woman. They can’t accept she has talent, can’t accept that many legends and her peers love her, can’t accept that she and her husband were just blessed with parenthood, they can’t accept that she is a VERY light skin black woman. I thought since you said it Sista no one would bring it up but…guessed wrong huh?

  12. One more thing…people wanted her to change her style a little she does (in this pic atleast) and still aren’t pleased, wanted her to get pregnant still not pleased…She’s damned if she do and damned if she don’t.

  13. This pic looks exactly like what it is. A black chick trying to look white. At first i said, this is a horrible pic of rhianna but its not her. She wants the media to think that she is beyond the regular stuff that every woman goes through. Thats why i lost respect for her. With her,its not about real life and being real, its about being a chick that only exists in fantasies.she said herself that it like living a fake life and thats what she sells. She is deceiving a lot of ppl and there are some simple dumb asses out there. Remeber ppl she is just an entertainer. She is not to be taken seriously.

  14. Beyonce looks great!!! Reading the hate people spew across the internet when it comes to Beyonce just confirm that you have to live your life for you. People will always talk and have something to say regardless of what you do or don’t do. Shout out to those who live and let live!

  15. It’s so funny how we are always wondering why we don’t get our fair share of publicity but turn around and be so overly critical of our own people. I’m bothered by a Brownsista website that can time after time post articles like this, as crazy as the Paris Hiltons the Britney Spears they receive all kind of accolades for being disgusting and crazy.

  16. Aside from the pose, the outfit, and lipstick, this look isn’t different from the recent ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ single cover.

    This is Beyonce’s ‘White Alter Ego’ for you Sista. What do you call her. She’s extremely beautiful and sexy.

  17. I cant see why people are saying Beyonce is trying to be white over this pic. Clearly its the lighting. When Beyonce was snapped last week out and about with her mom shows that she is clearly darker than that. And again how is she trying to be white when she has a BLACK husband, BLACK baby, and most of her fans are BLACK? I’m clearly lost because i never got that “I want to be White” thing from Bey sorry.

  18. Now I’m beginning to understand why she said sometimes she wish that she was Latina because atleast they dont spew so much hatred amongst each other unlike black people….atleast they dont show it.

  19. Colorism will always be an issue because it still exists. I’m not a fan of Beyonce, but she has every right to market herself as any other artist does! It’s to her benefit to appeal to a mainstream audience. Her Palthrow friendship works for both of them…looking like a white supermodel is beneficial. This look is quite comfortable for the masses, otherwise, it’s the angry black female stereotype, ask Michelle Obama!

    The problem is as a group, we are more colorstruck more than EVER! It’s natural to want to see images of yourself, so I get white people. We only gravitate to lighter expressions than ourselves for most of us (we have been conditioned by media images), sad! No one else is worth our time to her proportion. Beyonce isn’t responsible for her hue of skin or using it to her advantage either, I would! She knows looks matter in her business and sex sells! I just think she’s the most FAKE entertainment of all time and although, talented, she’s one big marketing SCHEME! But, no one can deny she’s absolutely gorgeous and can sing, but she creates most of the controversy herself (media spins) to stay relevant and at the top, sometimes it backfires, hence the barrage of criticisms! You can’t have it both ways, feed stories to the media (what a publicist does), hawk shock promotion, create this mock-up legend status and not expect tongues to wag! Understandable, when you look at how Simon Cowell and Oprah are seriously working to get back on top after shifting gears! But, thank God branding still works!

    Bey-Beautiful will continue to be a force in the entertainment industry with a variety of looks she may present!

  20. Oh GIGI, u throw more shade than a cloudy day… Grab several back seats..

  21. I thought it was a white women at first. And then when I found out it was Beyonce I still couldn’t believe it.

  22. LOL brownsista how does she look white?? Beyonce look like herself before she got pregnant and it doesn’t look like someone elses body on her.. She doesnt look like Rhianna or trying to be her lol.. Everyone knows that Beyonce actual skin color is a very pale light skin woman which she normally use a bronze on her skin to look darker . u ppl r sad and so negative when it comes to your own color smh




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  25. @ John I gree with everything you stated above.
    @SAVETHEDREAM yes speak the truth.
    I just can’t understand when it comes to the talented Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter she recieves so much hate when in turn she gives so much love. People stop all the negative thoughts in this year (2012) and release nothing but more positive sayings that all you could think of is love for the new year.

  26. I agree with John & (Jas…know you from TEXAS). TEXAS does everything BIG, EXTREME, but with CLASS. Bey will live her life Right! People will talk either way, because the world servers must hate everything that’s good and TRULY BLESSED. You can see the tan on her skin. Anybody looks lighter under photography bright lights. Everybody’s wearing “weave” today even “whites.” Most of her body is covered. JESUS own people hated HIM. “A prophet is not a prophet in his own home.”

  27. ^^^No you did not just mention King Jesus! 😐

    And Texas unfortunately does NOT do everything “BIG, EXTREME, but with CLASS.”

    Example #1 out of MANY – Rick Perry. 😛

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