Harry Belafonte Calls out the Carters

Black America may love and worship Beyonce and Jay-Z, however, Hollywood legend Harry Belafonte, is not so easily smitten.

The 85-year old actor and activist thinks Black celebrities, including the Carters, have turned their backs on social activism in order to attain more wealth and fame.

Whereas Belafonte came from an era where Blacks were literally fighting for their lives, he feel this generation of black celebs have benefitted from the fight, but done little to nothing to tell the story of their people or help out the next generation.

When asked in a recent interview if he was “happy with the image of members of minorities in Hollywood today, Belafonte held very little back.

“Not at all. They have not told the history of our people, nothing of who we are. We are still looking. We are not determinated. We are not driven by some technology that says you can kill Afghanistans, the Iraquis or the Spanish. It is all – excuse my French – shit. It is sad. I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities. But they have turned their back on social responsibility,” he accused. “That goes for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, for example. Give me Bruce Springsteen, and now you’re talking. I really think he is black.”.

Kulture Kritic writer bowatkin also chimed in, giving their opinion on the one issue Beyonce and Jay-Z have spoken up for, gay rights and marriage equality.

“We must note that Beyonce and Jay-Z speaking up on gay marriage and homosexuality is little more than a political decision designed to remain in alignment with the Obama presidency. If Barack had said nothing on the issue, Jay-Z would have said nothing. So, we have to be sure not to mistake meaningful advocacy for elitist political shoulder-rubbing (wealthy famous people tend to take care of one another).

But when you look at the black aristocracy that is known as Jay-Z and Beyonce, one form of activism that is missing is anything that involves the words “poor black people.” Also, when it comes to issues that affect the least of us, including poverty, mass incarceration, urban violence, unequal educational systems and the like, it’s easy to say that Jay-Z and Beyonce have been effectively missing in action, unless it’s time to show up and utilize this audience to sell albums.

I noticed a line in Jay-Z’s song “Niggaz in Paris,” where he says, “Can you see the private jets flying over you?” This line is part of a consistent message of black elitism that has become all-too prevalent in the entertainment industry. It is a statement which says, “I’m better than you, and I am not one of you. Your job is to either worship me or hate on me, I don’t care which one.”

Jay-Z is the same man who earned over $63 million dollars last year and only gave $6,000 to charity. Unfortunately, this has become par for the course in a world where poor black people are not nearly as fashionable of a cause as gay white kids from the suburbs. Poor black kids can’t buy your records, rendering them effectively useless.”

Bowatkin makes a point I totally have to agree with, and not just in the case of Beyonce and Jay-Z. High profile Blacks holding their tongues to remain in favor with the masses is nothing new, especially when it comes to issues dealing with the Black community.

The Trayvon Martin case is a good example of what Belafonte is talking about. The hip-hop community and a few black Hollywood outsiders (Spike Lee) spoke about the case, but little to nothing was heard from some of the biggest names in Black America.

Have your say Brown Sistas. Was Harry Belafonte right to criticize Beyonce and Jay-Z? Should the couple be incumbent to speak out on issues that may harm their careers?

Leave your comment and let us know.


  1. Damn right, Harry. Then again, if Harry was so about “the cause” why’d he marry a non-black woman? -_-

  2. He is right..its about time that someone called these two..smh

  3. yes he is dead on the nail…its very obvious and it has caused both of there fan base to decline!!! Nothing either of them do seem sincere..unless they need your money to buy whatever it is they selling!!! Thanks Harry and I apologize for the ignorant beyhives that will be on this post defending their character!!! OH @GIRL yea he may have married a white lady but he has always done an outstanding job in fighting for our community!! lol at least he got a real white lady instead of one that wants to be one! 5432…….

  4. Wow…

    @ Girl, trust me i hear what you say, but that is the most irrelevant issue here. It will only take someone of Mr. Belafonte’s stature to make a comment like this. The amount of sweat, blood and tears he has put in to the black community is impassable. While i do not know how much, or whether or not these two or others give back, i sincerely believe that the use and significance of ‘celerity’ is so void of substance; and it tells you where we are as a society, worldwide. To me the most important thing is not self glorification, but the use the power and influence to do good to their society. And make it most visible, because when it comes to the black community there is way more negativity than positivity or neutrality…

    im not saying it is the black ‘aristocracy’ job to make the society a better place. I just think that there comes a time where you know not to do do things based on ‘showing face’ or only when it benefits you…God blesses you so you can be a blessing to others less fortunate. There is nothing wrong with being like the activists of those days. The same issues our great and grand parents faced then are still prevalent today even in small fractions. Sustenance of humanity is and will always be way more important than who is and who is not in Paris.

  5. Harry’s comment about Bruce Springsteen made me think of Arsenio Hall who had his show cancelled because he chose to interview Louis Farrakhan.

    Phil Donahue interviewed Farrakhan so many times on his show I think Farrakhan probably had his own parking spot. On the other hand, when Arsenio, who is black, interviewed him just once, it was seen as him basically co-signing the many negative things Farrakhan had said about whites.

    This is where white folks again have the privilege to do and say things blacks cannot do without being punished.

    This doesn’t excuse blacks from not speaking out, just an observation and reason why many keep mum.

  6. Jay-Z is a former drug dealer, so nothing he does or doesn’t do shocks me. Remember the Occupy All Streets t-shirts he had made up to captalize off of a real movement, one he had nothing to do with and in no way supported until he figured out a way to financially benefit from it. He is rich and now he is a capitalist. Capitalists think only of themselves. Black capitalists are even worse. They do nothing but suck the black community dry and then run to the suburbs and put their tax dollars to work in communities that did nothing to support them.

  7. In Harry’s HayDay Black entertainers had to compromise in order to progress. They opened up the door but they also created an environment of Uncle Tom Behavior that still exist today…Beyonce was not the first to dye her hair blonde or switch from soul to POP music etc. these are traditions of Black hollywood. However Beyonce has quietly showed love to the Black community in her own way. By Honoring Legend Etta James in the Movie Cadillac records & then opening a hair school for recovering addicts in brooklyn. Add to it that beyonce’s cause has always been for women’s rights, Women with curves etc. Mind you Beyonce herself did not come from poverty. The couple have both appeared at schools across NewYork to encourage youth. Jayz has not been shy about the subject of being crossOver, But in his book he shed much light on the plight of his generation of drug dealers & black youth affected by the crack phenomenon…just a few things to consider.

  8. Wow! I never really thought about it like that, but he is 100% correct. Kayne, Beyonce, Jay-Z,etc…they are all about flaunting their wealth and bragging on their material possessions and we continue to make them richer, yet we get poorer. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s time for me to open my eyes, be more politically, racially and socially aware. He is so on point. I am in awe!

  9. Harry is so right and love has no color. I’ve seen white ppl help our ppl more than we have. Look at what Gabby Douglas just went through. I stopped listening to the carter-knowles for this reason. Their ignorant and will continue to be because God is nowhere in their plans. They dont set any kind of example for black ppl. They lie more than they breath. For the record, jay is not as gangsta as everyone thinks. He was getting punked in the hood and getting his chain stolen right of his neck. As for bedunce, you can’t be humble and show crotch shots. Some of the music thats out right now is degrading and keeps us down. Arsenio was cancelled because his show was at the top. America hates to see a black man on top with more power than a combo of white men. MLK and Malcolm X were killed because they had lots of power even if they had a positive message.

  10. I missed the part where Beyonce and Jay signed up to be social activists. Black people always want to sit back and criticize what celebs are or aren’t doing for their communities, but can’t stand up to fight their own battles. Are Bey and Jay supposed to become condoms to protect the black households that continue to produce children that they cannot afford? Are they supposed to become condoms to protect the high teenage pregnancy rates in the Black community? Are they supposed to stop down low brothers who are affecting Black women with HIV? Are they supposed put themselves in the middle of the crossfire and take bullets for the rising crimes in the Black community? A

    Bottom line, Beyonce and Jay do not owe anybody anything. All Black people do is criticize what they do and sit on blogs and insult them all day. If they do something, it isn’t good enough because they could’ve done more but now, you all want them to solve YOUR problems. They don’t have to speak out on a damn thing because that is not what they signed up for. And the worst thing about it is that some of the same people on here criticizing them don’t do a thing for their communities either.

    All people see is what Jay is NOT doing. What about what he IS doing? No one talks about the many Black kids he has sent to college who people counted out. His scholarship foundation is designed specifically for those who have struggled in the projects, been incarcerated and want a new path to life. Beyonce also does a lot including all those displaced Black people, who the government ignored, that she put in housing after hurricane Katrina, but all some black people see is what they aren’t speaking about.

    Celebs signed up to singers, actors, entertainers, etc. They did not sign up to be the voice of Black people or to cure the world of the Black situations.

    For those criticizing them, what have YOU done for your community lately? What you YOU done to be a social activist? When was the last time YOU helped someone? Until YOU start doing something, stop criticizing what others are doing. And no, you don’t need to be a celeb, have money, or fame to make a difference or take up for social causes. And taking up for it goes far beyond getting on a blog to speak of your displeasure with the Black community and what others are or aren’t doing to eradicate the issue.

    And Harry is full of it. All up there fighting for social causes, but tells Eartha that there’s nothing a Black woman can do for him; All he did was inform Eartha that he could never have a serious relationship with her because of her skin color.

  11. And people accuse Beyonce of doing everything for attention so why would/should she subject herself to scrutiny? She was speaking out on poverty and teamed up with multiple organizations to bring awareness to the situations (but I don’t see that mentioned in this article). A movement that was supposed to feed 3k people ended up serving 10,000 people. However, people on this very site and black people around the blogs did nothing but accuse her of doing it for attention. She was very involved in Obama’s campaign and people on this very site accused of being jealous of Michelle and only got involved for the publicity. Beyonce is helping Michelle with her campaign and Black blogs are writing articles about the fact that the relationship is bothersome to them? Why? Because how dare an educated ivy league graduate like Michelle associate herself with an uneducated singer like Beyonce? Beyonce teams up with the UN to bring awareness to poverty and all people can talk about is how it’s only for publicity.

    And I must missed the part where Jay is missing in the unequal education system when he putting lots of Black people through college. And like I said, the scholarship is designed for those who have been incarcerated and wouldn’t get the chance elsewhere. All you need is a 2.0 and show that you want to change your life around and you can be considered. You post the 6000 dollar rumor that has no solid proof but you neglect to mention the 25k he gave Mary to start her foundation or the 10k that he gave on the low to Whitney’s former school, which he didn’t make public until the school did. But I guess those things are not enough because he supposedly makes 63mil so he should be donating 50mil of that to the community.

    Bottom line, Black people can’t have their cake and eat it too. They are always first to criticize when someone in the black community does something because it’s not enough, but wanna be up in arms when they start doing what they’re doing on the low.

    I just wanna know when Black people, especially parents, going to step up instead of looking to celebs to start movements and speak out about every issue out there.

  12. @Wohoo… wow. so much passion eh? towards how much they ‘gave back’. i wonder why you felt the need to write two compositions showing your fierce loyalty to them… but you missed the point! I do not doubt that they give back or that they will continue to do so. The point he made and that i took out of it is; ‘standing up for something that is something, that means something’. which as a part of the human race is important to do. have you never felt so strongly about something in your work place, school, church? have you never felt to strongly about something ever before in your life that maybe you didn’t have the balls to speak about to until you got to a higher position of power where you could make decisions and finally speak your mind? well i have, and i let my voice be heard repeatedly. as a human being you are obliged to God and Humanity to stand up for something that is important. Being an activist doesn’t mean you have to solve problems, start a rally and become a lobbyist and try to take issues to congress to pass legislation etc. it can be as little as even being a humanitarian, stand up against teen pregnancy, sex trafficking, …and not to do it in ‘secret’. something you have to learn in life is with power comes responsibility whether you want it or not…”to whom much is given much is tested” applies here….people idolize these two like its no mans business, its actually embarrassing to me when i mistakenly come across one of their so called ‘stans’…as a woman the power/strength you have doesn’t come from being sexy or a ‘hardworking barbie’ the majority of women in this world are not that. they have a tremendous amount of influence and power that i think even my Heavenly Father has not even been able to have on young peoples minds…they are obliged to do more than ‘in secret’ so that the people who idolize them ‘learn’ from them and understand it is more to life than being a ‘king b’ or being in Paris. this is a very broad issue maybe you didn’t understand where he is coming from ,read it again, maybe a third, fourth time…he is not throwing shade…just being truthful.

  13. This isn’t an indictment on just Beyonce and Jay-Z, but elite black celebrity as a whole! These two names come to mind because of the constant media stories citing them as the wealthiest black power couple, rubbing elbows with the First Family more than any other black elite couple, Forbes lists and zealous fan appreciation. Jay-Z and Warren Buffet photo-ops and coupling news articles, their own intention to reign as king and queen and be worshiped with Kanye and Kim K. coming up the stretch. The images that are constantly perpetuated and the symbolism that this is our premier black power couple of this time in popular culture comes with great expectations! They’re in business for self-promotion and do give back to worthy causes without a doubt, like Will and Jada! But, the multitude of lives they have the power to transform based on their power base and access to the “infrastructure” (the systems that truly run this world) don’t amount up to their capacity by a long shot, efforts simply lie dormant!

    Harry, Sidney, Quincy Jones all have white women, but their social relevance for those less fortunate was just as prominent as their artistic values. Blacks here and throughout the Caribbean knew where they stood and what they put on the line to have a voice in uplifting and helping to eradicate racial inequality! Danny Glover lost out on a lot of roles due to working with Belafonte to help the Haitians.

    I don’t think today’s elite superstars are required to become change agents or activists, but people shouldn’t get mad when involved/evolved individuals cite what we’re worshiping! Brad and Angelina, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Alicia Keys and others have done so much more with their power to help US!

  14. People earn money and have the right to do with it what they want. Jay, Bey, everybody. If they choose not to speak out about something so what, it’s their life and their choice. Some people are natural born activists and some are just entertainers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, ect. Simply being famous does not make a person responsible for suddenly becoming a social activist. Do entertainers flaunt their money, sure thay do but so do people in what many would consider “regular” jobs. It is the parents responsibility to be an example for their child and fight for causes and hopefully their child will follow them and not Bey, Jay or anyone else.

  15. This isn’t an indictment on just Beyonce and Jay-Z, but elite black celebrity as a whole! These two names come to mind because of the constant media stories citing them as the wealthiest black power couple, rubbing elbows with the First Family more than any other black elite couple, Forbes lists and zealous fan appreciation. Jay-Z and Warren Buffet photo-ops and coupling news articles, their own intention to reign as king and queen and be worshiped with Kanye and Kim K. coming up the stretch.

    *applause* And to the rest of you ladies on this post as well as the OP, good discussion.

    I don’t have much to add. Belafonte singled out the Carters because they are amongst the premiere of our celebrity-elite. They just are. They are touted year after year as making the highest monies in Forbes and other publications/lists/charts/graphs/etc. They sing about materialism and such. But I agree with Cynthnia, Belafonte’s “point” extends BEYOND the Carters. He just used them as example.

    It’s the notion of “me” instead of “we” that is really up for conversation here. I can remember in my growing up years as a wee youngster, the Black community then had more of a sense of “community”, now, today, everybody plays their cards super-close to keep anyone else from peepin’, from imitating, from attaining that kind of success, wealth, etc. It’s like, “I’ve arrived. I hold the power and na’ll, y’all can’t have none…not really.”

    All in all, the world has changed. That sense of community and closeness just isn’t as it was years ago. And that’s both good and bad. I have kin who have done very well in positions of authority in places (small towns) where the idea of a Black mayor of Black justice of the peace 30 years ago would have seemed laughable to many and unbelievable to most. (I grew up in a rural, southern town). But my kin own the bulk of the land, they work in those civil positions, looking out for “our community” within that community. They are at every high school graduation with a gift and words of encouragement and they don’t flaunt what little “wealth” they have (not even wealth, really. their salaries couldn’t have been that much). They just stay humble, go to church, work in the community, help where they can, and govern…and they do it quietly.

    But when you are in a position to be vocal… I mean, I see Belafonte’s point. And again, I say extend his example beyond the Carters and to the black celeb-elite as a whole. I don’t want to talk down Jay and Bey because I know they do charitable works behind closed doors. I know they donate and participate, etc.

    Ay, let me hush and get off this post. 🙂 Y’all have at it.

  16. @Tutu,

    I didn’t miss the point. You seem to have missed mine, which is that they are singers and entertainers, NOT elected officials. They should not be required to be speak out on issues in the Black community just because they have money and so called power.

    And I’ve felt strongly about a lot of things. But the difference between you and I is that I’m not waiting until I get in a position of power to do something about it. My mom always thought me that I was never too helpless to fight for something. I felt some type of way about the lack of scholarships available to the middle class, specifically Black middle class students who are turned down on the basis that their parents make a lot of money when in fact, they don’t. I took the initiative and started writing letters and doing what *I* could do and guess what? Eventually I received scholarships from my senator and my delegate. I’m also speaking out against things that concern me, whether it be writing to the president, rallying for a Black leader who was unfairly fired at my University and trying to do something about the growing number of Black men who are in jail instead of in college dorms. I don’t need celebs to speak out on these issues when I know that they exist and can very much do something about it from my own room.

    You are talking about they’re “obliged” but why should they be obliged to do anything? People who idolize them don’t watch the news? They don’t have PARENTS to teach them? They don’t have ELECTED OFFICIALS? No one should be forced to PUBLICLY do something, especially when that generosity is often under scrutiny. Like I said, when she decided to publicly speak out against poverty, people on this very site couldn’t come together for the issue, rather, they spent their time criticizing everything from her outfit to calling her a publicity wh@re. So once again, why should she be obliged to do anything when all she gets is scrutiny and criticism from the same Black folks who now want her do more? When she does more, it’s not enough, it must be for attention, she’s desperate to be photographed. Guess what? I wouldn’t subject myself to that either, especially when I do just as much on my own without the public fanfare and scrutiny.

    The problem with a lot of Black people is that they want others to pull them up by their boot straps. Now, celebs should be “obliged” to speak out against poverty and the issues in the Black community because people buy a CD or a magazine or whatever. Nevermind the fact that we elect officials to speak out and fight against these issues, lets now force entertains who signed up to be singers and actors to speak out. I remember the hurtful insults thrown to Solange when she decided to speak out against teenage pregnancy. Most Black folks I know told her to STFU because couldn’t possibly understand the hardships that teenage mothers go through because she has the money, which meant she couldn’t simply fathom what they are going through.

    Bottom line, celebs are not required to do anything. Even Oprah who has done so much publicly and privately is always enduring the wrath of the Black community for not doing enough. How dare she go build a school in South Africa when so many Black Americans are in need of public schools? How dare she speak out against certain issues because she’s rich? How dare she be friends with certain people? How dare she hire her Black friend? it must be because they’re lesbians! How dare she abandon Black people, it must be because she’s trying to be white. Guess what Oprah did, she started giving more privately and secretly too and said it was a better feeling at times because she’s not enduring the scrutiny.

    I recently saw Jada on Capital Hill speaking out against human trafficking. But rather than praise her efforts, all I saw Black people do on blogs was criticize her parenting style and her involvement in a certain type of religion.

    One last time, they are celebs. They are not obliged to do anything publicly or in secret. What they choose to do is their prerogative. I just want to know when parents are going to be given the same responsibility that is forcibly being given to celebs? You got Black men who are impregnating 3 Black women at the same time and the parents care more about fighting the other baby mamas than demanding more from the man. You have the man who has 5 kids by 5 different woman and claims he can’t afford child support, but will be in line for hours to buy some ugly sneakers. You want to make a difference and start movements? Start with YOU, not celebs. YOU are never too powerless and YOU don’t need to depend on Beyonce, Jay-Z, Oprah, Bruce, Alicia, Bono or whoever else to teach you about the issues.

  17. @tutu,

    They’re entertainers, they’re NOT obliged to do anything. That’s the problem with Black folks, always waiting for someone to pull them up by their bootstraps instead of doing it themselves. I am a fan and buy their MUSIC. And when I bought the music, I only expected great music and performances in return. I didn’t buy an album and then think that they were going to educate me on the issues in my community. But I guess the difference is that I have parents who were and are still very involved in my life. So guess what? I don’t need Beyonce and Jay to teach me that life is more than just Paris. I know that because once again, I have PARENTS who educated me, I had TEACHERS who cared enough and most importantly, I watch the news on my own, I do my own research, I keep up with the issues on my own. I don’t need to make celebs do anything because I know that I’m not powerless. Regardless of the fact that I don’t have the money or fame, I have no issues writing to mayors, governors and the president. I have no problems attending rallies for causes that are dear to my heart.

    And like I said, I would be doing my thing in secret too if all people can talk about is me being an attention wh@re when I try to speak out on issues that are prevalent in my community. I would be doing it in secret too if I’m given an honor and all some Black folks want to do is push forth one of the oldest issues in our community, colorism, but yet want to scrutinize me for not speaking out against other issues. Oprah started doing it a lot more secretly too because she was tired of the criticism from Black folks. Here’s a woman who has sent hundreds to school and has helped millions across the world but Black folks still insist that she has done nothing for the Black community and were first to express outrage when she went to build a school in South Africa because it wasn’t built in Black America. Solange started speaking out against teenage pregnancy and most Black folks told her to shut up because she doesn’t understand the hardships that “real” teenage mothers go through. Jada is on capital hill fighting against human trafficking and all some Black folks want to do is criticize the way she’s raising her child.

    If celebs want to come out against certain causes, that’s fine. If they don’t, that’s fine too. Celebs are just that, celebs. If you really want to take issue, take issue with those who you specifically put in charge to address those issues. But then again, a lot of Black folks don’t vote, but are first scream change and express dissatisfaction with the issues in our community.

  18. I don’t like the standpoint that the carters are only supporting lgbt issues because obama is. The way i see it is We have a Black President most of the big winners at this years Olympics are black & the Richest celebrity couple this year (Jay & Bey) are also black. so maybe from there viewpoint black people are winning. at least in opportunities afforded to them regardless of weather or not they take them. But the LBGT community is at the bottom of the civil rights barrel. you won’t see politicians Openly flaunting their sexuality or black entertainers sans frank ocean coming out. because being gay in america is hands down harder than being black in america. because at least when you’re black there’s one race that loves u. but gays are discriminated against at every age. in every race & culture So I applaud Obama for trying to make a difference & the carters for following suit.

  19. These are words HARRY BELAFONTE told to Eartha Kitt back in the day “not to take their lovemaking too seriously because no black woman can do anything for me.” This fake ass nigger suppose to be a pro black activist but he degrades black women, and on top of that he marrys to a white woman. Even Muhammad Ali call Harry out on his lust & love for white women on a interview. Furthermore I don’t see Harry making trips to the hood on a regular basis talking to poor blacks and trying to get them involved in building programs to help better there communities. Harry is living his life in a upscale gated community like the rest of the black bourgeoisies.

  20. @Sista, I agree with EVERYTHING that Mr. Belafonte and Bowatkin said and I am SO glad someone finally called them on it. I am sorry but Jay-Z and Beyonce have always digusted me with their Bourgeouisies attitude. Many people love and idolize them but I do not. All I see is “Stoosh” attitude and self worship!

  21. ok Wohoo, im done. i dont feel like typing/reading out long notes again. we will just agree to disagree.

    I still believe that you missed the point of this man’s statement and every other persons opinion. You are holding such strong defense for them when its not even about just them. Then you bring up Solonge. Who is that? Then you throw in my lack of confidence being instilled from my parents. really though….what do you know about me now? i dont do classless im sorry.

    anyway think about:

    Power = higher position = great influence ability = secured platform = responsibility

    Michelle Obamma/ Beyonce: Lets move campaign (there was a reason why she chose her and not Brandy or Monica or Ciara)

    Gabrielle Union
    David Banna(sp?)

    John Wayne
    Halle Berry
    Sir Patrick Stewart
    Michael J Fox
    Chalton Heston(who i personally adore:))

    Oh and soooooo many more i would love to mention but my fingers hurt!

    You said earlier that Mr Belafonte is full of it.hmmm. That completely disqualifies any other point you put out. Btw it was this Mr Belafonte who who bailed MLT out of jail, when he could not afford to do so himself, he pretty much sponsored Mr MLT through out his campaign and alot more…if he hadn’t gotten involved, because ‘he doesn’t have to, because he will get scrutinized by his people…whatever else’ where do you think civil right movement would be at this day and age…?

    Its important to look at the wider picture, because no matter what you think, they have a responsibility not to ‘teach peoples kids’ that is stupid. Its to make great awareness known. When they sing about materialism, people take note. Why cant they call out on things that are positive and help humanity? they already have a platform.

    Pls no long 2 posts essays, lol.

  22. You know what WOHOO….Let me sit down and read these truthful essays you wrote here, from top to bottom, a third time :). I agree. Very well said Sis or Bro. Much love and success.

  23. @Tutu

    I had to log on just to give you your props!

    You are clearly an educated, well rounded and highly intelligent person, and very patient as well.

    I think WOHOO is from the Knowles clan, has to be.

    You are a natural and wonderful writer, do you have a blog, I would love to read your views on other topics.

    But is that weave you wear? Its usually the natural sisters that put it down like you do.

  24. If one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch the same extends for one ignorant apple.

    I can’t type all I want to say as Im too tired to even break it down, particularly for those who refuse to see (or THINK)


  25. OMG!!!! !! WOW!! I am speechless!! Finally intelligent comments!! Great Forum! I am person that gives back to the community my volunteer record is extensive! It’s so many people we can point the finger at that I could literally write a 5000 page novel in doing so…..lol. I will say this as a BLACK WOMAN our black juvenile girls and boys are filling the prisons up with lengthy sentences and before I attack people like Beyonce and Jay. Let’s start with the Africa American Churches, starting with the Nation of Islam 68percent or ex-offenders and juvenile ex-offenders and do you see them at juvenile facilities …NO!!!!! You have churches that has over 10,000 members the pastors have leer jets, Benz, rolls Royce there kids are in ivy league school and if a member became homeless they cannot even stay one night in a church that size…Go figure…You want to talk about beyonce and Jay -Z…please we need to start with the African American Churches…. let’s start there if you want to chastise or ridicule.

  26. Last Friday I was sitting in court and this particular case involved three black women. One of the women threw Acid on a young lady and her baby. The two women were sentence one was given 65 years suspended 45 have to do 15years mandatory. The other woman recieved 20 years suspended 12 have to do mandatory 8years both women have children a total of five. As I sat in that court room to mentor these sisters who have made bad choices over a man. There were other cases that were so profound two 18year old black males life w/o parole. Our people need help!!

  27. Anyone who has the power of the microphone and the only thing he can spit is the word “Ni*#a” doesn’t know the meaning of the word responsibility and certainly can’t fathom the amount of influence he could project.

    Never could understand how some of these rappers have the world at their feet and they don’t use it to enlighten the world about the truth of our condition instead of endorsing racism.

  28. @Kanyade…

    I agree, it’s the sense of community and social interest that is missing from our social structure today!

    It’s not just the Carters, I really look at the wealthy or not so wealthy preachers, Tavis Smiley and Dr. West (who diagnose black people’s problems), Steve Harvey and others. It’s not that they don’t do, but when you see what Jon Bon Jovi did for the people of New Orleans and Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in Haiti and some make less money, it’s so obvious!

    Why can’t we see more tangibles as a “COLLECTIVE” such as:

    Annual Two million HP laptop and Apple iPads given to inner city schools for 5th graders (Digital Labs – Learning Apps). Every year double the number of outreach! Kids get to own it by service points, transformation score and merit. Dark places need to see the light come in, only a narrow few will make it to college to even compete to receive a scholarship.

    Hip Hop Science Lab
    (Robotics, Engineering, Research and Foreign Languages, etc.). Work with Geoffrey Cananda (Harlem Kids’ Zone) to set-up charter labs nationwide and our elite celebs, activists, citizens and clergy “plug-in” and help fund it!

    Million Boys Summer Camp (Nationwide)…boys without fathers, boys with fathers convene (schools, churches, social organization Urban League, PUSH, etc. in cities across America) to discuss and experience a rites of passage, overcoming child abuse and peer pressure with Will Smith, Hil Harper, Jay-Z, Fiasco Lupe and 50 cent headlining, simulcast and streamed worldwide!

    In Partnership with Habitat Across America – “From the Corner”

    To teach and employ high school dropouts and non-violent criminal offenders construction trades, dry walling, build-outs, electrical, air/heating, plumbing and carpentry.

    They get to together to partner on their projects and to generate revenue streams, they have an incredible platform (Voice and Resources) and we must help them too, we all should be giving back! Social interest is the height of humanity and man at his best!

  29. CYNTHIA COSIGN!!! You left out Garth Brooks who built am entire recreational center for inner city youths!

  30. I agree with Harry and even though I am a regular black person I PROMISE the circle they run in feels the same way but just don’t want to say. Beyonce don’t sell music well anymore so what would be the next move, what she is doing now which makes me hate the fact even more becuase if her singles were hot she wouldn’t do anything for our country. I know she has forgotten God and its evident. U r put in situations to give back and her and Jayz(who is till saying nigga and bitch at his age) only care about money. It’s sad, very sad! They are not using the gifts that were given to them by God to help. They don’t care and no one will nevermake me believe that. I knew Beyonce had loss who she was when she was performinf in 3rd world countries for killers!!!! It’s all about the money to her. The sad thing is they have enough already and could really help others!!!!!!!!! ITs’ also a shame that it took Harry to speak out on what I promise other celebrities have been thinkg for years!!! Oldier people have wisdom and harry has it!!!!!!!!

  31. It’s so funny to me how people go on about God blessing someone. When Jesus was on Earth he wasn’t materially wealthy, he didn’t even know where he would rest his head. Just because these people have wealth in a truly twisted and sick world doesn’t men God has blessed them with anyhting. This is Satan’s system. THink about it.

  32. I see Belafonte’s point- I think as a nation we have gotten so apathetic to everything- not just black issues.

    I personally don’t listen to most hip hop any more, because I feel like the music right now is akin to idol worship of the god of money.

    I think one of the main issues though, is that there is no clear issue that ‘we’ are working toward. I think that we need to have some clear goals as a community …the *problem* is that when we do, we get people crying foul. For example where I live there was a campaign to lower the risk of black teenage pregnancy, and the black pc police said that this was unfairly targeting the black community.

  33. My 2 cents…If Jay Z and Beyonce stand tall and they do STAND TALL..it is because they STAND on the shoulders of the many ancestors that came before them. So they do owe their people something. But this is bigger than Jay Z and Beyonce, black folks as a whole need to change their mind sets and stop being ‘comfort zombies’ and just conforming to how society tells them to act… Jay Z and Beyonce are only mirroring whats going on in the community. *pats weave*

  34. Thank you Lady Z for the compliments :). I had lost my patience though that’s why i stopped. lol. i’m tired of explaining…its like someone is playing a trick on me.

    anyway, yea i do have a blog i stated one for a social media class i had last year. turns out i like writing…who knew? but i don’t think it would be appropriate to tell talk about it on Sista’s…you know?

  35. Mr. Belafonte you are soooo beyond on point with those statements!!!

  36. he fought for equality, so that gave him the right to love whoever. fighting for the right to live who he wanted was part of the movement, who cares who he loved he still made a big impact on the black community and I’m glad he called jay z and beyonce out I been saying where are they at in this matter. some of the most influential people in the black community, and some of the richest, what have they done for us. nothing. don’t even make concert tickets to where the poverty stricken black community can go. but when they were climbing that road to get to where they are it was our black ppl supporting them and getting them to where they are today and they have turned their backs do I applaud Harry, whom I’ve always had a crush on and now even greater, I applaud him for sticking it to them. and fuck Jay z for being disrespectful. who dies he think he is.

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