Brandy A Has Been? I Think Not

Whenever a musical act stumbles upon a rough patch in their career and the hits seem harder and harder to come by, the public often times takes it upon themselves to start referring to that artist as a has been. This is the case with Brandy, a singer who has sold over 20 million records, won several Grammys, been a television star, a movie star, graced the cover of dozens of magazines and once had endorsement deals that Forbes said totaled over 10million dollars. Despite her many accomplishments in several different fields of the entertainment industry, the fact that she hasn’t had a certified hit single in the last few years causes a lot of people to discount her and her talents. This no doubt is the reason why the singer has taken to posting You Tube videos of herself singing in her bathroom and performing at small venues like she did earlier this week. Brandy is trying to remind the public that despite the lukewarm reception to her last few albums, she is still an amazing voice in R n’ B music to be reckoned with. Just as I believe R n’ B needs the Monica’s of the world, they need the Brandy’s too. They need artists who put music first and want to make a connection with their fans that is based on something real. I think Brandy did just that when she performed several songs Tuesday evening at the R&B Live event in Hollywood, California. Brandy went old skool on the crowd- performing with a live band- no smoke- no mirrors- no crazy get-ups- just a microphone and her amazing voice.

Check the clip below of the singer belting out one of her biggest hits… Almost Doesn’t Count.


  1. Saw these vids on another site and I just want to say that she KILLED it! Amazing vocals that she KNOWS how to use. Her control and adlibs are astounding. And SISTA who knows? Thats all I will say because with talent like this I surely don’t.

  2. Oh and that effortless flowing vibrato how could I forget that, one of the best since Whitney.

  3. It is amazing to see how much Brandy’s voice has matured over the past 15 years. She’s always IMO been a good singer but it’s beautiful to see people age with grace and class.

    I wouldn’t necessarily designate the term “old school” to this performance, seeing as how this is pretty much the essence of live music in general – giving people a chance to see you do your thing without the benefit of Photoshop, Pro Tools, or any other technological magic to hide imperfections.

    Brandy will find her way. Even if she never releases another million-selling album, she’ll continue to record and perform music, which is why she got in this business, right?

  4. I still own every brandy album and its funny because I was listening to her last CD just as I read this. It is amazing, she is amazing, she will continue to be amazing. There is hope for her sales as well, monica’s last album is near gold, and Brandy always had a bigger fan base than monica (whom I love as well).

  5. Brandy is not an Has been, Never will be, Her vocals only Wipe out everyone out there right now, I cannot think of an album That was as good, In and out as “full moon” was , Too bad now, you have to make Fat chicks envy you, and gay people imitate you in order to “succeed” and have 20 grammys, Brandy just wants to sing and be happy 🙂

  6. I love Brandy and her voice has truly matured and she’s so in tune with her sound. Full Moon and Aphrodisaic were my favorites. I definitely don’t classify her as a has been but a long-term absence from the music scene requires an African American artist to reintroduce themselves to gain a new fan base. Unfortunately, we’re not the most supportive fans, therfore, it’s good to see she remains true to her artistry and it would be great to see fans support her music (by purchasing it).

    Is it necessary to belittle another successful artists to justify the lackluster acceptance of a previously successful artist? In the 90’s, Brandy was just as successful as Beyonce’ is currently, therefore, the problem won’t be solved by disrespecting an artists fans. The problem is Brandy’s fan base (African Americans) is fickle and consider their talented artists “washed-up” too early in their careers. That’s why the Rolling Stones and The Eagles can sell out an arena and Gladys Knight and the Pips can’t. Beyonce is an entertainer and her fan base is diverse and others support their artists!!

  7. Definitely not a has-been. It’s amazing how quick folk are to throw folk away these days. I’m not that great a fan of hers but she straight killed these sets. Her voice has gotten better and her presence has gotten better. Seasoned. Go Brandy! 🙂

  8. …and if it’s true that your gift will make room for you (and it is), this child will always have a big enough place, no worries.

  9. Sepiastar :
    I was actually Talking about lady gaga,and the fact that they are referring to her as the biggest star of this decade, and every where i go i see little “monsters”, and gay guys acting a fool,and i’m pretty sure she will have 20 grammys pretty soon which only a few achieved, Because music has become stale,and predictable 🙂

    However beyonce will work too as an example of talentless success, Thanks 😉

  10. “and that effortless flowing vibrato how could I forget that, one of the best since Whitney.”

    consign -long live Brandy.

  11. Only in Hollywood can you be a hasbeen before you are thirty. Brandy should just forget mainstream music start her own record label and put out the music she wants to. She’s done the popl star thing now it’s time for her to do the artisist thing.

  12. I love Brandy as an artist. I became a fan back in ’94 at 9 years old, and still am today. She’s very unique to me.

  13. I know some hater was gonna bring up the queen. That’s my girl keepin the haters in business.

  14. @Sepiastar
    “Unfortunately, we’re not the most supportive fans, therfore, it’s good to see she remains true to her artistry and it would be great to see fans support her music (by purchasing it).”

    “That’s why the Rolling Stones and The Eagles can sell out an arena and Gladys Knight and the Pips can’t.”

    This is the message that should resonate throughout the black community. If we support Brandy, she’ll be back on top, it is just that simple! When we’re about to buy the artist’s music from bootleg man or have our girl at work make us a copy or when we say we’re a fan, and not a fair weather fan, we buy!

    I worked at a venue and got the opportunity to see a rolling stones concert…it was amazing, the sound system was unlike anything I had heard before…and to see fans bring small children and drop the cash for them to see their favorite artist was really beautiful…we have no excuse…I take my daughter to music festivals (most of the time, they’re free) to let her see old school performers so she’ll know the difference as she gets older and if she possibly decides she wants to sing. We watch Sade, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Eartha Kitt performances on youtube, among others. I want her to “appreciate” music and the artists that make it and not worship! Now we’ll add Brandy to our child friendly youtube collection!

  15. She aint no has been!
    She is one of the strongest Vocalist out there
    The only reason why her success has been overshadowed, Is because she is not light skin, half naked,controversial and most importantly she is a genuinely nice person ! black people and their ever lasting slave mentality are willing to accept anything as long as it is white looking and white acting! im sad for this group of people , I hope there’s another 40 days and 40 nights rain to wipe out the dirt!

  16. @ melyssa

    BRAVO!!! Right on the money!! ALL of Brandy’s albums are classic! I looove Afrodisiac. Beautiful album! Her music has matured just like she has over the years and that’s very rare considering women close to thirty talking about ignorant subjects!! Brandy is a true ARTIST! The one thing I love about her is that when she release an album, I can listen to it from beginning to end without skipping a track. To bad I can’t say the same about a lot of other artists, I mean gimmicks…

  17. I am glad to hear people showing Brandy some love. Brandy is incredible and with her talent, she will never go hungry. Because her talent is not built on her looks, she will not be penalized as much for getting old. We are accustomed to her voice and nothing else.

  18. I’ve always loved her….. and always will!!!!!!!!! GO Brandy!

  19. I don’t think Brandy is a has been. Just like the likes of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Toni Braxton, Chrisette Michelle, etc., their talents are completely over looked and all of the focus is on the female artist in the business that want to go mainstream and who use sex, gimmicks, leotards and bubble gum lyrics to sell their music.

  20. @YOKESSM

    You were talking about Lady Gaga but you referenced your beliefs of what it takes to get 20 Grammys. In other words, we already know that Lady Gaga meteoric rise is recent so she hasn’t SWEPT the Grammy’s. However, can you deny Lady Gaga isn’t talented? Let’s get realistic, she can sing and you have to entertain the fans or else we wouldn’t be discussing you. The problem isn’t what the fans of Lady Gaga or Beyonce’ likes, the problem is why WE aren’t loyal fans to great singers? Mainstream acceptance is one aspect but why are R&B fans not supportive of their good artists but complain when the “pop” oriented artists are more successful.

  21. Did someone just call beyonce talentless? Rotflmao I swear this site has some of the most hateful and delusional people.

    Anyway Brandy is very talented and definitely not a has been. Music is not like it was in the 90’s, that’s all.

  22. The problem with Brandy is that lately she hasn’t been recording good songs. I don’t think people have a lost an interest. But if she keeps recording whack songs her career will keep dipping. I got much love Brandy and hope she’s fierce on her next album.

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