Has God Abandoned Us?


It is said that the root causes of all our difficulties is: human selfishness, mistaken order of values and sin. We need a new way of thinking about ourselves, about our relationship with the world and with God. In the news and daily publications, human suffering, violence, starvation, poverty, disease and war are reported daily—not to mention the pollution of our waters, air and land.

When God created us, he envisioned a world of beauty and harmony; he created the world, making it every part an expression of his wisdom and love. Humans were created in his image and likeness; he gave us dignity, an immortal soul, self-awareness and freedom. But we sinned by disobeying him, and thereby rejecting his design for creation. So the original harmony of creation was destroyed; that was the first sin…not when Cain killed his brother Abel, Genesis 4:8.

But as time marches on, the social and environmental crisis the world is facing is proof that we’re still betraying the mandate God has given us. Even still, I say no, God has not abandon us—but we as a race of people have lost our way. It is God’s hope and will that we eventually find our way and realize his original mandate—to bring about a relationship between not only God and mankind, but also mankind and the natural environment, which God entrusted to us to guard with wisdom, love and respect.

It is also God’s hope and will that the world be free of degradation, disease, hunger, greed, violence and blood shed; that we return to the power of prayer to enlighten us regarding our duty to respect each other and guard creation. Amen…
A.G. Thornton is a writer an author of FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS and LOVERS… THE BEST OF ENEMIES


  1. Now this is beautifully written and I totally agree with you because people always want to blame God for things when they go wrong, but they don’t even talk to God unless they want something. They don’t even have a relationship with him on His terms but expect God to answer their questions in life when things go wrong. I know God has not abandoned us and the we as a race of people have failed ourselves. Keep up the great work.

  2. He will never forsake us. We have abandon God and all the supreme being stands for.

  3. Your article was well written. You made a lot of valid points concerning the state of the world. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is run by a people who, historically, are belligerent and who seeks and love warfare. Just observe how The US is urguing Obama to go to war with Ukraine. It takes me back to 9/11, which was an inside job, to covertly give the excuse of terrorism in order to perpetually continue a war with the Islamic world.

    These people have no affiliation with peace and their history, which is marred in crimison, bears witness as a testament. They are antagonists to everything that is essential for life. Their politics have a war like structure that seeks to keep certain members of society on the edge clinging for life. The environment continues to be destoyed by their diabolical nature as death and destruction continues to be the rule of the day. Their domestic, as well as their global, structure is design for continued and inhumane warfare of the highest order.

    To try and reason with these people only proves just how sick and evil they are in their state of mind. The trail of bloodshed that they have left and continue to leave leaves you thunderstruck. The world suffers tremendously because of their wickedness. However, I have faith in a new day as the season will change and the sun will give light to all the darkness and end the reign of the men of war.

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  4. God has not abandoned us have strength in what God gives.

  5. God has not abandoned us, we’ve abandoned Him. We no longer care to nurture a relationship with Him and choose to live by the dictates of an imperfect society. Then when life goes to crap we stand around wondering why. Seek Him first, then all shall be added to you (as is taught in the Bible).

    As the old saying goes, God is good all the time and all the time God i s good.

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