Hats Off To Jill Marie Jones

Former Girlfriends actress Jill Marie Jones put on her top hat and stepped out for a night of partying. Jill was spotted at the LG launch party for their new Scarlet HD TV Series.

That must be one hell of a TV for them to be throwing it a party (lol)

Back to Jill…

I love her outfit above. The hat actually tops it off and gives it that extra flair.

Below I found a few more pics of Jill showing off her hat game at the unveiling of the Remy Martin V.S.O.P. Bottle Designed by David LaChapelle.

Again, Jill looks great and that V.S.O.P bottle must also be kickin’ for them to be throwing a party for it. Remember when Hollywood had launch parties and unveiling’s for important things like new theaters or movies? Now they throw parties for new cell phones and television sets. How exciting can a new cell phone be?


  1. 😆 I remember thinking the same thing last year when T-Mobile had a party for their new Sidekick. I was like damn, what do people do, just stand around looking at it? Do they give out free Sidekick’s or what 😆

  2. I noticed that too. It look torn but that could just be the style.

  3. TV set and cell phone launch parties give B,C,&D list actors a chance to walk the red carpet.

    They need love too.

  4. It’s called good ole marketing, folks! By throwing a party, with celebs, it gets everyone talking about the party and therfore the product(buzz). Some people will want the product just because a celebrity went to a lauch party for it. It gives the illusion that the product is so awesome that a celebrity had to have it. When in all actuality they got it for free and gave it to their family or staff member that needed a new TV or phone.

  5. What exactly is she doing now and days? I thought she was mad funny on GIRLFRIENDS!

  6. TV set and cell phone launch parties give B,C,&D list actors a chance to walk the red carpet.

    You know you wrong for that rkj 😆

    Hey Toy- Jill was last seen in Major Movie Star with Vivica Fox and Jessica Simpson. Not sure of the status of thatt film though. IMD says she will next appear in Longshots with Keke Palmer and Tasha Smith.

    Honestly, it is hard out there for Black actresses. So many talented sistas are just not working because the work is not there- for them at least. 🙁

  7. Sorry yall, I’m just not feeling those outfits. I do like the hats though! And props to her for the confidence to come out with that mess on anyway! 🙂

  8. I love her. she looks so cute. I miss her on girlfriends too. wonder what she’s doing now.

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