have a happy.

What it do Brown Sista Family? Hope all is well on the other side of the computer screen. Gosh. Golly. The Holidays are upon us and it all happened so quickly. There was a time when GT was wondering whether Nov 4th would ever get here and now it’s the 24th! 

GT wishes you nothing but the best of best Thanksgivings whether you celebrate it or not. Also. Look for the up and coming 2008 Get Togetha gift guide! DIY, online purchases and out of the box ideas. Speaking of gifts..Get Togetha is having it’s first ever giveaway! But two things. One. You have to answer the below question and two you have to jump on over to Get Togetha to find out details…have a happy and be blessed!

What is your favorite dish to make/eat on Thanksgiving and what do you love most about this Holiday?


  1. “What is your favorite dish to make/eat on Thanksgiving ”
    I hate turkey so we have chicken as a substitute, We also have a variation of african meals, such as pounded banana and meaty stew nothing but pure goodness and for desert it’ s always apple pie with Ice cream Because i say so looool :thumbsup:

    “and what do you love most about this Holiday?” Family gatherings
    Geting together I value family a lot, To me someone that does not honor, respect or get along with their parents especially their mothers are headed in a wrong directions, Family is very important and getting together , laughing, talking and even fighting is a gift, Some people don’ t have their family (My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone (Jennifer hudson) ) and i cannot imagine what i would do without then

  2. I’m not big on this time of year, but my favorite meal is my mom’s hen dressing. It’s delish! :brownsista: Happy Turkey Day to all!

  3. I don’ t like thanksgiving i think you should thank people all year long why a special day for it, Just another way not to work, Lazy behind, I can’ t cook but i love my mother’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes

  4. My favorite dish during Thanksgiving is the sweet potato pie. Other than it, I can do w/o everything else. Matter of fact, I can do w/o it too. I won’t be having any of it this year.
    For one, I’m sick of it! For 27 yrs, 3 times every year {Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas}, it’s damn near the same meal and I’m over it. Plus, I’m trying to maintain this weight so I’ll be bikini ready for my Spring/Summer 09 trips đŸ™‚

    What I love most about Thanksgiving Day is seeing all my family and friends of the family.
    This year, I’ll be all alone. My parents & sister are going to my grandparents home and my brothers will be w/ their in-laws. It’s all good though….

    Hope each and everyone of you have blessed & safe Thanksgiving Day!

  5. I love this time of the year!…the air is crisp and fresh…
    I love holiday parties…
    love shopping…
    love eating …
    can’t beat that

  6. I love to eat Dressing, this is the only time I eat it.

    I am the Cheesecake Queen, so I will be making my cheesecakes (Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip, and Plain with Cherries.

    What I love most about Thanksgiving is being with my family, all of the laughs! Also, I usually try to make my rounds to family members I may not have seen in a while. My heart goes out to Jennifer also.

    Happy Thanksgiving Brown Sistas! :brownsista:

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