Have You Had A Lesbian Affair?

While many women claim they do not want a man who has dabbled in homosexuality, research has shown that more and more women are partaking in the very behavior they claim to despise in men. Same sex relationships or just plain one night stands are growing at a rapid rate for American females and reports say girls, who once first experimented in college, are now starting to dabble in girl-on-girl action as young as junior high school. I have no doubt the statistics are true as many of my own friends have admitted to experimenting and I have seen firsthand how young impressionable girls can be moved to do the same.

So today’s question of the day is simple- have you experimented sexually with other women and if so, why? Many of my friends say their boyfriends pushed them to try it but they eventually continued on because they liked it… A LOT.


  1. I’ve had girl crushes but I’ve never been intimate with another female.Although if I did,it wouldn’t be to please my boyfriend.There are too many females out there who do things they normally wouldn’t to keep a man engaged.

  2. Women are better lovers than men and once women discover that they never turn back.

  3. I have. My roommate was a lesbian and one day while talking about it I just kind of went all the way. I was interested in the experience especially after talking to her about it so often. It was not for me though. I had sex with her quite a few times and it never got any more enjoyable. I enjoyed certain things she did to me and because she was a woman she instantly knew what made another woman feel good. Despite that, I just never felt comfortable doing the same things to her. Emotionally I wasn’t into women and physically I could not get into them either. She was to this day however the best lover I ever had.

  4. @Sista
    A girl crush can mean one of two things;either admiration for another girl,or sexual feelings for another female:0)

  5. to answer the question- no. and never had any ‘feelings’ for another female

  6. First and foremost I want to say that I support the LGBT community but as for myself I have never had a lesbian affair. I’ve been approached but I just know it’s something I would not be comfortable doing.

  7. Welp I have to say that I have had 2 encounters with women a few years back. Its hard to explain why I did it b/c I am not into women. I guess I was curious or something stupid like that. I actually had a friend who did and that kinda of peaked my curiousity. I do have a girl crush on Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Kim Kardashian. However, there is no excuse for why I did what I did. I was wrong and Im still scratching my head about it..

  8. Im kinda glad to see how other women have also experimented b/c then I dont feel as bad. @Richmond-I can totally see what you are saying. Even though I had two encouters it wasnt for me but I was curious. It was kinda fun in the sense we were both pretty girls and very feminine and we both were into men.

  9. I have had a sexual relationship with women before and I think I like the thought of the acts more than the actual acts. Also I think the women wanted some type of emotional connection which I couldn’t do. I do love kissing a woman though…very sensual. I think I would still be with a woman occasionally but I prefer men.

  10. yes and as i look back it was the most passion i’ve ever felt. we were close friends and had sex one night, then the next day. we never looked at each other the same afterwards and the friendship was pretty much over. however i did enjoy it and for a moment thought i was a lesbian. but that was the only time and have been with men since then.

  11. I dont think I will ever do something like that. I have trouble getting too close to other females without them being annoying with their problems or do something shadey to me. I know its crazy but just not for me…

  12. @ Blacksista-I feel you…..

    No knock on anyone who’s into that sort of thing but it’s definitely not anything that I’ve given any thought too want to do.

    I am DEFINITELY satisfied in the emotional and sexual connection that my hubby and I have (btw Scorpio’s are the best lovers in LIFE and freaks too!!!)

    But if that’s how you get down do you, no judgement from me, it’s just not my thing…………..


  14. @ Lisa, why are you reading and commenting if you are not curious. chile please!!!

  15. A woman could never love a woman better than we as men. i use to be in a relationship with a woman that was a lesbian when i was much younger . Her female partner hated my guts she even threaten to bust my windows out . Most lesbians wont admit they still want to be with a man. This may sound very cocky but i will out work any lesbian to satisfy my woman. Woman were made for men

  16. What is a grown ass man doing on this blog? How did you get here? What were you searching for and when are you leaving?

  17. Ranjay you feel threaten already, cause in order for you to like the same thing men like you have to ask yourself that same question. why do you like women, what are you doing here and when are you going to get your head straight and fulfill your purpose in life to be with a man and not another woman. What am i searching for the truth why you do what you do. Heard so many lies why women go Lesbian just want the honest truth, no lies the straight on it . Is it really us the brothas or is it something you wanted to do all along and that’s your excuse . I’m here to help the brothas be better . If we are the the true reason than we need to research and find out how to stop the madness. I’m an advocate for black families and being lesbian is contrary to that. if there were a bunch Gay cats that goes for those brothers also and that’s some nasty Sh** for two dudes i could never lay next to another man and women you should feel the same way. By the way if you thought i was looking for the hook up I’m not this is research, i have a wife and four kids no woman can come between that . So stop being jealous and threaten and help me help us. Even though you live a different lifestyle you are still my sister and got love for you anyway, we as Africans must stick together!

  18. To Dahmu…. What you actually need to understand is that you and other men need to get out of the mindset that a woman prefers another woman because of what a man is lacking or isn’t doing. Many women can care less about what a man can offer and do for them because I have no interest or desire to find it out whatsoever. Sometimes women just seek sexual fluidity or have that special emotional and physical connection for another woman, just like men do. Nothing personal. It’s just the way it is. Nothing for you or any other man to truly understand or get or need “research” on. Be confident within yourself and worry less about why some women prefer/desire/live to love and connect with other women. Women look to women sexually and emotionally for themselves, not to spite a man. IT’s NOT ABOUT YOU!

  19. o-kay..lol! i’m not interested in getting down like that with females to each her own. I’m not condemning anyone of u who have, but really … it seems like women are allowed more fluidity with their sexuality than men. Just the thought of men experimenting with the same sex makes me cringe. Sorry, it just does…it just don’t feel right! If i see two women fondling …it’s like eh…whatever.*shrug*

  20. I’m very curious to see what sex would be like with a female but I love d**ks to much to be involved longterm with a woman.

  21. A woman’s biological intent was designed to pleasure a man and to be pleasured by a man. If a woman desires another woman it is against God’s intent. So woman try to emulate a man to the extent that they are willing to go to extreme measures. In fact even to go as far as to say that they along with homosexual men are under demonic influence. Most people of course don’t want to hear that and i know i will be highly criticized for my stance. I take on all comers, see real men don’t run we stand we fight.

  22. God is the author of marriage between men and women

  23. to do what ? I was never confused when it came to my sexuality, i am not attracted to women, don’t mind giving out compliments but hitting on me or trying to push up on me will get you an abobo beat down 🙂

  24. i was with my 13yr . old daughter at the black college expo in Los Angeles and while were exiting
    ing the building there was a group of them coming in and one had the audacity to kinda make a pass at my daughter. I had to let her know right on the spot that was not going down, that pissed me the hell off. Don’t care how short you cut your hair, wether you wear your wallet in your back pocket, or even try to act like a man YOU COULD NEVER REPLACE A MAN.

  25. I had an lesbian affair 2 years ago. I will never resort to that again nor do I plan being with a man either, What I learned is the only good thing that came out of it was the freedom of not fearing of pregnancy and std’s she did all the eating not I. So other than that, It’s best to stay by yourself women are bastards and so are men. You can be good all by yourself, That’s what vibrators and escorts are for, for those who need physical contact.

  26. Not even if the Lord came today and remove all men I could not fathom it…please take no offense.

  27. Damhu I really respect your stance and u standing by ur principles even after the trolls on this site tried 2scare u. God first. If u experimented n liked it that’s you but wat future generation r we building. Soon we’l try 2legalise peodophiles!

  28. Too scared to try it myself! But I have to say that junior high is waaay too early for ANYONE to be doing anything sexually, whether it’s homo- or hetero-! That can really mess a person up for life if it’s too early.

  29. Some wrote every man’s dream is to have sex with two lesbians. Not every man’s What we really want is to have a woman that dosen’t know the phrase no i don’t do that. You could have it anyway you want it. That’s a happy man. She is so freaky you look at her afterwards and go ” I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE WE DID THAT, DAMN BABY WE ARE SO NASTY, LET’S DO IT AGAIN”

  30. as a woman i believe that there is something about women that makes us so much more sexy and sexual than men. i would experiment with another woman sexually but it would never come to a relationship. i used to fantasize about men but now its easier for me to think of women when i do “me time”. i have a boyfriend who i love and we have a wonderful physical and emotional relationship. if anything i think most women are like me and would try a woman sexually even if just once but wouldnt continue an emotinoal relationship…

  31. I’ve had many lesbian roommates that tried to rope me in with fondling & stuff. Each time, I told them to back the f*ck up because I don’t play that! lol I have ZERO female friends plus I can barely get it on with the opposite sex. I guess that’s why people jokingly call me asexual.

  32. Personally, as a man, I enjoy seeing two women enjoying each other. I neither feel threatened, nor do label them as freaks (well sometimes, but in a good way, all woman have a freaky side to them). I think it is natural for woman. For guys… not so much. Too many emotional barriers get in the way of connecting with another man like that. I like the term “emotional fluidity” I saw used on one of the earlier posts. Women have a natural disposition to open themselves up emotionally during sex. This lends itself well to joining with another woman that is doing the same. Their two energies meet and mix and intensify the entire act.

    I have read comments, like the last one, about how the world is changing and we would never be talking about this back in the day. I agree, but the change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Peoples minds are opening, evolving if you will, and they are experimenting with possibilities, that is all. If they are not hurting anyone I don’t see any real reason to get involved to the point of telling others they shouldn’t be doing it. I don’t see this as a threat to the black family. If you notice most women, while they appreciated their female sexual experience, would still like to be with a man for the long haul. Woman have the ability to move from one end of the spectrum to the other sexually, all woman do if they don’t suppress it, feel ashamed or distort these feelings into other negative emotions like anger or disgust. It is very natural. However, most not all will probably stay with men because of the obvious physical differences and various dynamics on all levels (opposites attract).

    I must say Dahmu that I was disappointed and disturbed by your aggressive stance against this topic. Your “me against the world” crusader attitude does more harm than good, in my humble opinion of course. The anecdote that you shared about the girls hitting on your daughter could serve as a perfect illustration. The anger you flashed in front of your daughter at this subject, if continued, could have several different results, two of which are:

    1. Your daughter could adopt that same anger towards gays, perhaps even festering to rage. I would hope that you would agree this is not a desired outcome
    2. She could become gay herself. Maybe to spite Dad, or maybe just some strange twist of fate (I have seen it happen before)

    This is not a shot at you personally (okay maybe a little) but my overall intent is give you a different perspective on the matter regarding the way you oppose this idea. And believe it or not I am Christian (didn’t see that one coming did ya) just like you. At the risk of turning this into a theological debate, I will briefly say one thing. I have heard it said many times that the Bible could be summed up in the phrase “Love thy neighbor.” I liked how you ended your one of your posts earlier, saying something like “even though I don’t agree with you I still have love for you because you are my sister.” I respect that and hope that you remain that way both on the posts and when you run into “them” in the streets.

  33. Well Solomon you see the world your way which is all about sexual gratification for yourself . You started off your letter saying ” you love seeing to women enjoying each other” now i have to ask you what real man wants to watch two women having intercourse. So are you really a Christian with that mindset? I think you’re confused last i check homosexuality , lesbianism , and sexual conduct with animals are an abomination unto God. So rather spending time trying to correct me about my stance and protecting my family which , is by the way my job as husband, father. Think it best you dig into the bible and then find out what the word of God has to say about it. Only person convinced you are a Christian is yourself , by that absurd statement you enjoy watching two women . I think that may fit the description of voyeurism or a peeping tom .

  34. I have been with a woman before..and I liked it..but i can not be in relationship with a woman..I love MEN…AND THEIR SOME THINGS ONLY A MAN CAN DO..but I do like hooking up with females…although I haven’t in a long while..i would love to find someone!!! to me it’s not about a man lacking..it’s just a different type of loving.

  35. I don’t get what the problem is with bisexual men. Some people are just attracted to both sexes to a point where they would have sex with and/or date both sexes.

    Personally, I find women to be the most beautiful creatures on earth. Boobs and ass are the best gift mother nature gave us. And then with men I can understand why a man might swish the other way because sometimes the form of man and the testosterone emits to much of a sexy scent.

  36. Some women have those desires. They sometimes wondered what it would be like. Maybe not all the women in the world but maybe two out of five. I don’t blame them and I certainly wouldn’t think less of them. In my opinion, a woman knows where “another” woman wants to be kissed or touched, etc. There’s no hurt in trying and if you actually like it then I guess you found your true calling. Just enjoy and embrace every minute of it.

  37. When I was younger my close family friend came over to visit for christmas and uhh my cousin, friend and I slept in same bed that night…..I was really drunk, I knew my friend was into me from the week before because we had a sleep over and she started kissing my neck. I didn’t do anything and it was kinda awkward. But anyways that night I got really drunk and she kissed me while my cousin was on the other side of the bed asleep. I don’t know what happen from there, I guess I went with it. We ended up making out all night. Until she left we would make out whenever the parents weren’t around and of course when we were in the same bed. Nothing else though….just intense making out. It was fun but I was a confused girl that never had any relationship experience yet. We have seen each other once since then and yea it was fucking awkward at first but then we just act like it never happen. Do I regret it? No not really since it didn’t have an serious impact on our friendship. I think all girls should try it out, it could end up really fun or very awkward. But if you don’t you never know. I wouldn’t mind have another experience with someone else, just for fun though.

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