HawthoRNe Gets Canceled

According to the Hollywood Reporter, TNT has canceled the Jada Pinkett Smith produced medical drama HawthoRNe. Presently in its 3rd season, TNT announced early Friday morning they would not be picking the show up for a 4th.

Jada posted the news first via her WhoSay page, saying “Hey everyone… if you don’t know HawthoRNe will not be returning for another season. I want to say thank you to all the fans for being HawthoRNe soldiers. All our Facebook fans… Twitter soldiers and viewers… you held us down. Of course you know there is more to come… believe it.,” she wrote.

Word has it HawthoRNe’s ratings slipped slightly from last season, averaging about 3.3 million viewers a night. The show’s season finale aired August 16th; however Jada’s WhoSay post makes it seem as though the show may not be so finished after all.

I can see a channel like Lifetime potentially picking the show up if a deal can be worked out. After all, 3 million viewers for a cable show is nothing to sneeze at.


  1. Smh, nothing really lasts for too long. I don’t even see Single Ladies lasting for too much longer either. And I agree, the ratings/views are nothing to cancel the show over. Maybe get better writers before cancelling the show. LOL. J/P. =)

  2. 3.3 million viewers an episode is more than Jersey Shore and Single Ladies get per episode. It really makes no sense cancel it. They did the same to Men of a Certain Age. TNT gets good shows and then drop them too soon.

  3. I didn’t particularly care for this show, but I had still hoped it would work out for her.

  4. I’m surprised they canceled it too, since viewership wasn’t THAT low, but the last season was horrible and as EP Jada’s only got herself to blame for that.

  5. I loved the first two seasons of the show. I was happy to see our beautiful Jada doing what she does best, act. The first two seasons were exciting focused on her job. However; the third season was a little less than what I expected. The story line seemed to be drawn out and slow moving. This season took her away from the hospital way too long and wasnt nearly as exciting. I still watched every episode and would love to see it revamped on a new station!
    It was nice to see a young black woman with high rankinging and responsible position at a hospital.

    We need more television show that depict African Americans in positive and professional setting. Reality TV has become so overly saturated and completely scripted. I will be glad when all reality shows meet their demise.

    Good luck Jada, the Smith family and the cast of Hawthorne!

  6. Marc Anthony made the show. Especially, when he played opposite Jada Pinkett. Their storyline is the only reason I watched Season 3.That’s the only reason I tuned in anyway. When he suddenly got shot, I would have tuned out if he died.

  7. I am dumbfounded over this as I LOVED HawthoRNe……………and I’m with Bohwe, I loved Marc Anthony’s character on the show and I think he did a superb job…………….I hope another network does pick the show up b/c I LOVED this show!!!!!!!!!!

  8. well there is an online petition to keep Hawthorne on the air. I signed it , like twice. but , if nick renata is dead, than what’s the point. I will totally cringe, if I have to see Christina and Tom. Tom was boring and mondane. Nick bought fire and passion to christina’s life. Christina needed that.

  9. I can’t believe they canceled this show. There are very few scripted programs out there and the good ones seem to bite the dust early. That being said, the third season of Hawthorne was not as good as the first two. Marc Anthony didn’t add much to the show. I liked the addition of Derek Luke. I hope this show is picked up by another network –not BET please!

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