‘He’s Mine Not Yours’ Trailer

Originally screened at this year’s 2011 Black Film Festival, ‘He’s Mine Not Yours, is now set to air this December on BET.

Starring Gabrielle Dennis (The Game), Caryn Ward, Nadine Ellis (Let’s Stay Together) and Jason Weaver (ATL), the film revolves around Mandy, an undercover seductress who is hired to tempt men in order to prove their fidelity.

Written by Marlon Jones and and directed by Roger Melvin, the official trailer has now been revealed, which you can watch below.

FYI: I just discovered that a lot of urban films that are either straight to DVD or made available in only limited release, are quickly being picked up and aired by BET.

Meagan Good’s film ‘Video Girls’ was made available in limited release back in June and is now airing on the channel.


  1. Jason Weaver? Whose idea was it to use this clown? He is so buffoonish and comes off as anything but a quality man that women would be pining for. You have a classy cast of women and a so no classy cast of men. Very typical of low budget AA movies. This is why Hollywood has no interest in bankrolling them.

  2. Good!!!

    Will watch!!!

    Really enjoyed Meagan Good’s flick…more than I thought I would!!!

    Having these films are better than talking about what Hollywood won’t green light…it’s DIY…sometimes filmmaking by numbers…but, it’s still fruition!

  3. Hey I’d watch it on one of those nights when there is nothing on Lifetime and I am in the mood for some good ole black B movies. I always find myself pleasantly suprised.

  4. I think it’s a great idea- but like Gina said, I don’t think Jason Weaver is a good cast for the lead. I’m sure they could have found some new actor to add a little maturity to the role if Morris Chestnut or Shemar Moore wasn’t interested in it.

    I love the ladies though, I will def watch it .

  5. yeah Jason weaver isn’t even attractive really so i can’t believe thats who they chose. It looks like it might be an ok movie though so i may watch it

  6. I like a lot of the “Urban” movies. They are usually good and have nice storylines. I will watch. Video Girl is actually nice. I saw if before BET put it on.

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