High Tea with The Braxtons

‘Braxton Family Values’ continues to be a part of my Thursday night viewing experience. Aside from ‘Scandal,’ ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Mad Men,’ it is one of only a handful of shows I can stand to watch for more than ten minutes without changing the channel.

Tonight’s episode will tackle Gabe going ring shopping with Trina’s sisters, as well as Traci rushing back to Maryland to comfort her husband who had a pseudo heart attack brought on by of all things, a Redskins game.

We’ll also see Toni and Tamar try to make amends after last week’s therapy session with Dr. Sherry went awry.

Check out a clip below of Tamar taking Toni out for ‘High Tea.’


  1. I distinctly remember all the Braxton sisters tweeting about Tamar’s success with her single, but on the show Tamar swore her family didn’t support her. Towanda was not happy with the show’s editing. She said via Twitter the execs edited out the real reason for their discontent with Tamar.

  2. Towanda said she flew out to California for Tamar’s showcase and the date was changed and she wasn’t notified. She then said after being dressed with no where to go, Tamar dumped her to hang out with friends.

  3. Also, Toni was hospitalized during the Wendy appearance

  4. Also, has anyone noticed that Tamar’s name hasn’t crossed Wendy William’s lips since Tamar revealed her pregnancy on GMA? Not in Twitter OR on her show. They’re supposed to be good friends. I think Wendy is feeling some kind of way since Tamar didn’t make the announcement on Wendy’s show. Odd….

  5. thnx for that info, SISTA and DANA. I watched this episode and while part of me feels this beef is fabricated, the other part of me sees there is something deeper after all. Traci is very upset about something. I hope they get it together. I like watching them have fun.

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