Highlights From The 2010 BET Awards

The 2010 Bet Awards just wrapped up and I have to admit, I really enjoyed this year’s telecast. For their 10th Anniversary the network chose to showcase music from not only some of today’s biggest artists, but from the people who influenced them as well.

Monica, who heavily sampled Deniece Williams’ 1981 hit Silly, was joined by the singer on stage tonight to perform the tune. It was one of the evening definite highlights for me and probably anyone else in the audience who was over 30.

The biggest surprise of the evening however had to be the El DeBarge mini concert. It just came out of nowhere and yet was a totally welcomed surprise. The 1980s crooner performed some of his biggest hits, including All This Love, Time Will Reveal, Rhythm of the Night and Second Chance, a single from his upcoming album. By far this was the evening’s best performance and kudos to BET for giving El so much time as he deserved. The music he created nearly 30 years ago is still being sampled and re-recorded by some of today’s biggest artists. If that isn’t the sign of a true legend, I don’t know what is.

Another one of the evening’s biggest surprises came from Chris Brown. The disgraced singer, who has suffered professionally since his attack on Rihanna last year, gave a tribute performance to Michael Jackson that ended with him standing on stage in tears and unable to go on. I know some may think Chris was overcome with emotion for Michael- but I saw more. I think Chris was overcome being back on stage for the first time in front of a worldwide audience that just a year ago hated his guts. Chris was crying for what he lost- his career and his tears were a plea for forgiveness. Later on when he came back to the stage Chris told his fans he had let them down in the past but would never do it again. This was a PR move the singer needed and I think it worked. As much as I despise what he did- his life must go on and his return to the stage is long overdue.

Next up is Nicki Minaj, who sadly had about 4 chances to wow the crowd with her lyrical skills but instead chose to lip-synch. Tonight could have really been her coronation had she or her PR people played their hand right. The industry is thirsty for a female rapper with looks and skills and they have chosen Nicki by default. She could have proven herself to be more than just a pretty package however had she put as much time into her performances as she did picking out her costumes and wigs.

Finally, Alicia Keys’ tribute to Prince was hot. The very pregnant singer sang my favorite Prince tune, Adore, and got all freaky with it, climbing on top of her piano and really giving the audience a show. Prince’s face during her performance was priceless.

Stay tuned for more pics and video…


  1. Chris had the best performance but it would have been better with Ciara

  2. Chris was for me the best hands down, and I think it was a combination of the two. I said the same exact thing about Nicki I was like “why the f*k is she lip-synchin?” And Alicia was very…suprising to say the least but I enjoyed her as well.

  3. yes Chris Brown definitely was the best to me! I was in tears while he was on stage foreal! But yes it is time for him to get back into it…the man is so talented! Team Breezy!!! lol

  4. I’m so happy for Chris, I really am and people should have followed in Rihanna’s footsteps and forgave him a long time ago.

  5. Best BET award show in a long time. Everybody did their thing.

    I gotta give CB some props cause he danced his behind off..Now the rest of the antics (alleged crying & promise of being good) great PR move, but a load of bull***.

    Nicki Minaj looked & sounded like a nut.

    Beyowulf & Lady Gag won an award for that atrocious video..somebody over there at BET needs to lay off the crack.

  6. This was by far the best BET awards show in a long time. Love the old school artist.

    Queen Latifah was a classy hostess.

    El DeBarge sounds just like he did nearly thirty years ago. I enjoyed his performance.

    I was a little upset that Prince wasn’t allowed to perform. I just knew he was going to grab his white guitar and start performing. I am sorry, but that tribute was horrible.

    Chris Brown was the best performance to me. I personally felt that he got very emotional because he was talking to himself when he started to sing Man In The Mirror.

    Enjoyed the gospel singers performance.

    But the show it self was much better than last years show.

  7. Yes, loved the performances of the BET awards this year because last year was very lackluster.

    Chris Brown. His performance was PHENOMENAL. I would have loved to see him and Ciara perform a portion of Scream in the dance medley but he was fantastic. It was moving to see him break down and I think Man In The Mirror was the perfect song for his redemption. He surely proved he has it.

    El DeBarge – I was floored. He still has such a beautiful voice and he was a needed highlight of the night. It’s good to see a mature singer that has not been in the spotlight step on stage and give a superb performance.

    NICKI MINAJ – how can you be such a disappointment. You’re RAPPING and if you can’t perform your own songs live, surely, we can’t be ready to pass you the torch to represent the ladies because your predecessors – Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte, Salt N Pepa, Yo Yo, Lil Kim, Foxy B, and even Trina can perform on stage.

    Diddy and Dirty Money – why are you lipsynching. Diddy is only rapping and he couldn’t do it. The ladies – pitiful. Can you PLEASE SINGGGG the little part of the song that you are supposed to sing on – it’s TWO of you!! They should have blown that out of the water (unless you can’t sing live and dance). SMH – I can’t believe people were standing up to watch this performance.

    Kanye – superb and his performance made me anticipate his next cd.

    T.I. was great!! He was energized and his lyrics were on point.

    B.O.B. with Keyshia Cole and Enimen – that’s how you perform live. I love Airplanes and Keyshia Cole was fierce!!

    Alicia Keys – amazing. I loved her medley of songs and she must truly be in love because she was on fire with Adore!!! She’s a true entertainer and can command a stage.

    Drake – I was impressed he sound just like his songs and I enjoyed him and Jeezy performance together even though I would have loved to hear him perform “Fancy”!!

    Trey Songz and Usher – average. Trey Songz has a beautiful voice and normally he’s on point but I was not enthused with his performance. I love “There Goes My Baby” but he was singing the background part to the chorus and not the main melody of the chorus. I was confused.

    Tyrese ode to Teddy P – I was impressed and love Tyrese voice.

    Monica and Deniece Williams – Monica is always on fire because she’s so passionate when she sings so I was in awe of how flawless her voice is on that song. Deniece W. can still hit most of those notes and I have ALWAYs loved “Silly of Me’ so to hear a live excerpt was a treat.

    Prince dedication – love, love, loved it. Janelle Monae put her own spin on her rendition of Let’s Go Crazy and she’s all over that stage and still sounds good live. Esperanza has a beautiful voice and now I’m searching for her music. I adored Alicia Keys on Adore. Patti LaBelle – that’s a singer. Hit every note to perfection and although she’s been in the game for at least 30+ years, she can outsing the majority of our current superstars..

    Can we PLEASE get the Black Eyed Peas to perform one year and I need to petition for a Jill Scott performance next year!!!

    My synopsis of the night – LOL – I know it’s long.

  8. Oh yeah, how can I really leave out one of the best moments – LOVE JONES rendition.

    Nia Long and Larenz Tate – One of the best moments of the night for me.

    **Yeah, I wish we could have had one Prince performance (just one song)!! Or can we get a Prince tribute where we have Lenny Kravitz perform Darling Nikki! Now, that will be fire.

    Gospel performance – Kirk F. cannot sing a note and I don’t know how you can have that many gospel powerhouses together and it still didn’t sound great to me (just my opinion).

  9. You forgot Tyrese. I just feel like BET tricked me again.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. Prince Rogers Nelson :bowdown: A musical genius. He is truly The Beautiful One. And all that shade my baby was throwing was priceless. Pure D.I.V.A!!! Loved it.

    Alicia and Patti tore that stage up, OMG by far best performance of the night was them. Janelle Monae did really good, I was impressed. Kanye did amazing per-usual.
    Congrats to Bey and Lady G on VOTY.
    Overall it was a pretty good show.

  11. @ SEPIASTAR :hifive: to your synopsis. I feel the same. Incredibly blown away by El DeBarge STILL SOUNDING GOOD after all this time. And the Prince tribute (minus Trey Songz’s contribution) was superb. All in all, a good night. 🙂

  12. I forgot to mention that Patti Labelle’s tribute to Prince brought me to tears. Love that woman.

  13. @lala what would have been better with Ciara? i hope you didnt mean the michael jackeson tribute! Chris was wonderful we cried right along with him in my house!! you go boy

  14. I loved the other artist’s performances, and I really liked Nicki Minaj’s performances and acceptance speech.

    Reasons Why I Distrust Chris Brown (No Remorse Shown Until Now) (What?!?) These Things lead Up to the Present Time UNTIL Suddenly Last Night He Got A Conscience

    [Many talk about what others who have done the same or worse have gotten away with. Does this mean that if one person gets away with a crime, everyone else who commits the same crime should get away with it as well?]

    1. He beat a woman down to a pulp AFTER he was the one caught cheating on her. He obviously felt no remorse or shame for his actions of cheating. It is also generally NOT the first beating or first method of some abusive action if a man “snaps” and beats a woman until she loses consciousness.
    2. He fled on foot after she lost consciousness. Did he place an anonymous call later to make sure that she wasn’t dying or dead?? No, he did NOT care.
    3. He did not ever feel remorse for beating her and make a full confession. He only admitted to beating her AFTER she was strong enough to press charges.
    4. He sat on the Tyra Banks Show and talked about how he hated physical abuse and would not ever want any woman to experience what his Mom went through. Yet, friends interviewed after the fact admitted that this was not the first time Rihanna had bruises. She would just explain them away.
    5. We all know that Rihanna was still in love with him AFTER ALL THAT HE HAD DONE to her. Just as many other women take physical abuse for many years before finding the strength to break free, she went back to him briefly even amid all of the media flurry surrounding the beating. Apparently, he still could not show true remorse because they parted ways with her finally agreeing to be present in court & going ahead with the charges.
    6. He proved that they had been talking after the beating by the statement he made during his BET/106and park interview. He took a time, when he should have been showing remorse, to complain about the fact that Rihanna had failed to keep certain details private, as he claims she had agreed to do. Replay the interview. Where was the remorse back then?? He was going through counseling and anger management classes and intense media scrutiny, yet there was no obvious display of emotion/remorse.
    7. He had such a lack of remorse that he decided to bring a new album out, and he brought it out ahead of Rihanna’s new album. He did not even want to pull himself out of the limelight for a minute to show even some sense of remorse. He thought that his extreme talents would just make everyone forget or go easy on him, I guess. I don’t care about his talent. I wish more cruel and callous people would be exposed.
    8. IF his tears were sincere AFTER all of this time has passed, I definitely believe that they were sincerely cried over his career and getting caught –not over his horrific actions.
    9. Again, AFTER he had been going through court ordered anger management classes for some months, he unleashed an angry tirade against the entire industry in a TWEET. He sent this Tweet because Wal-Mart would not carry his CD. He ended the Tweet by saying, “Fxxk the industry.”
    10. Last but not least, he released nude photos of Rihanna AFTER she had pressed charges and appeared in court and AFTER he was in counseling. He was set on revenge, and now he thinks that all will now be forgotten. The fake display of remorse is too little too late for me to believe it.

    I’m not living in the past, but only looking at the facts AND his timing. There are also many hardened criminals who have been exposed and who are just as young as Chris Brown, therefore, we should not allow his age to be an excuse to throw his PATTERNS of behavior and lack of remorse out of the window. He had ample time to display remorse before now, yet he refused. He now has another album that he wants to do well. His actions don’t surprise or fool me.

  15. Based off performances only b/c award shows, mainly BET’s are boring and are trash. DJ Khaled & Artists the most energetic set. Trey Songz and BET were wrong why did he sing Purple Rain and then have Ms. Pattie come out and show ’em how it really should have been done. Monica and Deniece Williams’ brought goose bumps, beautifully done. Keyshia Cole, WTF, I really like the song until she butchered it. Alicia Keys & El DeBarge also had a great set. Diddy looked so out of breath and well I’m going to say it, old, lol. Yes Puff we remember the 90’s it was hot then, but it just looks like a hot mess now. Nicki Minaj and Drake (YM), I’ve been trying my best to keep and open mind about them, but every performance and video they just fail to live up to the hype.

  16. The best show BET ever had!!
    Keyshia Cole..finally sang the song right!!! Great job!! Most of the time she sounds like she is out of breath!!

  17. Overall it was a well put together show. I was a little disappointed in Usher, I love that song but his performance was missing something. El Debarge just yesss!!It is funny that alot of the younger generation had no clue who he was, we need to bridge that gap. Also too funny was Prince’s reaction when Alicia got on that piano,he looked over at Swizz, she loves Prince so it didn’t surprise me that she was included. I heard that Prince requested all of them. Chris did great, I just wished he could have pulled it together and did the song but he does bring that Mike like skill in his dancing.

  18. Also I noticed that alot of artist seemed to be tired of the negativity in the media and beefs etc… Many of them aluded to positivity and supporting one another better. I thought Nicki Minaj was one who said it very nicely in her acceptance speech.

  19. Chris brown’s performance was not good for me,
    No one can be michael jackson but some can manage to be michael-ish ans Chris brown Isn’t for me,
    Sorry I know black people are in the quest to find a replacement for him but it isn’t happening
    And his cries didn’t move me, I don’t drink the kool aid that easily,But good luck in the future

    Nikki minaj is pathetic, She is the ramen and noodle you have for lunch when you can’t afford anything
    better, Trash classless,Styleless and absolutely talentless,Good luck tho.

    Alicia keys was my first favorite performance of the night, Pregnant and all, she sounded beautiful, looked beautiful,
    and i love the fact that Queen announced her as a “woman who can hold a stadium captive with only a mic and her voice”
    I’m glad we all can make the difference between smoke and mirrors and Real talent.

    El debarge If i even dare open my mouth I’m afraid words won’t do justice to his magnificence
    I can only bow down, second favorite

    Monica…. Wow third favorite

    Diddy and Dirty Money, It doesn’t get sadder than diddy, and his cheerleaders… Pathetic

    Kanye doesn’t get it, he still doesn’t get it…

    t.i needs to let go of his crotch and please retire the eternal “what you know instrumental” we get it!

    Drake is sad along with the young money posse

    Janelle was the f-cking truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keyshia cole i was happy to see her and i love her remix of Airplanes and b.ob is alright with me 🙂

    Tyrese I liked

    Trey songz..PLEASE

    Usher: Please

    Who they should have let perform: Melanie fiona,Prince,Hayley from paramore should have been there, The black eyed peas
    who shouldn’t have won: Nikki minaj, Drake,gaga and the other deranged thing.

    In conclusion B.E.T is trash and should be taken off the air,They are pathetic.

    I’m going to hawai You ladies have a nice 4th of july

    Kisses. oh and Boycott EBT

  20. Overall, I thought the show was pretty good. Ms. Keys looked stunning, and she killed it last night. So proud of her!

    Chris Brown was also a highlight for me. Say what you want but the boy can dance his butt off.

    Prince’s facial expressions were priceless!

    And lastly, congrats to Beyonce for winning Video of the Year two years straight! I see some folks are about to have a heart attack over that video winning. :lol2: Relax, it’s just a BET award. It’s really not that serious. I’m a Beyonce fan and can admit “Video Phone” didn’t deserve to win as Empire State of Mind and Run This Town were better videos by far, but it did win. So get over it! Geez. I see so many people making such a big fuss over nothing.

  21. El dabarge-no words :bowdown:
    Chris-dang 🙂
    Prince-faces were heeelarious 😆
    Mrs. Patti,Janelle,Alicia- :bowdown:
    Niki- :bag:
    Prince needed a full hour :iagree:
    Trey Songs- :stop:

  22. Yes Sepiastar you said a lot! but I agree with everything u wrote

    I was happy to see creativity at its best! and artist feeling the challenge to deliver.

    I feel My Rihanna was left out…Sorry BET I have to say that cause it’s her time….I know she can’t be in the same room with Chris so that’s too bad. Because His preformance was worth seeing.

    El DeBarge: Floored! I truly was at how great he still sounds

  23. @Not 1 To Follow The Crowd-I just can’t take you, or the novel you proceeded to write about Chris Brown, seriously after stating you liked Nicki Minaj’s performance and acceptance speech.

  24. I loved the show and agree with Sepiastar!

    It was indeed a shot in the arm after years of tire and meaningless award shows! I like how they incorporated educators and philanthropists into the mix and introducing new artists. It was refreshing, BET got it right! A fresh musical prospective to help re-condition music listeners and fill our souls with something more than hate and longing. Music is such a life force and without it we truly perish. We can’t sample soul classics til eternity, we can’t indefinitely rely on producers and pro tools as our primary hitmakers. We need an awesome mix of CREATIVITY and not sales and marketing, what will sell! I loved Esperanza Spaulding….will be buying her music, she’s fabulous, along with the “music matters” artists showcased. There were so many fine performances.

    Chris Brown did a great job…unfortunately, I agree with Sista’s assessment in that the tears were real, but for himself and what he’s lost and long to have back in his life. I just hope he doesn’t do or say something stupid and stay away from twitter and any interviews. He’s being closely watched! I hope he can find the remorse and move on! Even before the show I felt he deserved a second chance and public forgiveness, even though, I didn’t see or detect any remorse whatsoever. I took in consideration that he came out of a home of domestic violence and sometimes victimizers can’t connect the dots and align themselves with the awful ugly truth of what they are and their actions. He better get rid of those strongholds or they will deceive him again and it will truly be over! I understand people not feeling sorry for him or “drinking the kool-aid”…because he’s not sorry, but regretful about what has happened to him and that said, he’s truly been punished. I don’t think Trey Songz would have gottent this much attention and spotlight had CB not self-destructed. I know Chris see Trey and Drake and know he would be collaboring with them too and still be in hot demand if he could erase that night. The world quickly moves on!

    Trey Songz is missing a link of some sort, there’s a disconnect that I hope he finds it because he has something, but it gets lost in translation. He has a musical sensuality I like, but it’s not coming across as it should, along with needing a serious vocal instructor…I also thought about how wonderful it would have been to have Jill Scott perform and will write Debra Lee and say so…why those singing sistas are ignored is beyond me and Jill is popular! Alicia Keys is radiantly beautiful and seems to be enjoying her pregnancy and romance, it was one of the best tributes ever…Prince seemed to enjoy it…we are awesome, it was awesome~

  25. Pattii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LaBelle was it for me BABY!!!!!

    Am I the only one who thought Alcia Keys sounded hoarse and could not hit the high notes on ADORE. I love ADORE so I wanted her to put some stank on it. I was dissapponyed.

    No Maxwell, BABYm would have tore ADORE to pieces.

  26. Last night was the best in years… It was really good to see everyone on the stage knocking it out.

    OK. Now I know many people loved Chris Brown’s MJ tribute. Warning, I was not one of them, but let me explain. The boy does not need forgiveness for his actions from me, or from anyone else for that matter, so I am so passed that and that chatter. If Rihanna has moved on, the public should too. And I understand the Man in the Mirror moment for him was very reflective of his life the past year and a half and I can understand the breakdown in light of that, and like Sista said, in light of the fact that this is the first time in a long time he’s gotten a chance to strut his stuff out on the stage. We all know Chris is an amazing dancer, and he dances with the type of natural skill and conviction Michael danced with. That being said, I didn’t like him trying to do Michael. And this is my opinion, so feel free to disagree, but I feel like a tribute should embody the essence of the person you commemorate. I don’t think straight up impersonations are appropriate to show how passionate you are about someone…especially Michael. Michael is and forever will be the baddest, and it should be kept that way. These days it feels like everyone from Gaga to Jason Derulo to Justin Beiber is making a career out of copying his style. His “The Way You Make Me Feel” intro is priceless and timeless — please, don’t touch it. The Billie Jean segment was done well but again, it’s a timeless piece of history – let it alone. Pay homage to his essence and show his influence in your own personal style. Straight up copying someone like Mike just doesn’t feel right, because 1) no one can do it, and 2)the focus becomes about you and your abilities and not the person you’re emulating. I think that’s what bothered me the most about this tribute, and for the most part, many of the Mike tributes… This tribute became all about Chris Brown and his tears (I do think they were genuine). The VMA tribute was beyond beautiful but a split second later became all about Kanye and his foolery. And the Grammy tribute was all about that unnecessary 3D nonsense. It just doesn’t feel right to me…

    I bite my tongue though, because like my friend said, Michael was legend and he is deserving of every tribute. And I’ve never met Michael but I know he’d be proud of Chris and would probably want this to help pull Chris out of the hole his career has become. And that song — how do you not break to Man in the Mirror? It was good redemption. Maybe I’m being petty, but I guess deep down, I didn’t want it to be Chris’ redemption night… this time, I just wanted it to be done right for Mike and no one else.

  27. These old school singers keep making a fool out of these young people. I mean it is just not out right now that can do what El did. He just came out there with no theatrics just him, a band, and his good hair….lol and did the damn thing. I think they are teaching these young people to stop putting so much time in your image and develop your craft.

  28. JANELLE MONAE showed up and she showed out. She had the best performance of the night. Her scream at the end of her performace sent me to heaven. She is definitely the truth.

    Other than that, I was NOT impressed with anybody else. Same ol same ol if you ask me.

  29. @ Veritee
    “El debarge If i even dare open my mouth I’m afraid words won’t do justice to his magnificence
    I can only bow down,”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am sooooooo proud of El, he did a wonderful job. I screamed when I saw him. I know his family and all 100 of his kids had a very proud moment.

    RIP BoBBY DeBarge I know you are smiling down on your lil bro. He did it!

  30. Chris did a wonderful job… and for everyone who says he they don’t forgive him, who are you? The only man who he should ask for forgiveness from is the Almighty! He’s a GREAT performer point blank period!

    Nikki Manaj… would her 5 min of fame please end!!!! I just don’t like the girl. She’s wack and her character is… I just don’t understand. She’s wack! :bag:

  31. I don’t do BET no more so I ENJOYED reading every critique. My FB feed was like Twitter with all of their LOL comments.Luv luv luv the El Debarge clip. Would like to find the Janelle Monae and Chris Brown performance.

  32. “and for everyone who says he they don’t forgive him, who are you? ”
    Lol there is enough of us to make his last “album” flop like a fish out of water, You chris brown fans need to sit down we’ll deal with you in the second.
    The bet awards is Pathetic, Their categories are sad, and so are most of the winner, gaga winning an awards?Please i’m glad i didn’t watch it!

  33. All I can say is WOW…this was the best BET show I have seen in a log time.

    Chris B’s performace was amazing. I dont know if I have every seen anyone capture MJ’s dance moves like that before.
    He is so young and yes I believe that he has suffered enough….hopefuly he realizes how much he has lost and how blessed he was and can still be. Only in Gods time…..
    It is now time for healing and he also deserves another chance.
    All the other performances were great…

    Alcia K is the sexiest pregnant mom I have ever seen….and I am a mother myself….but she had a tremendous glow…

    El DeBarge…what can we say..he did a great job

    Please send Nikki M somewhere …she does not deserve to be called a female rapper..she leaves a lot to be desired.

    Good Job BET!!!!

  34. “Lol there is enough of us to make his last “album” flop like a fish out of water” >>>>> lmaooo, but not enough to stop him from getting paid..dude is still getting that check so your point is?????

    his performance was excellent and hope he gets back where he needs to be…i have enough of my shit to deal with than judge him..besides it gets me nowhere and the same applies to everyone!!

  35. “maooo, but not enough to stop him from getting paid..dude is still getting that check so your point is?????”

    Sweety what do you called getting paid? if it is the bits that he is receiving i suggest you get out the hood:)Next time you’re trying to throw shades make sure it isn’t at someone who can buy you and chris brown out of the damn country GOON!

  36. Is Rhianna hiding behing this May character???!!! 😆

    @ May… rather i am a fan of Chris Browns or not, I am human and we ALL make mistakes! ALL of us. So when I say “who are you?” that’s what I mean.

    It’s sad that so many people are giving this man a hard time when R Kelly screwed a young girl and taped it, then was still selling out concerts. Some of you still listen to R Kelly to this day!!! We never got an apology from Kelly because he wouldn’t admit his wrongs!! But we still bumped his Sh!t!!!! SICK!!!!

    Chris has apologized. He knows he fuc%ed up. Let go and Let god. We must move on.

  37. Yes El Debarge sounded and looked awesome! He wasn’t even announced at the beginning, but i think everyone enjoyed that surprise

    about chris brown, i still cannot believe he cried. I mean, he was bawling!! Those tears couldn’t be forced out, they were natural. They made my heart open a little more for chris, and i think he was sincere when he said he would never let his fans down again.

    If you watch the awards again, and listen really hard, you will see that Nicki actually was rapping, they just had her mike turned down for some reason. She said it on 106th and park

  38. I loved the entire 2010 BET Awards show! It was off the chain gang.

    1) Kanye was awesome! he’s a deep brother.
    2) Alicia Keyes was so soulful and beautiful as ever. She rules R&B right now.
    3) TI, Emininem, Luda, Jeezy, TPain, Drake, B.o.B all did their thing and more. I enjoyed them.
    4)Nikki Minaj have a stage presence but I’m not sure about her art on stage. She need to bring it live next time she’s in front of a big audience or she will have a short career.
    5)Chris Brown’s performance was dynamic. He captured the whole spirit of Michael Jackson, including his signature dance moves. The best tribute for Michael to date. But, I always knew that it would take black folks to bring it home for our brother, Micheal Jackson. RIP MJ.
    6) Tyrese need to drop a new album. His voice gave me the chills. He sound sexy just like Teddy. I loved it!
    7) El DeBarge was a pleasant surprise. I must say I fell out of the sofa when I saw him. He looks good and sounds just like he did over 20 years ago. Now that’s some real singer genius right there. I’m glad to see him back and hope we will hear from the other DeBarges. We need that good music right now. Welcome back El, with your fine self.
    8) The tribute to Prince was one of the best I’ve seen to date. It was so raw, all women ensemble and fit for a Prince who love the ladies. They all killed it! Prince was dripping with sexiness, I was waiting for him to get on that stage and turn it up. My only disappointment was that he didn’t perform because I love some Prince. Prince have not aged, he still looks delicious…like something you want to eat.
    9) Queen Latifah was a good host, she kept it civil and funny. The Queen rules!
    10)P. Diddy After Party with big Tiger was mad funny and live. Diddy Dirty money performance was also good and super charged up. Diddy did his thing…always the crowd pleaser. Love Diddy!

    Overall: I enjoyed every second of the awards show and I hope you all did you. God’s willing, see y’all 2011 BET awards show…ye ah!

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