Highlights from the Billboard Awards

The Billboard Awards wrapped up just a few moments ago and featured presentations and performances from some of the biggest names in the world of R & B, Pop, Country and Rap music.

Because the show had been on hiatus for the past five years due to low ratings, Billboard made sure to invite all the big name celebs and unlike The American Music Awards, most of them actually showed up. Among those in attendance were Rihanna, Justin Beiber, The Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Lady Antebellum, Beyonce and even the reclusive Britney Spears.

Most of the artists mentioned above gave performances, though none as stellar as that of Beyonce. The singer was presented with a Millennium Award tonight and an award that big deserved a big performance and Beyonce came with it all the way. Standing in front of a white screen, the singer gave a visually stunning performance that had to be seen to be believed.

Other notable performances were also given by Mary J. Blige, Nicki Minaj and show opener, Rihanna. Both Nicki and Rihanna performed songs that featured Britney Spears, though Nicki seemed to need the big name pop diva’s assistance more than Rihanna did.

As per every award show she has performed on, Nicki struggled to command the stage and often looked out of place. Her vocals were pre-recorded and she moved like her shoes were too tight. I keep hoping Nicki will step up her stage game and each time I watch her she disappoints. I give up.

On the other hand, Rihanna easily had the night’s second best performance. She was on point vocally and looked amazing in her white “S & M” costume. Her routine was flawless and the audience rewarded her with a standing ovation.

Red carpet and live show pics can be seen below. Click here for video performances.


  1. i love Beyonce, but it was to much going on for me to get into that performance. I felt like she didnt need all of that. I will agree that she had the best performance though…hands down, bar none. Rihanna and Britney were okay. Nicki and Britney were awful. Im over the Black Eye Peas and Cee-Lo’s voice is starting to annoy me. Needless to say, i didnt enjoy the show AT ALL. *Kanye shrug*

  2. Beyonce showed up and showed out. Ri’s performance was ok, it wsa just a little to sexual for me but she looked fantastic and poor brit and that damn lip singing has to go smh. I liked Ce-Lo’s performance, I didnt see Brit and Nikki at the end, I was over Brit.

    Beyonce OWNED that damn stage AND the ENTIRE awards show for that matter. THIS is what this dry a$$ industry has been missing and she just brought it back and I’m SO glad she’s back. She was so on point w/the sreen I’m sure it took alot of practice to be in sync w/the screen because one mess up and it would have been a disaster and when she started hitting those moves, it was time to hang it up because if was all up hill from there and she sounded great. At the part towards the end, I thought she was about to take it to church. The beginning gave me MJ’s “scream” I love how aggressive she is And the speech, shout out to the original DC members and to Jay were priceless. THIS IS WHY SHE DESERVES EVERYTHING SHE HAS BECAUSE she’s not a lazy performer and she is true to who she is. LOVE ME SOME BEY

  3. Beyoncé’s peformance was out of this world! just… WOW! And I’m not gonna get started on the intro with words from Michelle Obama, Barbra, Bono etc. She really deserves all the praise she gets.

  4. Rihanna was doing great all by herself. Britney Spears should be ashamed.

    Beyonce…Beyonce, Beyonce. Although I would’ve loved to hear her vocals more, she put on a d*mn good show and looked animalistic while doing it. Fierce. Brit Spears should feel stupid after seeing it, considering she didn’t do half as much as Bey yet still felt the need to lip-synch while slothing around the small amount of stage that was used. So annoying.

    All in all, good job Rihanna and CONGRATS BEY!

  5. *was*

    Oh, and I guess the rumor about the body double can NOW be laid ot rest although I did read on another blog who said it was STILL a body double. SMH I also saw on another site a comment I thought was funny, he said “I would hate to be the janitor having to clean the stage after Beyonce just shitted on it” LOL which she did eat that stage and spit it out that’s for sure. I also love the fact that depite she’s been in the game for 15+ yrs she still have drive and determination and is still hungry as if she just started. That in itself has to be admired like she said, she loves what she does and would NEVER take it for granted and you can clearly see she LOVES her job..

  6. They should of saved Beyonce’s performance for at the end of the night because her performance was the beginning and the end of the whole award show. That was like one of her best if not the best performance she has ever done. And loved the acceptance speech

  7. As far as what they wore. Rihanna looked FLAWLESS, that is one pretty girl, Keri looked pretty too, I would have worn a different color shoe though, probably the color of the belt. I didnt care to much for Mary’s outfit but I was glad to see her. I liked Michelle’s boots but not with that paticular dress, Bey looked simple but sheek at the same time but her performance outfit was HOT I think I would have been cut up by the time I took it off LOL which she probably was. There was a picture of Rihanna holding Juelz which was TOO cute and last but def not least, Kelly BLEW ME AWAY. She looked breath taking and w/such confidence which makes her even more beautiful.

  8. Rihanna and Britney’s performance could’ve been better..way better I was expecting something good and entertaining but they just basically sat down most of it. And Britney can you atleast attempt to sing live???

    Ce-Lo’s performance was second best for me I loved that one to and he is very underrated as a vocalist. His voice is very clean and crisp.

    I liked Mary and Wayne’s to classic Mary.

    Now to Beyonce. That’s..how..you..perform! Many need to take notes. She killed it. Best performance of the night and poosibly career.
    I loved her speech as well seemed very sincere. Now what I don’t understand how people can love people like Britney’s “talent” but think someone like Beyonce sucks? She gave it her all and it showed(hence the sweating lol), a TRUE superstar.

    SN: Anyone else seen Farrah Franklin throwing a temper tantrum on twitter?

  9. @john
    No, but I heard about it was she calling Bey all kinds of bit(*(* if so, that’s sad.

  10. @John
    No, I heard about the Farrah twitter rant, what did she say? Someone said she was calling Bey all kinds of names if so, that’s so sad and immature.

  11. Uhhhh Farrah who?

    The members that MATTERED were all name checked by Beyonce tonight. Farrah wasn’t even in the group long enough to warrant a shout out. So stupid of her.

  12. @Tasha32 that was a fake account, the real account of hers is being attacked by angry fans, I feel for her.

  13. Thanks for clearin that up Sista cuz the fake page was saying some mean things but I just went to her real page and she seems like the nicest person, I now do feel bad for her. Shame on the person who’s behind it.

  14. Beyonce’s performance was o.k. I still don’t care for the song though. It also would have been nice to hear her give thanks to God as well for her success and talents. I’m a fan of Rihanna, however I felt her performance with Britney was a bit over the top. After all, I’m sure there were young kids looking at this program too. Nicki Minaj could have stayed home. What the hell was that? SMH. I thought Cee-Lo’s performance was different. I liked it. I can’t even lie, Neil Diamond’s performance was even good. He had everyone on their feet singing right along with him, young and old. I wasn’t aware that many young people were aware of his hit song, “Sweet Caroline”. That just goes to show you, that when it’s a classic, you can’t go wrong.

  15. Kelly. Looked. AH-MAZING. FLAWLESS!!!

    Overall, the show was pretty dry. Nothing really stood out to me. But I will mention a couple of things:

    Rihanna – Looked gorgeous, as usual. Rihanna & Britney look great in that pic. Good performance; however, Britney Spears….I’ll move on…

    Cee-lo – Awesome vocalist and totally underrated!! Though, I don’t know if I liked the remix of “F you” *Kanye shrugs*

    Beyonce – Let me preface this by saying I am a fan. However, I can’t get into her look and sound with this album. Her performance was cool but over-hyped. I have seen better performances from her. I’ve been reading where many fans are saying this is her best performance ever…huh?!? Better than her performances of “Crazy In Love”, “Deja Vu”, “Get Me Bodied”, etc.?!? I think not. I guess I don’t see that. In fact, I believe the opposite. I’ve seen her do MUCH better. Maybe I just don’t care for the song. Maybe I just don’t get the hype. Nevertheless, she IS talented…that cannot be denied.

    Just my 2 cents…

  16. Sorry rihanna’s performance was very underwhelmed, too much crotch shots and being rolling around, I hated it. I also believe rih rih was lipsyncing, though I could be wrong

  17. The best performance was Mary. She was feeling her soul and her soul was real.

    Rihanna could’ve and should’ve left Britney home.

    Beyawnsay was doing way too dag gone much. She had a touch of Janet’s feedback, Rihanna’s Rude Boy, some MIA, too much of everything going on. This child is seriously trying to prove something. What? Only she knows. It was evident in the presentation of the award. At the downward spiral of her career she suddenly remembers former members and leaves out one who helped her get to where she is today. The performance was busy, busy, busy, busy. She can’t do those complicated Ciara dance moves with credibility. Anyway, the award was forgotten 10 seconds after it was received by her. The host of the show was horrible. He was not funny at all, and just had nothing to offer a diverse audience. He was acting like he was amped on drugs, or drunk, something was wrong with the unfunny man. Was Sinbad sick? LOL.

  18. Beyonce killed it. Point. Blank. Period. The choreography was INSANE!!! I just watched it again and her timing was on point. Her vocals were amazing (because she sang it!!!) and the performance was state of the art and very cutting edge. Beyonce is a truly innovative artist, and for the people who claim she’s at a bad place in her career….please. Rockon is hating as usual, no surprise there. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but seriously O_o. Moving on, Rihanna’s performance was OKay-should’ve left Britney wherever she found her, and Nicki Minaj?..smh. I’m ready for Mary J. to start being Mary again. I HATE that song, and Lil’ Wayne does not automatically equal hot single. The End. I’m not going to respond to any simple @ss responses to my post, so go ahead ladies, hate if you wish.

  19. All the sistas looked amazing, My favorite outfit was definitely Rihanna’s and Kelly’s, Both sisters Stunned everyone else out 🙂

    I know that you can’t give beyonce a compliment without one of her crazy stans makes you regret it, But i must say Her performance was the best of the night, and i wish she would have opened the show, No shade to my loves: Britney and rihanna They did their thing, But i enjoyed beyonce’s more, To me when people called her a dancer before it was laughable because i can roll my hips and shake my hair too, But i feel like yesterday she just went out, and she gets a STANDING ovation from me .
    However i’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but if you think that performance changes anything you are wrong , the cards are still in the same places, she is not the number ONE, she shares that spot with a lot of people, Had beyonce STARTED with this kind of performance and choreography she might have been in a lane of her own far above her contempories, but she spent her 20’s being a sex kitten, i’m interested in seing what she has to say (LOVE TILL THE END OF TIMES), but the charts are speaking another language, BIG UPS TO HER though SHE SLAYED.

  20. And mary 🙂 You know you don’t even need my approval 😉

  21. “Neil Diamond’s performance was even good. He had everyone on their feet singing right along with him, young and old. I wasn’t aware that many young people were aware of his hit song, “Sweet Caroline”. That just goes to show you, that when it’s a classic, you can’t go wrong.”

    I know that’s right!

  22. Bee gets people talking because off all the glitz and glitter Mary shut it down with voice enough said

  23. Not the biggest fan of Bey but when she performs she shreads that stage, that’s one thing I can say. She never gives a half assed performance. Loved Riri’s white suit, Kelly looked beautiful and I like Bey’s LBD. The sista’s killed it, what else can I say.

  24. Bey killed it and I like the song now. I’m looking forward to the album and more performances. Riri rocked that white suit, loved Kelly. I must say the all the ladies looked good except for Nicki, I don’t know what that chick is on but she can stop now. Nic your a pretty girl, stop dressing like a tranny from hell. PLEASE!!!

  25. Was a great show! Beyonce’s performance was off the chain, and she really showed that she didn’t use a body double. Her performance made me like the song a little bit more haha. She really brought it to life performing it live (to me anyways)

    Rihanna’s live vocals are sounding really good! I guess she is getting vocal training ? I know the song is about S/M however I really wasn’t a fan of her being spread eagled that much. Maybe if she had some man candy dancing with her to distract me I wouldn’t have minded:) Like it would have been awesome if the guy from CKB showed up 😀

    Britney looked kinda lost at the end , like I feel sorry for her. I get the impression that she’s not all the way checked in mentally, and she’s going through the motions to satisfy the people around her.

  26. Not trying to start anything because it may be just nothing, but why is it when Jay-z neck embrace Beyonce/Rhianna he seems to be standing closer to Rhianna than his own wife and even he smiles harder with Rhianna. When Jay-z does the neck brace with his wife, it looks like he is trying to rip off her neck. You actually can see Jay’s tongue and teeth with photo’s with Rhianna. Beyonce is that BITCH, she show why she is the Queen, she shut that award show down. Kelly look flawless.

  27. Rihanna looked GORGEOUS! Her performance was ok but britney..lawd.

    Nicki was a hot mess!

    Beyonce put on a good show but killed it? nahhh The white screen thing is nothing new (MJ & Janet) and we’ve seen her shake her weave & hi step it many times before.

    They should’ve had Kelly perform motivation, that wouldn’t been hot! But she looked radiant nonetheless.

  28. Rihanna and Britney- soft porn on stage.

    Beyonce- Nothing new but still looks great

  29. Overall the show was pretty bland.

    Beyonce tore that stage up! She is the most talented of today she gives you live vocals, dances her a** off, not afraid to get dirty, woman gives you a show, the complete package, but it’s amazing to me how she’s constantly compared to lessers who don’t have half the talent she has. Preference is one thing, but talent speaks for itself.

    Oh yea and why is it anyone else can be inspired, but when it’s Beyonce it has to be stealing?

  30. I loved Beyonce’s performance and so did my 7yo and 4yo nieces. They also love da song and video. I’m not a fan of the song just the message. My nieces say Beyonce is their favorite. Thank goodness cuz I always cringed when they sung Motivation or Racks or other dumb music my sister and their brother listen to. And since she’s not doing a lot of gyrating i dnt mind them constantly tryin to pick up on the choreography instead of what my oldest niece teaches them. Now if I can only watch the performance or video in piece w/o them running in every time i try and watch it, it’ll be all good. At least they’re more interested in being able to do things better than men then singing Oh lover don’t you dare slow down. SMH @ the rest of the lazy performances. Well i did like Ke$ha’s performance. Gotta download dat song.

  31. Beyaki is tired like her weave…Her “man” needs to tell his wife how to stop acting like a freak in public..thats supposed to be strickly for the bedroom!!! She is nobody’s icon..well maybe Transy-hookers might look up to her..but not a real woman..stick a fork in this chicka…shes done!!!!

  32. Overall the show was pretty bland but…

    Beyonce tore that stage up. The most talented of today. She’s the complete package and has all the components that a star needs. The voice, moves, stage presence, she gives her all, but it’s amazing to me how she’s compared to lessers who don’t have half the talent she does. For one Britney should feel ashamed. How does the woman even have fans?

    And everyone else can be inspired, but when it’s Beyonce it has to be stealing?

  33. I agree w/Voodeux Beyonce did well just too much going on. She messed up in the beginning. I caught that and i love beyonce jsut hate that song and all those dancers and stuff didnt win me. I still hate the song.

    but Kelly looked AMAZING! the best dressed there to me.

  34. A nice voice, and catchy dance moves are not enough to solidify one’s iconic status, You have to have more, you need to know how to play an instrument, you should make classic and timeless songs,you need to become one with music, like Alicia keys or Michael Jackson your music should be as HEAVY as your performance, beyonce’s fans confuse great performer with great artist, Beyonce’s music is NOT icon worthy and there isn’t enough made up billboard awards, grammy awards, b.e.t opening show or AMA’s to change that, and in 10 years people won’t care that she was pretty, they won’t care that she can do the stanky leg or hop her butt up and down, they will listen to her songs and judge from there, and since she can’t sell a song without a video ….

    I liked old britney and that’s knowing that she can’t sing for nothing, her song are not iconic, and her acting is terrible, I like rihanna knowing that her songs are not classic, she seems too lazy to do something else on stage than walk around, and she is not the strongest vocalist by a far shot, i would like beyonce way more if it wasnt for the fact that people are trying to force me to believe she is the second coming to jesus, I like most of her song, she can shake that butt real good, and she seems nice, but NO that’s not enough i have to use enlarging words towards her or i’m a hater, and now i am the one on blogs talking about how nice her performance was while her own fans are hinging her up to dry …

  35. @Rockyawn, I saw you post that same link (under a different name) on another blog. The use of “Beyawnce” gave it away. You really need to get a life though, like…you hop from blog to blog trying to convert people. It’s pathetic.

    @Shontelle, I see what you’re saying. Gotta say that although I personally see Beyonce as more than just a pop star, you make good points.

    @Beyonce, Til the End of Time needs to be formally released, pronto. I keep replaying a sorry tagged version and yet I’m still in love

  36. and while i’m at it, I hate Girls and i hate naked by mary, Loved those performances hates the songs 🙁
    @Lol: It’s fine you’re a fan, being a fan means youw ill tend to see things from a complete opposite point of view and a “can’t do no wrong” point, and that’s fine, how pathetic would it be of me to try and make you dislike someone, as long as we are civilized about it i’m good, and once again GREAT JOB beyonce 🙂

  37. @lol TILL THE END OF TIMES IS THE BOMBAY JACKSON, i mean i heard it and i was like (mouth open) , that song is really good, the vocals, the arrangement, it’s a yes from me.

  38. @Shontelle, definitely. I think we’ve gotten our wires crossed a few times, which can sometimes be blamed on me getting aggressive. So apologies to you, we all have different opinions and everytime I see your comments, whether I agree or not, they’re well written and aren’t fueled by “hate”. Civilized indeed, keep doing what you’re doing

  39. @Shontelle, YES. Such a gorgeous track! And although I like RTWG, I can’t deny that Til the End of Time is MUCH better. Haven’t played RTWG since lol

  40. Mary did her Thang… I was glad to see her – minus that Wayne…

  41. …and with that, the Beyonce overload 2010-2011 season has begun. Won’t even bother watching the BET awards. They might as well change the title to the Beyonce show. Because she is all everyone will be talking about. No need for anyone else to even show up.

  42. I love “Till the End of Time” to. I really can’t wait for the cd to drop I know it’s gonna be different. I personally can’t wait to hear the ballads.

  43. Beyonce is all about talent and y’all know it cause how can you take a song like that and do an epic showing like that!!! Rihanna is cute and every chance she gets she lets everyone know it! Her and Brits skit was typical for the talent they both have which equals to two people standing around half singing the song. Do you get what I’m saying now, do you see how Beyonce entertained! while Brit and Ri just did the do and nothing more! them together should have slayed that song but due to the fact they cant sing are perform all in one that is what you get a whole lot of moving instead of performing and entertaining which they cant do! Beyonce is an Superstar just like Mary, did you watch Mary that’s entertainment also..

  44. @lol I know that’s right

    @Bored: You can’t deny britney’s and rihanna’s superstar status that is the true definition of the word “Hater”, There was a time when Britney would show up and showed out better than beyonce could ever do, now she seems out of it, but that DOeS NOT erase the facts, and rihanna i’m not even going to defend her but let me ask you why are you mad at her because people want to pay money to watch her “standing around half singing the song”? There is clearly a demand for her AND britney since they are both dominating the charts, so don’t take your frustration out of them, to make a point about beyonce UNFAIR. With all the made up awards and extra extra grammies that beyonce has and according to her fans she outsold everybody in the universe, give her her props without throwing salt at anyone!

  45. There were some very good performances!…Beyonce wasn’t the best performance of the night for ME…the HP commercial visual at the beginning was VERY cute and she made the song sound better, her usual performance value, which is always good because she can perform, just a crappy song…it was a huge spectacle of dancers…the biggest performance of the night by sheer volume alone, but she didn’t shut it down for me. Ceelo was incredible…Rihanna vocals were great, loved the white wardrobe, but Britney isn’t quite her old dancing self…but, glad she’s still making appearances…wouldn’t want to see her totally out of the loop…like my girl Lauryn…mental health is serious, it’s probably the meds too…Mary killed it…I was so happy when Rihanna won her awards…Taio Cruz…he’s hot and very talented!!!…even Ke$sha started off with some good sounding vocals, go figure…it was a good show…I think it was quite beneficial for all the performing artists…it was really Rihanna’s big night for slaying the charts over the last year and yielded her some great photos across the net, she was spectacular in white with that red hair!!!…BET Awards is next…these artists ain’t playin’…they’re bringing it!

  46. Everyone looked great,Britney has lost her passion for. The performing of arts ,it’s sad she was a fireball on stage,Rihanna is cute I would want more from her but she has time her music and performances have gotten better so I still have hope.beyonce minus the beginning her performance was not all that to me but over all it was the third best after Neil and Mary,and the billboards awards are pathetic.

  47. all performances were great and solid for me.

    highlight of the night though was mama tina giving beyonce her award. i was about to breakdown in tears my self! imagining your mom honoring you for your works—works she helped you create and harbor. lord i would’ve been slinging snot and eerrything.


    .decent show overall.

  48. Beyonce slayed, on the real. Song lyrics are still wack, I think that if she hadn’t had such corny lyrics everyone would love the song as a whole.

    Her performance was WAY better than her video. Someone posted a link to an asian singer (earlier in the thread) with similar technology.

    Peep this one instead:
    http://video.libero.it/app/play?id=880c3855780d598dde44dd677ef19474 (You may have to mute the video volume & let it play all the way through first. Give it some time, def worth the view!)

    ^^^Identical in MANY aspects…but, whatever Beyonce does (or in some cases, copies) she definitely does it 50 million times better. With the exception being MJ & Janet.

  49. @Lol & Shontelle : the UNTAGGED version of Till the End of Time already leaked. That track is phenomenal! She needs to release that track …folks are over that RTW mess.

    @Le: Beyonce will be headlining at Glastonbury on the same night of the BET Awards, so no worries.. u can watch all ratchet-ass performances and d-listers to your heart’s content.

  50. I don’t have an issue with Beyonce per se – it’s her damn fans that grind my gears. They are determined to FORCE people to praise this women and crown her the greatest and I’m sorry – she is behind those who came before her on every count. These young folks just don’t know any better. She’s constantly biting people’s ideas and concepts, too. I just don’t see what the big deal is. She’s talented, but hardly a revelation. More than anything, she’s accolade hungry and is not focused on her art or progression, and that is the problem. And judging from how poorly this song is doing in relation to her other stuff, people are starting to see that.


    Britney Spears is/was a better performer than Beyonce? You mean, the lady that has ALWAYS lip-synced, who looks like she never wants to perform, and she’s better than the one who sings live, and gives you 110% everytime she hits the stage? I’m sure that was just a typo.

  52. And everyone that is upset about Beyonce’s accolades…SHE CAN’T HELP IT, that the academies praise her talent and hard work. What is she going to do, tell them she doesn’t want the awards? I mean it’s just like when people say they’re tired of her, “she needs to take a break” (which she does) then she’s photographed by paparazzi somewhere and people are like “does she ever get tired of the spotlight” etc. She can’t help that she’s Beyonce…the superstar.

  53. See?it’s that not knowing anything beside beyonce that annoys me, quit grasping for straws with the “lip syncing” shade.

    Britney spears performances mops beyonce out of the face of the planets, whatever her problems are now, it does not erase the facts like i said, Google her, you tube her, you might have deja vu for beyonce copied MANY of her so called show stopping performances from britney (and everyone else).

    So when you add the killer performances britney gave us and im not talking butt shaking i’m talking break dancing stellar choreography, the fact that her music is good especially the ballads (where are you now, when your eyes say it, every time), her originality when it came to stage presence props and themed performances,the fact that she can sell a song without a video, yeah she is by far a better performer just like Jay jackson.

    ps: The academy can say whatever they want, and do whatever they want as well,i will be more worried about them giving her awards like her career is over, but critical thinking is not everyone’s forte.I mean where is “girls’ on the chart again ? she is so iconic everyone thinks so and they told the academies since she has all these accolades i would imagine even a bad song would sell since it is beyonce? That horrid “till the time ends ” from Britney is smashing the chart, even the massacre that is lady gaga is prevailing over , the BEST SINGER EVER EVER EVER beyonce, Food for thought.

  54. Once again if Beyonce does it it’s stealing huh. Britney has literally lip-sync her whole damn career. Can she atleast try? And all of Beyonce’s songs aren’t gonna be hits, the same with Janet, Britney, Gaga etc. All I’m saying is what everyone knows but doesn’t want to give the woman credit for (for whatever reason) Britney doesn’t hold a candle to Beyonce as far as talent..PERIOD!

  55. Oh and adding to the lip-syncing you are a SINGER that’s your profession, so to get up on stage and not SING is disresptful to the craft.

  56. @LOL, there is more than one person who knows Beyawnsay is a fraud. Sorry, tore it up is an overstatement. If you all only knew the pressure she’s under and I am talking LABEL PRESSURE. LMFAOOOO Rihanna is the least of her worries. Gaga is definitely a needle in her lacefront. LMFAOOOOOOOOO Adele is gonna give her problems too as well as Taylor Swift. Beyawnsay’s days are numbered!

    The song is a total flop. She’s performing it all over the place desperate to prove she is #1, the only thing she’s proved is to be unoriginal, a copycat, afraid of evolving, reinventing herself because she’s been a cookie cutter gimmick all along. She needs to either drop the second single, or just let a barber fade her as$ to ghost status!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO

  57. Sorry to burst some bubbles esp. Rockon, but that video technology used in Beyonce’s performance has been out since the 80’s. So who did the italian woman “copy”?

  58. Yeah i remember when britney was the shizzi

    @Rockon ROTFL you need your own blog, you are hilarious

  59. I’m not a fan of beyonce, but i was just on yahoo and they had an article saying “beyonce copycat dance” why the backlash, it’s like all of the sudden people want to point fingers at beyonce for stuff that basically build her career, nursery rhyme song, copying someone she done it all before why are people going hard on her now?

  60. Britney doesn’t hold a candle to Beyonce as far as talent..PERIOD

    well the zillions of people that made britney be the best selling female artist of this generation don’t agree lol

  61. MELANIE- I know SMH. But stiff dance moves and lip-syncing is “talent” to them, it doesn’t get any better than that. Plus being an innocent little southern caucasian girl didn’t hurt either. That’s why NOW many artist are selling more than her, including Beyonce 🙂 .

  62. @GET REAL: Get real:)britney is a diamond certified artist, she doesn’t have 16 grammies, or a millenium award,but she is a diamond certified artist, you can’t throw fade at her, under the guide of “talent” they are so many people who are way more “talented” than beyonce and don’t get the time of the day so what is this really about?

  63. I know, there’s also others way more talented than Britney but will never be a diamond certified artist, because very few buys music anymore (Britney sold a TON pre limewire or whatever, before record sales went boo-boo). Hell I’ll even go as far to say, that no artist that HASN’T been in the industry for years won’t have a chance of going diamond.
    And I don’t know what it’s about, all I said was Beyonce is more talented than Britney, and YOU addressed it, so you tell me what this is all about.

  64. This debate will never end…Beyonce controversy will always exist…someone said she’s addicted to accolades and this might be true…so people will be always have something to talk about…fans’ desire to make her number one and it won’t end instead of their favorite and one of the best.

    On Oprah’s farewell shows it was the men of Moorehouse and singer actress Kristen Chewetoh and Aretha Franklin who shut it down, but then again that’s perception…mine.

    Right now Lady Gaga is the biggest pop star in the world, love or hate her!

    What’s sad is now that Beyonce has resurfaced, this is all most people want to comment on…nothing else is of any interest…it’s almost demonic…thank God, black media is way different than white media, mainstream media…because it’s not healthy…people aren’t about integrity in the least bit.

    I loved listening to Ralph Lauren on Oprah as he spoke about his success, it was underlined in INTEGRITY…it’s what’s missing in our world… so, as we continue to praise or admonish our fav or most hated celebrities, let’s not become so warped or wrapped up and feel nothing else is worth commenting on! Just an idea…

  65. True Cynthinia true.

    But Beyonce’s new song 1+1, all I can say is…WOW. One of my favorite songs from her. Love it!

  66. To add on Cynthinia, I’ve been saying the same thing, just look at some of the other posts, it’s ‘their’ own faults. People claim they’re tired but constantly post and barely comment on other sista’s posts.

  67. John, thanks…but, it really bothers me…it’s not right that everybody else go ignored, but one or two…but, I visit various sites, so it’s our world…people have no idea how challenging it is to keep fresh content on a site…it’s a community and you support it…the way I feel anyhow…most other sites are too ignorant for words.

    Changing the subject…Beyonce’s new single is super hot…one of her best…it’s stripped down, even more than “If I were a boy” and “Me, Myself and I”…this song showcases her talent for sure…this is what I like in a vocalist…will shoot to number 1…she may have jacked it or parts of it, strong-armed the writing credits, but it’s a beautiful and powerhouse ballad! Karma (the lack of integrity) takes care of all of us, but it’s a big hit for sure!

    Beyonce really shined tonight on Idol!

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