Hip-Hop, Don’t Die!

This is an opinion of mine that might touch some nerves. Especially the younger generation that have no idea about quality Hip-Hop because it was before their time so they take it as a personal attack on their generation. They are only aware of the hogwash that is being installed in them via the radio and 106 and Park. I forgive you all. You don’t know any better. You obviously had no one older around to guide your taste in real Hip-Hop. I have said it once and I will continue to say it. Hip-Hop is dying! All of the music that is in rotation on the radio is not the only form of Hip-Hop and is a limited and untrue representation. Soljah Boy does not represent real Hip-Hop. I interviewed him three times. Trust me. Although I am happy that a young Black man made it rather than plotting on his next hustle or snatching purses, it is simultaneously discomforting to see real, lyrical, substantial Hip-Hop slowly die as we “super man that hoe”. I am not a part of the porch monkey movement. Lastly, everyone is not meant to be a rapper, basketball player, or any other stereotypical “make it out of the hood” career. There are other avenues. Like anything else your have to work for them. Sorry. I do love Affion Crockett for his fearless honesty!

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  1. I stopped listening to rap years ago! I listen mostly to old school music, reggae, and alternative rock. I’m done w/ hip-hop. These fly by night rappers aren’t worth the time. I honestly couldn’t tell you one new artist we have now,becuase by next month you’ll probably never hear from them again. I haven’t even switched to BET in the same years. I know others who given up on rap. The only artist I will continue to listen to are Kayne West and Common.

  2. i agree with SKY. i haven’t really listened to the current so-called “hip hop”. Hip hop doesnt mean anything to me except a beat 2 dance 2 when im at the club. Only a few rappers of today continue 2 hold my attention including Common, Gnarls Barkley aka Ceelo, Kanye, and some local Bay Area artists who speak about struggles and revolutions and black history.

  3. I agree with the both above. Hip-Hop is dead to me. When i hear these stupid songs i just turn it off.
    I listen to my old hip-hip. LL.Cool.J, Nas, Biggie, 2-Pac, DELASOUL, Heavy D, Leader of the New School, EPMD even Jay-Z the list go on and on. They just throwing anything at us these days.

    I need to come out with a song i bet it be a hit.

  4. I’m in the younger generation but definitely not one of those this speaks of. I don’t feel like making a speech but I’ve outgrown a lot of artists and even types of music I was boppin’ to maybe even a year ago. I still love rap and love hip hop just not most of the bubblegum or even most of the hardcore or most of the crunk type jungles and w/e or songs about your drank and your kush and all that. I feel too young to feel so old …. I miss a lot of what some of my fave artists used to be. Most commercial music don’t do it. I’m starting to delve more into the underground than I ever have before and the more independent/indie artists. Kanye gets on my nerves yeah I said it …. no copy….well copy but so what. Rap isn’t dead because I know that those who really deserve to be heard are just ignored by the big wigs so if you are not SEEING or hearing on the radio or tv what you’re missing you go look for them instead of saying it’s dead ’cause it’s not….there’s a mission to dumb people down especially those 13-35.

  5. im a teenager myse;f and i cud even tell u hip-hop is dyin..lmao ive been tryin to tell my friends that 4 the longest.. my ohter friends or anyone else who is in my age range… look out 4 soulja boy, bow wow or new boyz.,, but i tell them dont tell me about it cuz its not my style.. i listen to kanye… jay-z, lauren hill.. aommon and all the above.. dont get me wrong i do stay current wit music.. but i d ont go crazy over songs like”do da stanky leg’ cuz to me its pure foolish ness…im so glad other ppl feel the same way

  6. I like some songs, such as Get Me Bodied because they have a good beat for dancing, but I don’t care for the lyrics, don’t even know the lyrics. Then some songs I enjoy because of the lyrics, for what they mean to me, such as Golden. I don’t think Hip Hop will die, I think it will simply evolve and change with the times.

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