Holly And Selita Shooting Celebrity Apprentice

Model Selita Ebanks and actress Holly Robinson Peete were recently spotted on the streets of New York City shooting episodes of next season’s Celebrity Apprentice. The new season begins airing in March of 2010 and also features comedian Sinbad, former New York Mets baseball player Darryl Strawberry, singer Cyndia Lauper and others.

Holly Robinson Peete Shooting Celebrity ApprenticeHolly Robinson Peete Shooting Celebrity Apprentice
Selita Ebanks Shooting Celebrity ApprenticeSelita Ebanks Shooting Celebrity Apprentice


  1. Wow, after more than about 15 years in the business she Holly is still holding it down. She is such an inspiration woman. And she looks very good.
    It would be nice is one of these tired networks would develope another sitcom or drama for her to star in.

  2. I love Holly, she is so positive, and aging gracefully might I add. And Selita, she’s pretty.

  3. One of these beautiful women keeps her “habit” under wraps very well. No way of telling, don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but I like her a whole lot all the same.

  4. hm… how do I put this.

    selita looks beautiful. in fact I am 100% sure, that somehow it would happen that she walked right by me, I would faint. or I wouldn’t say anything… because she would walk right by (not paying attention) or I would fail on every other basis.
    but sitting here and looking at this picture where she looks right into the lens… she gotta be a robot. seriously. her symmetrical features are creepy. kind of weird… but then again, beautiful. 🙂

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