‘Hollywood Divas’ Release Their First Film


So, if you have been watching TV One’s new hit Todd Tucker produced reality show “Hollywood Divas,” then you know the premise of the show is for the actresses to eventually come together and produce their own movie.

Well, as of today we know the group, consisting of Paula Jai Parker, Elise Neal, Countess Vaughn, Golden Brooks and Lisa Wu, did indeed make a film and that its first official trailer is now available for preview.

“The White Sistas” is directed by Paula and is executive produced by herself, Golden, Elise and Countess. Along with the stars of “Hollywood Divas,” you can also expect to see appearances in the film from Todd Bridges, rapper Karupt and La’Princess Jackson.

The film has no official release date according to its IMDB page, but is rumored to be released independently sometime next year.
FYI: Paula Jai Parker’s original premise for a movie starring herself and the other ladies was that of five black witches. However, once Paula sat down and spoke to producer Carl Craig, the idea was nixed, as Craig thought black people were too religious to accept a film about the occult.

Paula suggested watering the film down a bit, to the objection of the other actresses, but as you will see from the trailer below, Craig won out and the story now revolves around a premise he felt black people, black women in particular, to could relate to: that of a crack addicted mother.

“The White Sistas” – TV sizzle reel from Kyle Moore on Vimeo.

Sorry, guys. The video and page have both been deleted. Cannot find it anywhere else online.


  1. Sorry, can’t find the video anywhere else online. Maybe the preview was illegal and they had it yanked.

  2. Yeah… I relate to a crack addicted mother, not having one myself. Exec turd.

  3. They shouldn’t have let Craig talk them out of their original premise. I think one of the things keeping black films from reaching wider audiences is the assumption that “Black People Don’t” whatever. Craig is a comedy producer anyway, so the girls should have stuck to their guns. Their money, their decision…

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