Hollywood Exes May Not be Renewed

VH1’s new reality series “Hollywood Exes” may be struggling in the ratings.

I have tried for weeks now to find information on how the show has so far fared and haven’t been able to come up with a thing, leading me to believe VH1 may be intentionally burying the information.

A recent tweet from cast mate Andrea Kelly however may have given me my answer.

According to Drea, a season two for California crew may be in jeopardy if more viewers don’t start tuning in.

“Hollywood Exes” lacks the violence and controversy of other VH1 reality shows, which sadly may be hurting it in the ratings.

Unlike “Basketball Wives,” there is no violence and unlike “Love & Hip-Hop,” there is no drama. So where does this leave “Hollywood Exes,” a show that finds itself being broadcast on a channel not known for showing women being nice to each other?

Should “Hollywood Exes” eventually get the boot, you can bet VH1 will use this as an excuse to continue on with even more shows like “Basketball Wives” and the even more gawd awful “Love & Hip-Hop.”

My suggestion… tune in. Though “Hollywood Exes” lacks drama, cast members like Andrea Kelly (pictured above) more than make up for it. Her personality alone is the reason I tune in every week.

As Andrea would say, “betta check ya email.”


  1. I love the show and Andrea is so, so funny! She is the main reason I watch it as well. It’s unfortunate that only “gutter” behavior gets rewarded.

    I hope the show survives despite being on the same network as all the other crazy shows. At least, I am doing my part by watching it.

  2. That show is full of grown women who conduct themselves as ladies and no one wants to see that. It is sad but true. These ladies refused to allow themselves to be downgraded as human beings and fight and act just a plum fool on that show. I have seen that show I enjoyed it. But people want to see blood I mean we are in the last days and people want to see wicked and sick things on television this show does not fit that bill. YOu can actually watch this show with your family.

  3. I love the show. No drama and all. It is good to see grown women act as they should and not lower their standards. I will continue to do my part and tune in.

  4. WOW, I’m stunned that this show isn’t doing well in the ratings! This is indeed a sad commentary. I love HE, they’re entertaining, real women, enterprising and free from drama. I guess it’s just like good musical artists, we (black people) don’t support. Well, hope I the show is beneficial for them in future endeavors and we see them in other TV media. Singles Ladies, Atlanta Housewives, Love and Hip and Hop, etc. we love…it’s sad…connecting this to what’s going on in our community, Lupe Fiasco’s breakdown and empathy, unemployment rates and we can’t relate to anything that doesn’t have a very low common denominator! SAD!

  5. Several of the ladies sent out a tweet earlier saying the ratings for tonight’s episode would be the determining factor in whether the show would be renewed for a new season.

    I hope they hit whatever magic number they needed.

  6. Well, I’m really tired of reality shows. Reality shows are like saying “All I eat is fat free pork!” There is nothing real about them staged drama. But unlike “Being Bobby Brown” Bobby was still married to the star of the family, it was very interesting to see Whitney Houston at home. Whereas these women used to be married to the star, now they are has been wives. If R. Kelly, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy or Prince make a regular appearance then I think I would want to watch more often.

  7. Love Drea and Mayte on this show. I hope it survives. If not maybe they could get their own show. Sheree is so judgemental. I am Christian, but she is downright mean.If they are on next year I hope she leaves.

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