Honey Magazine: Making A Comeback?

While sitting around and feeling somewhat nostalgic a few days ago, I decided to do a search of my favorite magazine from back in the day.That magazine was of course Honey, and to my surprise I saw that the site and the mag will both be re-launching soon.

Just 10 years ago, I believe Honey was probably one of the hottest magazines around for African American Sistas.Unfortunately, after having a glorious start with Angela Burt-Murray ((I think she was the original Editor, I could be wrong though.)) as their editor, the owners of Honey decided to replace her with a woman who would effectively ruin Honey by replacing the images of Black men and women, with images of white looking women and gay looking Hispanic men.

One of the things that made Honey a success was the imagery.When you opened the magazine you felt as though you were seeing a true representation of yourself.Once images of Brown Sistas and Brown Brothas was replaced with images of women who were of color, but definitely not Black, what made Honey a success was lost, readership dropped, and the mag went out of business.

What will make the new Honey different from the old version that went out of business remains to be seen.Hopefully Honey’s new owners will take a cue from the managers of Vibe who brought back the original Editor in Chief ((Danyel Smith)) who took their mag to the heights of success so many years ago.
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  1. The net used to be buzzing about the abrupt direction Honey took back in the day.After a while the bro-ha-ha died down and folks just moved on.I would love to see Honey come back too but only in it’s original.

  2. Ooooooh, I still have the very first issue of this magazine with Lisa Lopes on the cover.Honey was my thang when I was college.I miss it and want it to return anyway I can get it.

  3. i would love to see honey come back. it was a nice fashion mag at the beginning. I hope Suede comes back too, I LOVED that magazine. Those were the only two mags for women of color (even the darkest skin!).

  4. Without a doubt Honey was a great fashion and beauty mag in the beginning.That was until they replaced the fashion section with weirdo models wearing panties and boots in the streets, as if anyone would actually do that.They tried to become too hip and too out there and ran off the base that made them hot in the first place.I can’t wait for the re-launch and hope and pray they bring in people who know what Brown Sistas really want.

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