Hot Summer Lips

Juicy Gelee' If you buy any one beauty item this year, let it be lip gloss. Summer or winter, you can’t go wrong with a neutral gloss that makes your lips look shiny and soft. Basically, you want them to look kissable at all times, since a girl never knows…

So if you buy one lip gloss all year, Lancome’s Juicy Gelee pot is the one. It’s rare that you find a product so perfect that you have to call all your friends and rave, but this is it. It comes in seven shades, including clear, some with a nice scent. It’s shiny without being too shiny. It makes your lips feel soft, but it’s not tacky. It doesn’t come all the way off even after a good meal. Since it’s not sticky, even your man won’t mind kissing you longer. Now isn’t that something to rave about?

Lancome Juicy Gelee Lip Gloss $16.50 at or at department stores nationwide.
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