Hot or Not: Fantasy Nail Art??

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Fantasy nail art has been around for some time now, but have recently become pretty popular with celebs.

Celebrity nail artist and manicurist Naomi Yasuda’s client list features brown sistas like Alicia Keys, Monica, Keri Hilson, Jazmine Sullivan, and Teyana Taylor. Naomi works with Keri & Alicia regularly, but is responsible for Keri Hilson’s popular Complex Magazine Style & Design Issue, as well as the cover of Alicia Keys’ latest album, The Element of Freedom.

One of NYC’s most popular [up and coming] designers LaQuan Smith previewed his Spring 2011 collection back in September, where celebs like Cassie, Serena Williams, Jaslene Gonzalez (of America’s Next Top Model fame), and Deborah Cox walked in his fashion show. Big hair, metallic makeup, and over-the-top nail art completed the dramatic look of the show.

Rising star and Hollywood royalty Willow Smith was spotted working the funky nail trend in her music video for “Whip My Hair.”

Photos of Keyshia Cole’s latest video shoot proves that she’s a fan of the fantasy nail art as well.

Tell us what you think:
Is fantasy nail art only acceptable on kids, celebrities, and in fashion shows? — or, is it cool for everyday women to rock the trend as well?


  1. WOW!!! I used to wear all those colors on my nails when I was younger, with acrylic done in 3D and all that. Rhinestones, glitter etc. And it used to get frowned upon by people outside the urban community. It was called “ghetto”. Now that celebs are doing it, it’s called “fantasy art”? In fact my nails were put in my high school yearbook for being “trendy”. Of course I went to a all black high school.

    I think its okay on one nail. But not all of them. I’m in my early thirties now so I wouldn’t even do that lol. Just a french manicure for me, or the whole nail painted one color.

  2. LOL @ SUMMER-RAINE! I so feel you on that. “Ghetto” because it’s not from the masses.

    I think it mainly depends on your lifestyle. If you work at a bank or in an office, NO. If you work in an environment where fun and trendy are accepted, then yes.

  3. To each their own. Not a big fan but then again I don’t have any fingernails to decorate.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. I love these nails & LMAO @ summer raine’s story! Urban style is the most emulated and reinvented style EVER from nails to sneakers to clothes AND HAIR! as minorities we are in high demand! We should be referred to as the Majority damn it! We are the template to build fasion on. So if its what they call or called “ghetto” then so be it, cause THEY wanna be us.

    I used to want nails like Cythina from the Real World on MTV the florida cast. The black girl wit those six inch curved nails! I went right to drug fair and got my little press on’s and there were six inch curved nails stuck to EVERYTHING cause you know press on’s don’t stay on!!! lmao

  5. I like the fact that nail art is “more acceptable”. I work in a corporate environment and I personally love my nail art, even though I’m rockin a uniform. Nail art is cool, if the nails are SHORT!!!!

  6. I don’t like all the bedazzled jewels and things being glued to my nails, but I do like colorful nails and polish designs.

  7. Thank you for posting this! You’re the only person online that I could find with details on Keyshia’s nails. Monica also has this technique on the cover of her Everything to Me single.

  8. Hot for celebs and other folks in artistic career fields. Maybe hot for a special event not involving your boss or professional contacts. Definitely not hot for every day life, profession or career. There is a time and place for everything.

  9. I absolutely love it! Anything outside of the norm and that involves creativity I am always behind. So cute, pretty and different. Not ghetto to me at all. To me, that’s art.

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