Balenciaga has been famous to many celebrities including (Beyonce, Ciara, Rihanna and model Iman) for their innovative style and futuristic taste for clothing and shoes. These shoes were sent down the runway of Nicolas Ghesquière Spring 2010 fashion show. The boots are made of hand knitted fibers that range in colors from green to black. They have been the talk of the new Spring Fashion season but the question is if you could get your hands on these exclusive pair of shoes would you wear them with pride or caste them aside?


  1. The heels are unique and it looks like they provide better support but I would probably only sport the black ones.

  2. oh no… I have Balenciaga shoes and they are BAD pair of shoes but these are just silly lol

  3. i actually like the black ones. worn with the right skinny jeans or leggings… they make a hot look. the others are just ugly.

  4. The model has ugly toes! Lol. The black ones are HOT!!! I would wear the other ones as well just because they are different. Just because they have a lot going on with color. I would probably put on a solid color outfit and rock em!!!

  5. Theyre ok!!

    but i usually love the heels, that go fat to skinny. n this is like the opposite haha

  6. I would wear them if they were given to me. Not sure I would buy them. They don’t look like they have enough support.

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