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As always, our official forum, Cocoa Lounge is poppin’ hot with fresh, new and interesting topics. Below you will find just a few of the most talked about threads on our forum. Do join and add your thoughts. The CL as it so affectionately known, is one of the largest 100% African American owned message boards online. With over 3,000 members, 50,000 topics and almost a half million posts, you are bound to find something that interests you.


  1. The post on glass stemmed roses is interesting. I had no idea the glass tube is used as a crack pipe! I tell ya, you learn something new everyday!

  2. Neither did I. I guess you learn something everyday. On a another note, The CL has been my home now for four years. I have seen it go through many changes but I am so glad it has lasted and gone on to be one othe largest boards online still owned by one of us. :banana:

  3. I’m a newbie on CL – just joined in March or April of this year – but I really enjoy spending time on that site. Brown Sista is my entertainment/Hollywood outlet and CL is where I can read opinions on family, cultural/current events and life in general. Both of these sites are remarkable :thumbsup:

  4. I would be forever grateful. Just kidding. I do like to see the advances that are made using technology like this though.

    Thanks for your article.

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