How are You Doing?


It has been a while since I have engaged my loyal readers here on Brown Sista. Between running this site, raising kids, dealing with an unexpected illness and just life’s hiccups in general, we sometimes forget to ask others how they are doing. So today, I put myself aside to ask you all, how are you doing?


  1. I been very well. I been working out losing the weight. I been remodeling the home and just working hard and playing hard. Im just taking it day by day.

    Thanks for asking boo.

  2. You really wanna know?

    I’m “okay”.

    After having trouble with my right knee for the past couple of months I’ve learned via a very handsome orthopedic surgeon that I have early onset arthritis. I have to take an anti-inflammatory pill and glucosomine supplement. *cries in my cubicle*

    I have to have surgery unrelated to my knee, later this summer. *wipes nose*

    I’m working on a book (in the editing process) that will hopefully release Sept/Oct of this year. *dries eyes*

    Contemplating a vacation. Contemplating the extra end$ needed to pay for said vacation. *stares listlessly at picture of sandy beach on cubicle wall*

    No kids.
    No pets.
    No man.
    TV, books, movies, internet, writing, filming*, eat, pray, sleep, work. That’s how I’m doing. 🙂

    *filming to come later*

  3. I am also redecorating my place, Lady. No major remodeling, I live in an apartment. But I am redecorating my living room and the kids room. Waiting on this Ashley Furniture with a delivery date that keeps getting pushed back. So annoying.

  4. @KANYADE LAFWAY FWAY I have no idea why you keep getting flagged as spam, which is why your comments keep showing up late.

    Anyway, I am having leg and hip trouble. My leg started turning into jelly about a year ago. Can barely walk on some days and standing for long or even short periods of time is an issue.

    My docs still don’t know what is wrong, but one thinks I am on the cusp of Lupus.

    Good luck with your book 🙂

  5. I’ve been doing great. Just been really busy writing my book :’The Butterflies Hitting Home Runs’. I’m so excited about it + raising my boy and girl. Life is good I can’t complain. God bless you Sista.

  6. Great post. Thanks for asking, Sista.

    I’m blessed, though I don’t always feel grateful. =/ I’ve been trying to apply to medical school for years now. I just took my MCAT a few weeks ago and feel pretty good about it. The very next day my grandfather passed away so my feelings of elation for having my test out of the way were short-lived. My family and I are doing a lot better now. My granddad lived an AWESOME life so I feel pretty darn good knowing that. I just got hired for a summer job and am applying for more “permanent” ones for the upcoming year as I apply to medical school. I’m contemplating moving to a new state altogether as well as purchasing a new car. I’m trying to get my finances in order (chiiilllddd….smh). My medical school applications are going in in a few months so I’m super excited for that. It’s been a long time coming. I’m so anxious about life, though I try not to be. There’s so much I want to do, be and see. I’m trying to learn how to stay in the present and appreciate the big and “small” blessings. Instead of trying to find my happy in the future (or past) I’m trying to find my happy in the now. I’ve been dating a little lately, but I’d like to do more of it. I’d really like to work towards a more permanent, long-term relationship/marriage, but one step at a time, right? I could go on, but I’ll just close by saying God is very good to me. I thank Him for my health, my family, my support, my help, and answered prayers.

  7. *hugs* to SISTA. I’ma put you in my prayers, lady. 🙂

    I prolly keep getting flagged due to my insistence that LaFway-Gate be forever remembered (here and on Youtube) no matter how many folk want to forget it. LOL.

  8. It’s so awesome to read about all the wonderful things everyone else is doing too. I see I’m in good company over here at Sista, if I could make a suggestion, I’d say do this type of post more often. =)

  9. Hi Brown Sista! I am doing okay just living life, looking forward to summer 🙂

  10. It’s great to see you women are making moves! @Kanyade & Sista ya’ll will be in my prayers.

  11. ditto: Kanyade & Sista are definitely in my prayers too! Peace and healing to both of you.

  12. @ John and Girl *waves hancha’* Bless you and thank you. Let’s all pray one for another with this crazy day and age we’re living in. Peace & Blessings to you all!!

  13. I am well, healthy and in my right mind. Attending school and working fulltime and know my blessing is on its way.
    Love your web site.
    Sista keep doing what your doing!!Be blessed..

  14. I am doing great! I am so blessed and happy! Even though I was laid off March 1 I feel free to explore and fully submit that very creative side of myself. My mortgage is paid up 8 months in advance and other bills are paid. So I feel oh so blessed and free! And I have been on vacation twice! I was fortunate to be working in the career field I attended college for. But sometimes God has created some of us to be inventors and business owners instead of confined to a job. That’s me and now I am walking on the path I am supposed to be on and boy it’s a great feeling!

  15. Thank for asking! I am doing great all my family members are healthy and doing great. Glad you and my other sistaz are living a day at a time.

  16. Ive been ok physically and emotionally stable. I turn 30 next month and I finally stopped freaking out about it. U see…Im single, no children, and I honestly love it. The reason I was freaking out was because it felt as though its wrong. Majority of 30 year olds are married/divorced or have kids. It seemed wrong that I love being alone. Like the cops were coming to get me. Thats all I wanted to say. Thx for asking how Ive doing.

  17. I am doing great.I am in a great place… I am graduating from college this May in 1 month. I’m so happy and feel like I have accomplished my biggest goal(honestly it is a testimony). I’m thankful to God. It hasn’t sunk in completely though… 🙂 thank you for asking…

  18. I don’t know. No kids and no man but many sisters are like that. So, I shouldn’t feel to bad. I have been reflecting on my life and want to do something different.I’m restless…lol

  19. Good thanks for asking 🙂 I got promoted to stay at home mom so still trying to get my bearings with keeping up with the home , baby and so on while on a budget.

    Good luck to everyone in their endeavors!

  20. I am well thank you for asking. I have to admit i did not think i would be smiling at all today because i went bed with my feelings hurt. Anyway, to all MY BROWNSISTAs out there, so much love to you and keep your lights shining… <3

  21. Well how nice of you to ask =). I am fine. Excited about NEW endeavors on the horizon.

  22. THanks for asking i am doing great as well. and wishing you a get well real soon.

  23. Hey Sista. It HAS been a while. I remember when you had “Admit it Day” a few years ago. That was big.

    But I am ok. I am in my last year of school, so I am excited yet a bit overworked. But I know it will all be worth it. Please keep me in your prayers because some days are really hard. I hope you are well. God bless 🙂

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