How Much is Too Much to Pay for Cosmetics?


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I post a lot of images of my daughter, who recently started dabbling in make-up. Because I was not allowed the wear the stuff when I was a teen, I was super happy to vicariously re-live those years through her.

Whereas I couldn’t even get lip gloss outta my parents when I was young, I have done the exact opposite with my daughter and given her a make-up collection that has made her friends green with envy.

From $2.99 lipsticks by Wet n’ Wild, to $25 lipsticks by NARS, my daughter’s collection is nothing short of stellar.

This of course brings me to what this post is really about: the outrageous price of cosmetics these days. From moisturizers to eye shadow, the price of things we use to make us pretty have skyrocketed over the last few years. Even drugstore brands are becoming pricier according to studies.

I used to cringe at MAC and their $15 price tag for lipsticks. I remember saying that was the absolute most I would ESSENCE WEARING NARS VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL IN DRAGON GIRL (140x140)ever pay for any make-up. Then I heard great things about NARS’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and decided to take the plunge. Sure enough, it’s one of the best matte lipsticks out and I have since bought three at $25 a pop.

This got me to wondering about my own limits when it comes to what I will and won’t pay for cosmetics. My favorite moisturizer is now $23. Five years ago it was $10. The price jump originally ticked me off, and still does a bit, but then I realized that I’m paying $23 for something that I won’t have to replace for two to three months. The same goes for the NARS lipstick. Yeah, $25 is a bit steep, but again, I won’t have to replace it for many months to come.

Having said that, I do indeed have my limits. I have heard wonderful things about L’Occitane moisturizers, but unless I win the lotto I am not about to spend 100+ dollars to own one.

What about you guys? Are you willing to pay a premium for cosmetics you love?


  1. Tom Ford lipstick is $52. A price reflective of the fact that he clearly only wants the wealthy to own his products. Knowing that alone assures I would never buy it. Most companies that price their goddes out of reach of the common man do so out of elitism, not because the products are so great or made out of unique ingredients. Personally, anything over $10 for makeup is probably a rip off.

  2. Those velvet matte lip pencils by NARS really are amazing. I love matte lipsticks and these are matte without being the least bit drying. They apply so smoothly and are so well made. NARS really put his foot in those. However, I still don’t think they are worth the price. With tax they are almost $30.

  3. IMAN has amazing products and nothing over $16 and that’s for foundation too. her line is my go to…

  4. Not everything is $16 or less. There BB Creme is $20. Amazingly it costs more than their foundations do.

  5. Your daughter looks like Lark Voorhees (the pretty black girl from “Saved By The Bell”) in that photo.

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