How To Be The Perfect Wife

Guess Who Which female celebrity was recently caught reading this book? I will give you a few hints. She is a fashion model/designer. She is BFF to Tyra Banks and Beyonce Knowles. She is of Black and Asian parentage and has been dating an Afrikan actor even though she is still married to the father of her two young children. Figured it out yet? Click over to the next page to see if you are correct.

It’s none other than Kimora Lee Simmons…

… and like a true playa, she was reading the book while in the presence of her new man. Talk about dropping hints.


  1. Might as well be direct about it :lol2: I ain’t mad at Kimora at all. Let’s hope wee see Dijmon reading a book on how to be the perfect husband soon.

  2. Kimora is just staying up to breast on how to catch and keep a man. We need to be taking notes 😆

  3. I hate books like that cause they usually teach women to be subservient to men. I am incapable of bowing down to man. I must always be on top… always :mrgreen:

  4. [quote comment=”9396″]Kimora is just staying up to breast on how to catch and keep a man. We need to be taking notes :lol:[/quote]
    Oh and she got a man already. Don’t you think she need to get rid of one before she goes running off to another?

  5. [quote comment=”9400″][quote comment=”9396″]Kimora is just staying up to breast on how to catch and keep a man. We need to be taking notes :lol:[/quote]
    Oh and she got a man already. Don’t you think she need to get rid of one before she goes running off to another?[/quote]
    Like a spare tire. Every woman need a spare man. Just in case the other one breaks down. :lol2:

  6. OMG. I do not like this talk :hmph: Anyway, Beyonce has a BFF :confused: Just a joke 😆

  7. 🙂 [quote comment=”9401″][quote comment=”9400″][quote comment=”9396″]Kimora is just staying up to breast on how to catch and keep a man. We need to be taking notes :lol:[/quote]
    Oh and she got a man already. Don’t you think she need to get rid of one before she goes running off to another?[/quote]
    Like a spare tire. Every woman need a spare man. Just in case the other one breaks down. :lol2:[/quote]

    Love it!!!!

    That was classic!

    Maybe Kamora is reading that because she want to get it right the next time around. I hope!! 🙂

    If I was her I’d never get married again! FOR REAL!

  8. It doesn’t hurt to read a self-help book every now and then. And if she was reading it in front of her new man – you go girl! Talk about dropping hints. 😆

  9. Staying ” up to breast”?
    …no one else found that funny?

  10. I just don’t like this chica. Am I wrong for it?

  11. [quote comment=”9454″]Staying ” up to breast”?
    …no one else found that funny?[/quote]Om my god I feel so stupid. I do know it’s abreast y’all 😳

  12. Dana, did you even write that original comment? If so, my bad, didn’t mean to make you feel stupid…. 😳

  13. I didn’t remeber writing that but when I read it, it looked like I did. I was actually quoting JBL though so she is the idiot :lol2:

    (kidding JBL)

  14. [quote comment=”9456″]I just don’t like this chica. Am I wrong for it?[/quote]

    No you are not wrong, I don’t care for her either. I think she used russell and I also didn’t think that she was Djimon’s type. I thought he went more for the sophisticated women…..Oh Well.

  15. Wow…go head homegirl.Who would’ve of my favorites would be dating that fine man?Russel simmons… betta get ya woman.I cant believe they’re filing for a divorce..either.

  16. Must be Something Juicy in that Book by the way she’s sucking on that Lollipop.

  17. The lollipop and the book just give it away. Shit, I’d be trying to sharpen up my skills to with that fine ass man. Now she got rid of slow-lookin Russell she’s stepping her game up. I ain’t mad at ya!

  18. you guys hating because a sista doing a little soul searching

  19. OOh Please! She is not a sista and she only claiming black people to sell her tacky clothing line don’t you get. Nobody is hating on her ! They are speaking the truth. She is not like Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys is very intelligent and very classy person now that should be your rolemodel. How is being ignorant, and being obsessed with materialistic things are going to better someone in life and it is not fair when some people work a 9 to 5 job trying to earn money the hard way vrs a gold digging whore whom marries a rich mogul for his money becomes successful.

  20. :brownsista: i don’t like her, she’s a user, i hate russell wasted his time with that trick, but the man she’s dating now needs someone that’s really gonna be into him, she’s just pitiful….. :dance:

  21. [quote comment=”9399″]I hate books like that cause they usually teach women to be subservient to men. I am incapable of bowing down to man. I must always be on top… always :mrgreen:[/quote]

    That`s why your azz is still single.

  22. Guys take it from a diehard “Ms.Must Be In Control Playa” It ain’t all its cracked up to be. For yrs I fought my man about trying to control me and our relationship. I defied him at every chance I got. I love him dearly, but I could’nt understand. Now 13 yrs later we are together again you know like living under the same roof, w/o disgusting each other? and actually making it work this time? Hes changed, but maybe not….I really feel that I have changed. Yes ladies as much as It hurts me to say this….we must let them take charge and be the “man”. This is where trust comes in….if your guy is decent and although he acts like a jerk sometimes, but he gets the job done..who cares whos in control at times. Ladies don’t sweat the small stuff. Do not allow disrespect, but don’t disrespect either. Make sure your needs are being met…as his are being met so its balanced. Let me know if you want us to start a blog on this: visit my site be my friend and let me know that you want to continue to discuss this and other similar topics, and we will get it going. Yes I’ve been punked, and I luv it : ) :dance2:


  24. she did not use russell…if you guys knew anythin about dere relationship you would kno…russell chased her around…til she finally gave in…and let him take her out…maybe he shoulda done his research before he decided to pursue ol’ girl. :thumbsup:

  25. I like kimora. She’s smart. I dont see her as a gold digger. It makes no sense to date someone broke. I see it this way, supply and demand. She is what’s hot-models are hot. Nothing else in this world is free, so why should she–or any of us for that matter–be free?

  26. I don’t have any interest in this post, but I’d like to state that the above “SICK OF IT!” is not me. I didn’t know this website allowed such similar names to be used, but anyway, just wanted to point that out.

  27. go girl do your thing just the way you want to :banana: do it

  28. Kemora, i do feel that she used Mr.Simmons, but i really notice them on cribs, Mr. Simmons was telling the next man in so many way, what he had to deal with, remember his statement honey how do you turn on the stove, i wonder if she ever figured that out.

  29. This is long, but it is on point. I am so very disappointed. Remember, Russell stepped out on Kimora while in the marriage. Kimora just was not having that and told him. He stepped, not her. Now that they are split, and it has been some time since the legal split, she can step. She has given him two children, took care of the home while forging a career for herself–in her own right! We would not expect any less from our Sista–and she is an absolute Sista. She had to make a career for herself and their children so that she too could be fancially secure without him, if that time was to happen–and it has. Now what would you have said if she sat at home and did nothing. From what I can tell, when it counted, Russell never walked alone, she did her part and brought money into the home. You don’t like the clothes, don’t buy them–you don’t like the prices, because your 9-5pm budget can’t afford them, get a better education and get a better job. Kimora is not a case of hate the player and hate the play. Kimora is an exceptional role model for our young women to emmulate–successful in two careers, raising two children, business savvy, a devoted wife (what we saw on the outside), high morals and high self-esteem–what we want for all our young Sistas so that they will never have to take any crap from any man, regardless of who he thinks he is! Finally, we have enough of the media doing the bashing, let’s not do it to ourselves.

    In Sistahood, Ph.D.

  30. I agree with Tony Weber statement and I would also like to add this if Kimora was not so materialistic and so caught up in her her diva personalities. I would be able to support her more but if your just shoving how much money she have in people’s faces then how would you feel? I have no respect for her at all. There is a difference beteween a hardworking peron like Oprah Winfrey who literally devoutes herself in working hard and giving back to charity than a woman who wants was a struggling fashion model who married a Hip Hop mogul to boost her career. How many charities do you see Kimora started? Oprah Winfey is a billionaire and you do not see her ever showing off her wealth. Again, don’t let Kimora charm and wealth fool you because she is very deceitful.

  31. I rather date someone who is broke but trying to go to college than a rich guy who makes me feel like I am less than him but fiancially and mentally.

  32. Oprah shoves also. You have those who donate and support quietly, silently and anonomously and those who donate so openly, so that everyone knows–that’s Oprah. Oprah needs to let everyone know. Whether one dollar or one million dollars, believe me being the recipient of the donation feels the same. Russell’s comment was just plain wrong on many levels: 1. Depending on the stove, you may need those directions–not the traditional stove we have in our co-opes. 2. No man should ever debase the mother of his children–NEVER! 3. No person should ever seek to boost his/her ego by bashing someone’s self worth and self esteem. If you don’t believe Kimora works hard, you have no concept of work, hard or hard work. I am not a fan of either Oprah or Kimora, I am hard working Ph.D (Doctor) who just does not like any one of our Sistas being bashed/trashed in this way. It simply is just not right. Read number 3 again and again. we fight so hard everyday, why must it be amongst ourselves. Black on Black crime is alive–physically, emotionally and mentally. I had hoped for more from this site.

    The Struggle Continues,

  33. I am what many would call a “voyeur” – I love to read the blogs but rarely submit my comments, but on this subject I feel compelled. I don’t understand the vitriol that is reserved for Kimora – a woman I doubt anyone on this blog knows personally. Yes, she exudes this materialistic persona but so what – so do most of the black celebrities/entertainers today. Look who is sounding the alarm on Darfur, AIDs in Africa and global warming. Except for Don Cheadle, who on a regular sticks their neck out to bring attention to the causes and I don’t mean coming to sing a song at an an event. It’s all part of the persona/image that keeps Baby Phat in business – the Baby Phat consumer wants to be Kimora, lifestyle included. I find it interesting that no one chastises P. Diddy, Jay-Z or Beyonce (who I have never seen use her popularity for any cause) for their over the top lifestyles. How many homes could have been built in New Orleans with the money Beyonce and Jay-Z spent renting a mega yacht and hanging out in the South of France for a week?

    A poster mentioned Oprah as the model for black women, well to each his own. I am sure that there are those who can quibble with how she handles her money. I mean did it not raise eyebrows that she had to go all the way to S. Africa to build a school for little black girls when there are so many right here who live in third world country conditions? It’s been 50 years since Brown v. Board of Ed and African Americans still have not closed the achievement gap, in fact it has widen in the past 15 yrs – could not these kids have benefited from Oprah’s largess? We don’t point out these contradictions because it really has nothing to do with what they do with their money or how materialistic they are – we love and support them just the same. The fact is that many don’t like Kimora because she snagged a a rich black man (a godfather of rap no less)and no matter how we try to slice and dice it, she’s just not black enough for many sistas.

    First off, she’s as black as any of us. If she’s not then neither is Halle, Mariah or Amerie. If you didn’t just step off the boat from Africa well then I’m sure that there is some cream in the coffee. Some manifest the cream a little more than others, but they are still one of us. We have to get over this throwing folk out of the tribe because we have some perceived greivance. And be warned, I live in Miami and I can tell you unequivocally that the tribe is expanding exponentially and one day many who are classified as sistas today may find that they are on the outside looking in.

    Second, I don’t really know if she used him for his money or not. None of us do. Don’t really care. I’m sure that there were a whole host of lawyers present with the prenup before they jumped the broom. What I do know is that she was not yet a woman when Russell came sniffing around and whatever she has become he had a hand in shaping. And so what she doesn’t know how to cook – what woman married to a man that wealthy with her own thriving business does? What I do know is that she has helped Baby Phat grow into a phenomenonal business- I recall a story Forbes did on the company a couple of years back and what I liked most was the pic of the officers and other personnel – mostly minority women – now that’s alright with me. I suspect that what has happened is that Kimora – like so many women who marry too young — has found her voice and Russell has lost a measure of control. For all you naysayers, don’t worry his latest new girlfriend is a very young model who appears to black. He seems to like them young – if she ends up taking his money so be it. Seems like a even exchange to me – their youth, his money.

    Third, now some are up in arms that she’s met another black man and she’s been caught by the paprazzi reading a how to be a good wife book. The woman has met a man and wants to make sure that she does all that she can to make sure that she doesn’t end up twice divorced – so what’s the problem? Seems like the mature thing to do.

    I just wonder what a force black women could be if we didn’t create these artifical barriers to supporting one another.

  34. Thank you …Undone, I sincerely thought I was in this alone. The move that Oprah made was most definitely questioned by many of us. As I understand it, one million US is equivalent to three million of the krugeran(sic), so it was more financially advantageous to get the tax right off on the three million.

    Yes, while the chains have been removed from out hands and feet, those chains still exist on the brains. UNCHAIN the BRAIN!

    Thanks again …Undone for helping this Sista get her message across.

    Yours In The Struggle,

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