‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Makes History


The ratings news for Viola Davis’ new ABC drama “How to Get Away with Murder” just keep getting better.

The show debuted last week with 14 million viewers, topping its lead-in “Scandal,” which had its highest rated debut with 11 million viewers.

Now that the dust has settled and 3-day DVR ratings have been tallied as well, “HTGAWM” has even more to smile about with news of a record breaking 6 million more viewers added on- for a total of 20 million viewers.

The really kick-ass part- the part that actually keeps shows on the air, is that it garnered a 5.8 rating amongst the coveted 18-49 crowd, the crowd advertisers actually care about.

The show’s record breaking and history making DVR ratings make the show an almost shoe-in for early renewal, assuring ABC another bonafide hit via Shondaland Productions.

Congratulations to Viola Davis who in my opinion sold this show on the strength of her talent alone- proving once again that there is an audience for shows helmed by classically beautiful black women.


  1. Without queston Viola Davis is a great actress. When she speaks she command attention on the screen. This is a great role for her and it fits her style of acting. I am looking forward to seeing her character grow. In my opinion she is one good movie part away from one day getting an oscar. She is that good!

  2. That show is amazing from what I saw. I can’t wait to see the next episode. @Bertram I agree with you she has a commanding presence.

  3. ABC is slowly becoming black, like NBC did after the Cosby Show in the 80s. Glad to see quality shows starring us coming to network TV. Shonda Rhimes is doing the damn thing. I always said if we wanted better representation we would have to do it ourselves.

  4. just caught up on the ‘less classically beautiful’ comment, and the ny times article.

    So disgusted! And there are black men and women defending the article!! ughhh!

  5. HTGAWM is going to be a classic like Grey’s, Scandal, NYPD, The Practice, etc. I agree with everyone’s commentary on Viola’s commanding presence. She truly relatable in the aspect of certain college professors that I’ve had (especially when I took law classes) LOL….those were the days.

    I’m a bit confused on the 1st episode (I’ve watched it 3 times and I think I have the flash forward murder scene/plot figured out, but I am still confused). Whatever the case, I’ll be glued to the screen starting at 7:59 p.m.

    *I wonder what the fans of this show will be called… (i.e. Gladitors for Scandal) Nothing comes to mind off the top of the dome now….

  6. @Danielle oh I can’t with some people. How can anyone defend that comment? But you know there are people who wake up in the morning and hate themselves and expect others to feel the same way.

  7. I am hooked I agree with all of you ladies Viola is a BEAST!! Love her acting skills this role is her to the tee. I hope the show continues to be a success.TGIT!!!

  8. Viola is one of those actor’s that could read the yellow pages and be entertaining. She is a phenomenal actress. Even in the smallest of roles, she is remembered. Her voice has a particular cadence, her presence is felt, her eyes invite you in and are filled with emotion. I absolutely love the show. I also enjoy the supporting cast. I hope that Viola’s character hooks up with the black male student. Something is brewing and its oh so interesting. Plus we can never underestimate the impact of seeing a dark skinned black women on TV, who is complex, sexy and showing black skin. I love it!

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