How to Survive a Holiday Breakup

We have all been there: you got dumped or you dumped another person just before the holidays. You find yourself alone and wondering if you’ll ever love again.
You cry after hearing ‘your song,’ or seeing other couples doing Christmas shopping together, leaving you wishing you had someone to share your special moments with.

Although it may seem like the end of the world, many couples split during the November and January months, so know that you aren’t alone. As hard as it may seem, you will make it through the holidays, and you can do it by deciding to become a better and sexier you! A breakup doesn’t mean you have to suffer or that your life is over. It can be a new and exciting beginning. In the meantime, how do you stop crying and start looking forward to the holidays after you gave your ex the boot or vice versa? You can be happy in an instant! Here are a few tips to help get you started:

1) Declare to yourself that you will enjoy your holidays and make the most of them. In other words, decide to be happy. Although you will experience some sadness, you can choose joy in any situation. Before you start your day, remind yourself that your relationship was just one aspect of your life, not your whole life, and that there are many good things that are worth celebrating! Just being alive and in good health is enough to be happy!

2) Connect with family and friends that you have not seen or talked to in a while and spend some quality time with them. Just because you are single does not mean you have to spend the holidays alone. Go shopping with your girls, attend holiday functions, or start a new holiday tradition with your BFF’s that’s special to you.

3) Think of all of the things you gave up for the sake of the relationship, and be thankful that you can now begin enjoying those things you missed out on doing.

4) Treat yourself. Splurge on yourself and buy yourself a special gift you’ve been wanting. You can buy it and enjoy it without worrying about if your man or woman will approve!

5 Talk dirty to yourself. You may feel down in the dumps right now, but you can start feeling sexy by telling yourself how hot you look in your clothes, how beautiful your smile is, or what a great catch you are. With thoughts like those, you will begin to attract more love into your life and possibly a new love for 2013!

Ci Ci Foster, “The Queen of Sexy Drama, is a dating and sex columnist and author of the sexy urban drama, Sunny Rain. Visit

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  1. Single an just broke up with ex again!!! New year new me done this time an thats a rap!!! Day after new year that fool slap the f— out me cant keep doing this my soul was all i had an that fool was trying to take that!!! Pray 4 me ladies cause i was a d– stupid fool but not anymore!!! Thank u!!! I am so torn wish i could go to the moon!!! Listen to phyllis hyman song called meet me on the moon. Utube. Goodnite an when u all hear that song write an let me know how u like it ok it describe me how i feel now!!! I want my spirit to be free!!!

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