I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Beyonce During the last U.K. stop on her “I Am…” tour, Beyonce announced to her fans her plans to release another album in 2010.

“This is my last show for this tour in the U.K., so hopefully, I’ll see you all in a year with a new album,” the singer told her fans before thanking them from the bottom of her heart for coming.

Producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (Deja Vu) confirmed Beyonce’s plans for a new album in 2010 via Twitter- posting news that he has already started working on tracks for the album. Beyonce’s 2008 album, “I Am… Sasha Fierce” has spawned a #1 U.S. single, four top ten singles and sold 2.5 million copies according to Nielsen SoundScan.

… and check out Beyonce below singing “Resentment,” this clip can be found on the singer’s “I Am… Yours DVD.


  1. Sista……Honey, Take that 2.5 and times that by 2, and add 42, and u get 5,042,000…U talking to one of the biggest Beyonce stans on this earth…..I know….

    Plus dont trust that website, last month it said Beyonce’s Bday came out in 2009…LMAO!!!!! And then another website said Beyonce is @ Ten Million…BUT BILLBOARD!!! says, 5,042,000 and its reliable.

    I love u beyonce, but sit yo A@@ down and work on ur acting….U got three movies coming out next year….U betta stop before u have a nervousBreakdown…..Gurl…STOP!!!!! I blame Matthew, He trained this poor child to woek nonstop…..JAY GET YO WIFE IN CHECK

  2. God bless Beyonce- truly- but IASF has not sold 5 million copies in the United States- maybe it has worldwide.

    Btw, Sound Scan is the official tabulator of record sales in the U.S. and Canada.

    Billboard’s charts are based on Sound Scan numbers- not their own.



  4. Good news is that Bey finally stop promoting the album, I love some tracks but less than B Day.

    Another good news is she ain’t stopping, some of you might not agree but I never get tired of Bey, I mean in case that her music is still good to listen. I just wish that it’s not another “I am…Sasha Fierce”.

  5. Well she sure isn’t performing at the 1st State Dinner of the Obama Administration, taht would be JHUD, this aint the HOOD ball where thug/ho types were welcome this was about class…go JHUD keep on shinging girl.

    Beyonce…see needs better writers but since they are so greedy they will probably try and steal from another unknown a ala BC Jean.

    Beyonce has a voice but artistically she is a thief and a fraud. She needs to just go to vegas and sing and perform like the thousands of other people do in vegas.

  6. Bottom line, this is her job.

    I just hope she does like a greatest hits record.

  7. honestly… i wish she would just go away for a couple of years. give people time to miss you, geez! i’m OVER the over-saturation that comes with the Bey Machine. she’s a huge part of why i don’t listen to radio anymore. i simply cannot take being force fed this child any longer. is she talented? yes. can she entertain? yes. but DAMN, give us a chance to miss yo’ ass before you drop ANOTHER album about nothingness!!


  8. How’d I know this website would be next to post this?

    I don’t know why all the blog sites are taking this seriously. I really think she said that just to make them…feel better and not have to miss her for the 2years I think she’s really taking. I believe she’s going to focus on the movies for a while.

  9. Columbia is making her do this. They have pretty much lost all of their black artisist because they only promoted one and they are about to lose their black market. Most true black artisist are signing with independent labels and going straight overseas where they are appreciated. So they have to promote her like crazy she is all they havel left.

    And before people go crazy I am not saying it’s her faught and these are not even my words I read this somewhere else. So don’t start going crazy.

  10. I’ll support whatever Beyonce does period. she works hard and deserves success for it! Bring it on Beyonce, I will be first in line to buy whatever you put out.

  11. Even if she puts out a cd full of “Freakum Dresses” you’ll be the first in line to buy?

    Now that’s fan dedication there, *thumbs up*

  12. I really need for Be to take a break. Not anything against her too much, just really I think she’s starting to be incredibly over exposed. Seriously IASF did come out in Novermber of last year yet they’re still releasing singles off of it and yet it’s almost the end of 2009…another album?

    Seriously, Dangerously in Love was her best and it’s just been a steady decline in quality since. If she took some time off to get her mental, and artistry together I think her music would upgrade. You can tell she’s been taking voice lessons ’cause her singing is definitely stronger. SO why not invest some time in herself–Beyonce the person, not Sasha Fierce.

    I think Beyonce is a strong enough powerhouse that she can take a 12-14 month break and still be considered relevant when she returns. Janet does it all the time. Why can’t Beyonce?…well, ok Be is definitely not Miss Jackson, but she’s still very much more capable than any other Black Female celebrity at the moment to take some time off to release quality stuff.

    I’m just saying…lol

    By the way,
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! God bless.

  13. P.S.

    @Zy totally agree with u wholeheartedly! And at Bee…I didn’t know that, if that’s true (which it probably is) that’s just really sad. I don’t blame black artists to go independent tho, if I was an artist I would do it!

    Look at Drake….he was completely independent and made himself on the same caliber of promotion internationally as more established artists (hate ’em or love ’em) like Weezy…independent’s the way to go.

  14. Thanks for putting the vid up SISTA but sadly it was taken down it was an amazing performance.

  15. “U talking to one of the biggest Beyonce stans on this earth…..I know….”

    So sad….

  16. She is doing it for her fans .Go ahead Bee Black people are haters And they dont buy Cds anyay and still complaining.Its her job as n entertainer.

  17. 2.5 in the U.S. and 5 worldwide is a strong selling. Last time it was 3 in the U.S. and still 5 worldwide so that may be some indication that her U.S. fan base took a hit and her worldwide fan base grew, but who honestly cares. You like her or you don’t. If the next CD is good, then great. If it isn’t, then don’t buy it. The market is big enough for beyonce to promote ALL she wants and if you care enough, you can still buy your artists favorite CD. It is so ignorant to say, I need her to sit down, or she is doing too much. This is her profession. Dont’ like it, don’t buy it. simple enough.

  18. ^^^^ thank you, if you are so tired of her change the station, tv, or whatever.

    I for one cannot wait.I hear Brit is doing another album also, I love it!!!

  19. People are so transparent when it comes to Beyonce.

    @ SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS MUSIC, I totally agree with everything you typed.

  20. Her music has poisoned R&B music. The impact she has made on music is, Sex sells. As a performer she has taken things to the next level but musically I dont feel her music stands the test of time. But then again who I am I to judge I am just a almost 30 year old medical student. What do I know?

  21. I agree. I loved her when she dropped Bday! But, now she seems a little Burlesque-ish. She can’t stop anytime soon because she knows that she HAS to ‘get low, shake it, drop it, etc’, and she’s gettin’ older. She don’t have one of those power-house voices that will sell out a show if she just stood still and SANG. She has to sell sex to be successful, what else will she do….ACT? LMAO.

  22. people are callin beyone the next mj but he sold more than her at 28yrs old beyonce is fake and money hungry she keeps rereleasing her albums and dropping dvds to stay in the public eye her songs are either stolen or copied and the music from i am sasha fierce is trashhhh im not looking foward to this tramp dropping anything letoya luckett and keri hilson had the best albums so far

  23. I just love me some Beyonce, she will remain fucking awesome in my book!!!!!

    Keep doing what you love and making millions happy around the world.

  24. Agree with u Mark! On everthing u said PLUS, yes Letoya’s album is truly really good, and Keri’s is alright…but Mariah’s new one, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is handsdown the BEST album of the entire year 🙂

  25. Go have a seat for a minute doll. It’s okay… really it is. You my girl, but damn Bey!

  26. Mark, I’m assuming you’re a man.
    Have an opinion, but don’t be hateful about it. It makes men look weak.

  27. Not quite understanding why after ALL THESE YEARS….black women still want Beyonce to SIT DOWN…TAKE A BREAK…GO AWAY….
    It is so funny to me because I attended her concert and was AMAZED at her LEVEL of energy and actual talent. So all you who insist that somebody out there is more talented and entertaining than Beyonce are funny to me. Her shows are GREAT! Name one female out who hads ber beat TALENT WISE….I am speaking of the WHOLE PACKAGE not just standing at the damn mic and belting out a gospal song!

  28. Unless she’s gonna come back with a new look and/or sound, she really needs to go away.

    The same ole bubblegum pop songs are getting tiresome, her barely there outfits are borderline porn & the little creativity she had is now non existent. I see why she’s been collaborating with the likes of Lady GaGa..she’s run out of material of her own..oh w8 has she ever had any material of her own?

  29. @blacksista

    medicine does not give you an expertise in music, and thinking so actually shows your ignorance. Stick to what you know–which isn’t medicine until you finish med school, so get crackin.

  30. It would be nice to hear another album from Beyonce, but it would also be nice to have a break for just a little while. Then she can come back refreshed and new. NEW NEW NEW…take time to actually WRITE her own material, and not buy other people’s credits’ b/c you want to stay on top of the game. Im a grown married woman and think HATING is the last thing im doing. I brought every Beyonce Album. However, it would be nice for her to take some time off, just to refresh herself. REALLY put out something that means something. On the IASF album, I only listen to the I..AM cd b/c those songs have substance. The Sasha Fierce cd lacks meaning. Half of the songs on I..AM were written by someone else such as John Mclaughlin, BG Jean, Baby Face, etc. Youtube them if you didn’t already. So, BEYONCE…take a break girl..enjoy the fruits of your labor…then come back maybe 2011 and shut it down again. =]

  31. @someone yadayadayada

    Lil girl, I am not an expert in the music business but I do know good music when I hear it. Me sayin that I am a medical student meant that I am just an average person working on my own “come up” like a lot of other people, you took it the wrong way. I didn’t mean to offend you by mentioning my higher education considering your apparent lack there of. I could see how you would turn that comment around on me. It’s cool though, no need to apologize for showing your ignorance, we all have our moments… some more then others.

  32. What has this post come to? O well I forgot it is a Beyonce post.

    But bottom line she(and some others) should take a break though.

  33. I am not an expert in the music business but I do know good music when I hear it.


  34. But the question is what is “good” music??? Some people may think that hard metal is the best they’ve ever heard and others (like me) don’t understand why, BUT you CAN’T knock them for it, so I just respect it and move on or don’t listen.
    Music that ANYONE if even only ONE person likes is good music.

  35. lmao GUYSS!

    By next year, ,she cud mean like November 2010!

    say if the IASF is over by January. Thats like a good 10 months of no Beyonce.

  36. There are some awful songs that have stood the test of time, because of how awful they are.

  37. I think Beyonce is addicted to celebrity and fame. To me she just has not grown as an artist. Her music and videos are just silly.

    That is just me.

  38. As long as the album is good(and all her albums have been very good to great depending which one), I don’t care if she puts out an album every week. I will buy it.

  39. It’s funny because us, Beyonce fans had this discussion about her growth on this very topic. This is how I feel: I am convinced that people have no idea how the industry really works, how image plays a part in establishing who are real artists or not. Forget talent or whatever.

    I like Chey’s post for this reason, at least she spoke for herself and not try to project onto people who actually have a different pov. I actually she likes what she does, and I am not saying the others who aren’t as prolific as Bey don’t either but that’s what I see from her.

    She even recently said that she would like to work with indie labels. I just think she likes recording and performing and the whole business. I think a lot of people who work jobs that they don’t like but do it to pay the bills don’t fully understand that. That’s just MO.

  40. For me the most important thing that makes an artist grow is being trying new things and being different. Yes some of Bey’s songs are the same BUT on on IASF she intentionally went left and tried new things from folk music, classical, and also sticking to her roots rnb/pop. Thats one reason out of many that I respect Bey because she’s not afraid to try new things but also knowing what her fans appreciate. Even Whitney stepped out of her comfort zone back in the day with songs like “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and now “Million Dollar Bill”. And I love and respect that all her albums weren’t full of ballads.

  41. This is her job and how she makes her paper while the rest of us clocks in and direct deposit our checks to buy her album. Love her music but I will burn it as usual.Go Bee! Sit down when u ready til then make that paper boo!

  42. beyonce just f-uck off for 1 min. this girl is so over rated its not even funny. nobody stays on top 4eva we have seen a lot of stars come and a lot go.. i guess she is milking all she can get but damm bee just piss off of a while have some mini camels.

  43. someone on here is a serious asswipe. its like a fly following a dirty ass. loser!!! you know who you are

  44. beyonce is so unoriginal so sick of her and her leotards she needs to do something better like take a break for 3 yrs cause she is fading and not making real icon music plus keri hilson killed her on the soultrain awards with that performance

  45. ^^Yeah, and Beyonce killed Keri Hilson by winning 4 awards, including Album of the Year lol

  46. beyonce stans kill me they hate on every other artist thats why i cant stand beyonce her ass is overrated and dum

  47. ^^Lol You mad, huh? I’m a Beyonce stan/hater of other artists, but I own Keri Hilson’s album, Rihanna’s last 3 albums, etc. Yeah that makes sense. I only replied because it’s funny to me how people put down one artist just to uplift another or because they just don’t like said artist. There’s enough room for them all. By the way, Beyonce is “fading” right, but she just received 10 Grammy nominations. lol

  48. “By the way, Beyonce is “fading” right, but she just received 10 Grammy nominations”.

    Daddy Knowles is part of the Grammy commitee. He probably paid for most of those nominations. Remember, he is trying to make his daughter an icon.

  49. ^^Sure, and I guess Taylor’s people paid for her 8 nominations as well lol I’m done with this topic. People give Mathew way too much power. I love how people try their hardest to discredit this chick, yet she continues to rise. Nobody has to like her but trying to discredit her and her accomplishments are another thing when she clearly works hard for her success.


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