I. Am. Legend

Janet Jackson & Cher

Does anyone recognize the little pint size diva sitting next to Cher? It is none other than a 9 year old Janet Jackson. This image of a legend, and the other a legend in the making, was taken in 1975 on the set of Cher’s variety show, The Cher Show.

All grown up now, Miss Jackson was spotted outside the Waverly Inn in the West Village last night. Accompanied by longtime boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, Janet looked like a bag lady- a very expensive bag lady- but a bag lady nonetheless. Love the bag and the shoes, maybe Fashionista101 can tell us who they are by.
Janet Jackson & Jermaine DupriJanet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri


  1. Second spotting this week of Miss Jackson, love love this woman. A true ICON :bowdown: and LEGEND :bowdown: . Waiting for that album JJ.

  2. Ms Janet is a G.O.A.T at what she do and that is to stay relievant

  3. Yeah, this is just a reminder that some of the legends grew up in the public eye indeed. This was also around the same time that The Jacksons had their own variety show as well. On their show I remember the skit of Janet playing Mae West with her brother Randy; a very sassy, pint size, Janet with attitude. Lol. After that she got a role on `Good Times`, `Different Strokes` and then `Fame`. Yes, this was the beginning of an icon/legend in the making.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4 ever!!!

  4. :iagree: with everyone’s post: Janet is indeed a legend and an icon. The first ICON show that MTV did was on Janet Jackson. There will never be anyone like her who was a child star without the drugs and alcohol scandals that followed so many other child stars.

  5. I used to like Fame,different strokes,good times,poetic justice,why did i get married…i love jj and can do all her moves have been practising since i was a child,i wud pretend i was her,my favourite vedio is scream,i admire how her body moves quickly and swiftly without effort,i think ciara is the only female after jj that can pull those moves.Wow Jarmaine is so protective like a bodygaurd thats what a real man shud do…..i respect miss JJ for one reason because she respect her worldwide followers and puts on a great show wherever she tours she doesnt drop her standard,a lot of singers put their best perfomance for european and american tours only and kind of disrespects other parts of the world….she is the truth…..i also respect usher,john legend,ludacris,50c,westlife,black eyed peas,india,eryka badu,angie stone,mario,micheal jackson and a.keys for respecting their worldwide audience by not treating us warm-up tours….the jacksons are all living legends.

  6. This is really cute. It’s funny because she hasn’t changed all that much. I can’t imagine being out in the public eye for all of my life … that seems like it would be too much.

  7. Janet Jackson IS legend, Good actress, Good dancer, Good singer,Beautiful, SO hot yet classy, Well spoken, Too Cute :thumbsup:

  8. Much love to Stephanie for making a legend post about Janet! She will always be my #1! So many people seem to forget what she has done for the music industry and entertainment industry in general. Can’t wait for that new album!

  9. And to think that both of them are still making music!
    Now that is a Legend!

  10. Exactly what i was gon say Voice -” Janet Jackson IS legend, Good actress, Good dancer, Good singer,Beautiful, SO hot yet classy, Well spoken, Too Cute” i luv this woman and i cant wait 4 new project! :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

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