Beyonce, Pack The Body Suits Up For The Winter

By: LJ Knight
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You Might Think I’m Hating But… I am tired of seeing Beyonce’s body suits in various colors and designs in every performance. I am tired of seeing her crotch area as well. When will it end? I cannot be alone in this thought so Beyonce stans come back to reality. The thing is, I enjoy Beyonce’s music and she is no doubt a great performer. So, I am not hating on her ability as an entertainer. I simply want her to put some damn clothes on. Her constantly wearing these same body suits, which are becoming more and more revealing, strikes me as a cry for attention. I think she is getting desperate. The more desperate she gets more of her clothes melt off with each performance. There are so many young women coming into the entertainment business and competition is getting fierce. Maybe more fierce than Sasha. Beyonce has been performing for at least ten years now, this is the time where many performers have to adjust their identity to stay relevant with the younger, innovative generation. Not to mention that Rihanna is on Beyonce’s heels when it comes to leaving her mark in entertainment. Me saying that means alot, because I think Rihanna sucks. However, there are millions of others who enjoy her …. singing. Also, the whole Chris and Rihanna situation is putting a damper on other R and B starlets shine time.

2009_vma_beyonce_performance_001Beyonce VMA Crotch

I know Beyonce wants to keep her sexy image and that is fine but can we move on to another exotic piece of clothing to be fascinated with? The body suits deserve a breather. Let the latest little red number at the MTV European Awards be my primary example of a woman doing what she has to do to keep people talking about her! Even if that means constant crotch shots!

Beyonce Fire Crotch

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  1. LOL, I just wrote about her fire crotch being front and center in the Rihanna RR cover thread.

    Beyawnsay has been in the game long enough to have evolved lyrically and image-wise. She is unfulfilled and has too much more to prove because she has not reached ICON status, not officially.

    She is now trying to keep pace with Lady Gaga but what she doesn’t understand there is a method to Gaga’s madness, she tells a story, weird at times, but her presence tells a story.

    Beyawnsay on the other hand, shock value has run its course. People know what to expect attire and performance wise when she takes the stage.

    She has not reinvented herself, yet she continues to grasp at straws and draw from the success of other female artists, artists in general. Now she looks like a flaming drag in lingerie which by the way shows her age. It’s not pretty, and very unbecoming.

    LOL, unfortunately for Beyawnsay she is beyond her prime and no amount of sex is selling her records!


  2. As for Rihanna

    She IS the “it girl” and that is something Beyawnsay herself knows.

  3. I will admit I am getting tired of the leotards(ROCKON also lol) but Im not getting tired of beyonce. I mean isn’t it amazing how she hasnt changed her style/image in all these years and she’s still…on top??? And I love rihanna as well but come. She’s almost left her mark on the industry?
    But really Bey doesn’t need those leotards because you can put her on stage with any artist from this generation (even SOME of past generations) at she will outshine them.

  4. LJ and ROCKON, I completely agree. I think Bey went from skimpy dresses to leotards…not that drastic a change over the course of her career. It’s a natural progression I think more than anything. Next she’ll be completely naked (nude body-suit).

    She is so talented. Put your clothes BACK ON Bey. Please. PLEASE. LOL.

    To be fair, I think she’ll squash the leotard-finish and Sasha-fierceness after this record. (I HOPE) And come next album she’ll do something completely different. Of her concert costumes I really liked the hooded, white robe….but it was a robe (I think) and underneath she wore a tank top and granny-panties. *sigh* But the robe made her look ethereal, and sci-fi-ish; very modern. I’ll be interested to see what kind of theme she takes with her next album, visual-wise. As for her lyrics, her songs, I’d hope for more “I am…Beyonce” type songs; the Diva and the Freakum Dress songs are for the chickens and nowhere near empowering as Independent Women or Survivor. JMHO. Please don’t flame me.

  5. I dont cae what she wears..but i agree…but she is not the only one who does, u should have put every artist

    and u honestly think Beyonce is doing this for attention..Beyonce can were a paper bag and people would still love and hater he…

  6. I’m glad TheComplex’s nasty statement got deleted. I have often wondered if that piece of trash is even a sista. Quite a few of her comments had racist overtones to them.

  7. Beyonce can wear a paper bag and people would still love and hater her.

    When she is fully dressed she gets less attention. She knows this, all women do. She knows the more she takes it off the more attention she will get and the more she will hold the public and audience’s attention.

  8. its funny now that the writer points it out, people magically all of a sudden agree and its sad that you have to state your not a “hater”, just because you are pointing out the obvious. If sum1 is umm 80% naked and you logically observe and state that-u run the risk of being called a “hater” i luv it. Let the madness continue.

  9. I have a question for any girl/woman who would like to answer. Dont ask me why I ask this honestly jus wondering. Also dont say their evenly bad jus pick one.

    Which do you think is worse a floor length see through gown but you have on bra etc., or a skimpy dress?

    @ Stacey-But cant the same things be said about people who wear outrageous outfits everywhere they go right???

  10. o yea I thought her vmas outfit ws “skimpier” then the emas. wrong?

  11. I want Beyonce to switch it up ONLY because I feel that she deserves attention the right way…if the skimpy outfits distract from her talent (which it obviously does) then I want her to step outside the box and be THAT woman in the midst of a nude crowd of entertainers. If she does feel desperate, she really shouldn’t…she has set a standard in the industry, & is respected by most. She has influenced these young artists and STILL stays relevant. Therefore, put some clothes on Bey! Show em that you have more up your sleeve (A FULL sleeve, not a sleeveless bodysuit)

  12. rihanna used to do same thing…in her good girl gone bad….why wont you sick of that?

  13. Ya;ll know why the Great Lauryn Hill left at her peak? No, she didn’t go crazy how “they” would like u 2 think. you have 2 rememba who her baby father was-Bob Marley’s son. Bob Marley knew about gov’t conspiracies and sang about-he was a revolutionist. so uno that knowlege trickled down to his sons. Lauryn was also a Christian. No, she wasn’t flawless but she resembled a Christian more than half of these singers who claim it then come on stage naked, sing about money, suicide, vanity, win award then thank God for it. On “Miseducation” she actually had a song where she sang sciptures- Besides several songs, being God themed. But she left cuz the game was tryna change her and she wasn’t haven’t it, she also knew about the “darkside” of the game. This is the same lady( i don’t use that word lightly) who sang for the Catholic Church & bodly told them how angry the Almighty was with them(during their pedophile craze). ANway, we can all see the transformations in several stars from when they 1st came out till now, some more drastic than others-but its there. Lauryn chose to be labeled”crazy” & not sell her soul or respect. if she didn’t ya’ll wud have seen her on stage wit panties singing about who knows what=but it wudn’t ahve been positive. neva be another Lauryn in this game-she was 2 original and obviously God fearing cuz she cud have gained more riches but said no, thankyou.

  14. @Gabrielle I wish I could buy you a cocktail for that comment. I could not agree with you more. We are spiritual and soulful people we may get distracted for a second but now we want more. We as a people are tired of this foolishness they keep putting in front of us. Even in Whitney’s worst days you never saw her do anything like this mess. You know why because the core of her was a Christian. This girl is not has not ever been a Christian. That is just how they got parents sucked in to let their kids see her and now she is letting the real her come out.

    Parents stop allowing your kids to see this mess. All of it not just Beyonce. And Stephanie is you are a hater whatever that is I am as well. Alot of people are. This is all over the blogs and everybody pretty much saying what you are saying.

  15. lol lol yeah at the vmas she had half an inch more of fabric covering her vagina. C;mon people work wit me- she’s still almost naked. What is so hard 2 accept that she is goin 2 far. even in Crazy in love, i clearly remeba the scene where she had the leotard & the car in the blowing up. When she wud turn around she woud have that fur thing covering her butt,at least she was attempting to be a lil discreet, but now…the pics say it all. i just pray for those lil girl who adore her and want 2 grow up so they can sing & wear what she is wearing on stage. i wonder if obama wudn’t mind his daughters wearing that-they are fans rite???

  16. And yes, there will neva b another Lauryn-people tried 2 say Jazmine Sullivan. don’t get me wrong- i like her but it was just voice similar-but lyrics, content, spirituality, self-respect-nope, can’t c another one coming like that.

  17. @Bee, Because doing drugs is the Christian thing to do -__- Skimpy outfits were the least of Whitney’s problems.
    They all have their vices…Janet wears just as much cloth on her body as Beyonce onstage, & people lap that up. Does Janet get a free pass?

  18. @Rockon-u need 2 do standup=SERIOUSLY. UR comments 2 say the least-passionate, but scarrry.

  19. @M- okay valid point but Whitney came back and thanked the Almighty. Now by God’s grace, cuz she had REAL foundation-she is clean, healthy, looks great, found peace. when will B come back 2 that foundation? or was it really ever there? uno what i don’t know, time will tell. But she don’t need 2 go further down this road. “Yes she is makin hits but it seems like the mo she make hits, the less clothes. id rather her flop and save her self-respect if she can’t do both cuz im tellin u, we gonna turn on the tv& she gonna b belting out a song(yes, with her beautiful voice) but naked wit heels on. its coming- i c it clear as day.

  20. But look at her husband who sings lyrics like “Jesus can’t save ya, life starts when church ends” Empire state of mind. im goin 2 b psychic and predict the next comments. “But its just a song, its just art, entertainment” Another song from her sweetie who took the Lord’s name as his,
    Jayhovah, Lucifer, Don of the morning- “until i perish, the meek shall inherit the earth, until then its on and poppin-church. When u marry you become one spiritually.

  21. i totally agree with this statement. when beyonce came out she adamantly stated that she was a christian. but over the time she decided to use sex to sell and she is far too talented and to me very gifted. she does not need shock value because a person who is gifted will always have room for her/him. i wish she would go back to her jesus roots and let him direct her because when he is in charge, you don’t try to fit into a mold, you make your own and others follow and not in a negative or derogatory manner, but a manner that uplifts you and brings that glow out of you as only the anointing power of God can. may the force be with her.

  22. @RUSERIOUS, point taken. And yes, Whitney is back & living the life she is meant to live. That being said, every artist comes to a point where they should re-evaluate the direction of their image. Luckily, Beyonce DOES have morals…otherwise, we would’ve heard about her driving drunk, or partying too hard, or doing drugs, etc. She married a man after 9+ years of knowing him, had one (that we know of) boyfriend before him, and seems to have a good heart. Now, I truly believe that as she approaches 30 years of age, her music & image will take on a much more mature direction. I believe that (since her next album will most likely come out in her ’30s) the “I Am” side of her album is an introduction to the new, older Beyonce. Maybe she’s getting the 20 y.o pop star look out of her system?

  23. Its a sad day when this type of debauchery is justifies. I want ALL of these “singers” to stop gyrating wildly, and put some clothing on.

    It is sending young women the WRONG message. And to Stacey, no, a REAL woman knows she actually gets more attention (esp the positive kind) when she is FULLY clothed.

    Wake up people, this woman along with countless others are MISREPRESENTING women of color. This is digusting.

    In the words of this woman:

    Nasty put some clothes on!

  24. For all of you that is talking about you haven’t heard about her dong this and that we didn’t hear about Whitney and the rest of them until they deep deep into their addiction. There is definately something going on with her because her whole demeaner has changed. And her eyes just look dead. I don’t know what it is but something has changed about her.

  25. @M because somewhere in there God was there. This one here I don’t know. I don’t know her I don’t know if she does believe in God or not we all have backslid from time to time and she is back sliding. There is no way you can tell me that this is the same girl or young lady that she use to be and we are all gong to change but she does not seem to be changing for the best.

    She is not happy. Her husband seem to only want to show affection when the gay rumors come out. That has to be terrible. And don’t tell me that we keep it private when he is performing or just hanging out with other women he is smiling, happy, and all over them. She is desperate not from attention from us but attention from her husband. You can call me crazy a hater or anything else but I know when a woman is trying to let her man knowshe still exist.

  26. I agree with whoever commented earlier that even though she has accomplished alot Bey is not totally satisfied yet with her career, she still wants alot more awards and recogniton and until she gets it to the level she wants, I believe she will do whatever it takes to keep herself out there. I believe she wants to be the person with the highest honors/awards in almost every genre of entertainment.

  27. @Bee, you can’t say one thing about Whitney, then turn around & say that you don’t know Beyonce or her situation, but it must be a negative situation. I must say that something about your statement moved me; it would be really sad if it were true. You spoke pretty wisely…do I totally agree? No, not really…but you’re not wrong to think certain things…I tend to think that she receives attention from her husband; that things are ok & nothing sinister is lurking behind the skimpy outfits. All in all, she really seems like a good person, with heart. I don’t know her, but these people have souls that become battered in the public eye…Whitney turned to hard drugs & damn near lost her voice & her mind…she made it though. Who’s to say that Beyonce, or Rihanna, etc, won’t make it?

  28. @M-true, that’s why those of who are spiritual & know God need 2 pray not just for ourselves but entertainers as well. They have an influence that is beyond what we can comprehend. Some have more influence on these kids than their parents-now that’s scary. whateva the case, i pray for them cuz Rhianna and Beyonce don’t look happy. i noticed her eyes too-somethings are priceless- sanity and a peace of mind.

  29. @ DONNA, 9:31,

    NO ONE is saying she isn’t great. We all recognize her ability to sing and dance and entertain and look beautiful while doing it. The consensus is now that she is at the pinnacle of her career, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES because there is simply NO NEED to ride trends anymore. Thnx.

  30. I can’t believe you guy’s actually think Rihanna and Beyonce can actually sing. Since when does barely holding a note, singing through your nose and running around half naked mean you’re a great entertainer? Us men call it “Eye Candy”. Some of the greatest “Eye Candy” of this decade. Somebody said icon?……

  31. Plus, she seems to be taking off more clothing progressively. What else will she be removing?

    This is scary, I pray to G-d she and her husband get delivered from the evil empire that is the music industry.

  32. no matter what people say….ill stay put on beyonce…i know that you people you have your own opinion…. but please respect mine….i just love bee and sasha…ill respect your own opinion as you respect mine… the author….cmon ur being unfair on bey bcoz u post it in public….and her fans maybe will get second thoughts about bey…well its ur freewill…dont hate me for this….

  33. too bad for you!!! move on from her if you are tired of it. bey fans will continue to support her and continue to carry her to the top. she could be wearing a gown and some people who NEVER liked her will continue to complain. her songs have been doing fine without performances so clearly, people don’t like her just for what she has on her body.

  34. It seems like almost everyone has valid points.
    @BEE- But just because your smiling doesn’t mean that your happy right? But then again I’m not a person who constantly sits and studies body language. But getting back to the post I truly do think/hope that she will retire that attire.
    But like I already said I hope it works, because in the music industry you have to think about if you want to be a singer or a dancer before you give the world your music because you cant be both which sucks, because MJ was a great singer imo but he was recognized/respected more for his dancing, humanitarian, etc.(which are still great things)

  35. Even if you have a whitney voice(greatest imo) but you come out dancing your butt off (not necessarily even showing anything) then your next cd is mostly ballads you WON’T be recognized. Because you already make your mark as a um…”entertainer” instead of a singer I know sad.

  36. Beyawnce is slowing turning into Lil kim..a person with so much talent should need to resort to parading around on stage in her underwear & flashing her coochie…sad

  37. People say that beyonce nakedeness should be excused because she has “Talent” Yeah right a talented Whore Lol

  38. beyonce looks hot in that red suit.. she doesnt look trashy she looks sexy and beyonce isnt the only one who does this.. lady gaga exposes her ass cheeks and crotch.. i love her tho lmaooo

  39. lol… nearly all of those photos were from ‘single ladies’ performances.

    Does anyone remember that this album has a theme?!

    So there are distinctive things to differentiate the ‘sasha fierce’ and the ‘beyonce’

    now sasha is ‘bold, confident etc’
    So for single ladies, she wears a leotard.

    the body suit defines sasha fierce. thats why, with performances/videos from the Sasha side of the album, its the leotard.

    Duh! you think shes gonna have a theme for the album, and the first two singles. n then just stop when it comes to the performances and later music videos?!

  40. Funny, for those who think she is the baddest, the best performer, which is all redundant these days,

    don’t realize Beyawnsay is all noise, and show. There is absolutely no substance to her. She is an empty vessel. Her vocabulary is limited to words like amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, which is why I believe she does not speak for herself. She is a one dimensional artists. She is a choreographed dancer and sorry to say this a mediocre singer. Beyawnsay is a manufactured gimmick that has seen its better days.

    She can be as outlandish as she tries to be but she gets no major press coverage, not like the Crazy In Love days. Musically, she is suffering.

    Again, she is an unfulfilled artist. Why? She has the insatiable appetite for #1 and doesn’t earn it.

    She wanted an OScar not for the art of acting but for the status of winning.

    She wanted and practically begged to sing for Obama, after she saw Jennifer Hudson sing, of course Beywansay as calculating as she has always been, just had to get a piece of that shine. Yet, she chose to speak about the “historical election/participation” when it was time to promote her movie and even then on Larry King she sounded as always ignorant.

    She wanted to win Video of the year not because she thought she deserved, barring the fact SL is a total rip off of Fosse, but because she is trying to upstage Rihanna who won the honor for Umbrella.

    It’s not about hate, it’s about clear observation of someone so insecure in her skin, when she opens her mouth she insults other artists, but gravitates to the white and latinos she thinks are gonna give her credibility and boost her fan base.

    However, she has become just blah in the industry. She has done NOTHING to advance music, nothing worthy of ICON status. She released a double disc cd for that sole purpose.

    However, now that she sees no amount of sex she exudes will sell her music, she resorts to whoring herself down for the sake of attention. Looking at Beyawnsay she is tired and needs to rest. She is too old to be prancing around stage half nekkid with her legs spread like a jezebel.

    And yes other artist do it but Beyawnsay throws her pu&&y too hard, she tries too hard for the shock value effect. It’s over girl. Time for new blood! LOL!!!

  41. Janet Jackson performed for at least 7or 8 years fully clothes and Janet Jackson mainly wore clothing that showed her mid section and Janet Jackson never showed her full legs until the All For You Tour. Janet took a slow progression to taking her clothes off and when she did she was 26 or 27 and she was married. Most of the performer now start out being revealing.Janet was successful with Control and Rhythm Nation and she was dressed buttoned all up!!

  42. @ROCKON-It’s a shame that you had to call her “Beyawnsay” (immature/childish) because you sounded kind of intelligent, not all caps or anything like you usually do lol. But its also very obvious that you dont like beyonce so just get over it and move on to someone else I mean how long have you been chasin her?
    Its obvious she’s not going to change that with this cd/era so when the grammy’s come on this year and you see her on the red carpet change the channel, she’s performing change the channel, she’s accepting an award guess what…change the dam channel.

  43. The last thing we need now is for someone to complain about beyonce’s leotards (LMAO), THIS IS PLAIN OUT DUMB!!!

  44. @Rockon-yes, i will agree you make valid points when ur not insulting her non-stop, but Rhi does the same thing,& she would dance if she could lol. Poor rhirhi. But anyway, you seem 2 hate Beyonce-but love her protegee, Rhi(that was a good 1 rite) you come off more jealous than observant. since i don’t know ur age, but i have an idea, i’ll attribute it 2 that. But just be easy, stop lettin ur emotions run you bouts sum1 u don’t know. Bty ciara is best female dancer 4 this generation-B can’t do it all. Ciara does different types of dance, and the girl was floating in 1,2 step.

  45. @Daywalker-impressive but unfortunate. See what happens when your sex image overrides everything-people start thinking u can’t sing cuz when your on stage like that, all they see is body & for a man she might as well b mute. Who can hear your voice when they are fantasing about you. That’s the downfall, respect gets lessened. Now, i think obviously B is talented-vocal wise, but she focuses 2 much on her body. Alicia, well b4 her incident, is as beautiful, but is more discreet so maybe she don’t got the popularity like B, but she is more respected-hands down.

  46. If you don’t call this HATING, then by all means Im white! lol! You could have easily kept this to yourself, but yet you want to draw more problems about something that Beyonce and others for that matter have been doing for a while now. My advice to you is to GET OVER IT! Beyonce will continue to sell records why you are complaining about some damn outfit! SMH!

    And for you to say Rihanna is catching up to Beyonce is Ri-damn-diculous! Your homework for today should be to do a side-by-side comparison of all awards and etc that both have received and get back to me! Why pit these two together! Can’t we have two successful black women in the industry!

    With that said, hopefully no one will really care what people wear in the industry and listen to their music and judge only on that alone!

  47. the only thing that comes to mind is nasty girl put on some clothes, or does a woman have the right cos she is married to show the world her goodies 247. she looks like a slut just saying

  48. beyonce stans why are you callin this beyonce person BEYSUS and call jay z JAHOVA which means god these two are very demonic and they woship the devil jay z talks about being in a secret servic community in his songs it is clear that they are part of the illuminati freemasons but people are blind beyonce can sing but dhe is so overbearing she been promoting her album over a year she keeps putting out new videos every other month to stay in the public eye tiffany evans was right im glad she exposed them both plus rihanna if u go to u tube u will find proof do your research beyonce is trying to take over the world with jay z i think he is some kind of antichrist no lie plus type in your query sasha fierce +latter days and u will find out the truth behind beyonce look at the devilish performance at the emas shes wearing devil red and she wears nothing but trianagle outfits which represent the roc sign illuminati pyrimids its all over the internet even cnn got a hold of the story shes trying to tour in egypt to be close to the pyrimids she is evil im not hating this is real and beyonce also stoled the dance steps to this is it on her performance at the emas she wore devil red and red smoke was everywhere go to too for more info according to egypt beyonce is a devil woshipper watch utube it will show u the truth beyonce dresses like a sluttt she is a lust demon

  49. beyonce is nothing but a lust demon go to utube type in beyonce illuminati go to latter days = sasha fierce go to the go to beyonce is a devil woshipper

  50. accoring to egypt beyonce is a devil woshipper look it up do your research did you see her on the emas wearing all that red she is a freemason illuminati community that jay z talks about in his songs she wears v cut clothing to represent the devil illuinati go to u tube its everywhere she is possessed by the devil read her interviews type in latter days +sasha fierce

  51. go to u tube and type beyonce illuminati freemasons the truth is out there




    LET UP







  53. RIHANNA is America’s Bajan Sweetheart.

    Hilarious!!!!! Go Rihanna! Go!!!!

  54. RiRi will never have the relevance as B. For one B is a natural entertainer who has a lot of control over her creativity of her look, sound etc. RiRi is a pawn on the chessboard in the industry because she is not natural. Whatever makes her look good at that time it what she’ll be. When B went solo, she changed the game forever. So many fell off because she raised the bar and they could not keep up. Every new artist tries to immulate her with the hopes of us not noticing it. I am from H-town and I did not like B until I saw her in concert in another city. She is awsome. YOu have got to give her her props.

  55. And with the accomplishments and awards bey has gotten you dont need to be comparing her to rihanna she should have compared her to some of those legends, you can say what you want(she doesnt deserve to be compared to legends) but its only the truth and it won’t change her accolades.

  56. Beyonce and her attire is the writers opinion who is probably fat and ugly. Moving on the point of RIHANNA BEING ON BEYONCE’S HEELS! you must be on something! When Rihanna has songs that are nominated for Emmy’s and Oscars, win 5 Grammys in one night w/ a total of 10, Perform for the President, Capture the cover of Vogue and Sports Illustrated, Sell Out World Wide Tours w/o anyone else on the bill, Endorsement deals out the wazoo, and has respect from any and everyone in the industry then you can compare. BEYONCE IS THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN MUSIC PERIOD. We won’t even bring up her accomplishments with Destiny’s Child. This girl is head and shoulders above the rest. Just like someone else stated, Bey could wear a paper bag on her head and she’ll still be the hottest out!

  57. Please!!!…Beyonce is very talented… so whatever she wears is what she wants to wear and it is not to get attention because she has no talent like some other so called singers.

  58. @M I pray she does make it. I pray the all do. Let me tell you something, I don’t know if you read the book of Revelation but read and asked God for understanding when you read it.

    At some point and time in the future their are going ot be millions of people worshipping Satan. You can believe or not does not mean it’s not true. Do you know how much brain washing Lucifer has to do in order for that to happen. It starts with making love stories about demons and making it seems as though there could be good demons or bad demons. It starts with a little ganster rap then it goes from that too rapping about material things just nothing of substance. It begins with idolatry with. The false Gods that they talk about is the way we worship these celebrities and they way they can’t live without. We begin to legitimize with ourselves and rationilize the demonic behavior we see in public. We begin to empathize with the foolishness that we all know deep down in our hearts is just wrong. There is something telling us that this behaviour is wrong but we push that voice aside because debauchery feels good and is fun.

    I am not trying to stand up here and act like I am holy than thou but look at all the stuff that is geared towards the youth. Read the book of Revelation and look at everything that is going on today. The normal will becomes unnormal and the unnormal because the normal. Man will lay with man as if they are husband and wife. These are not my words these words way before I was ever thought of.

    We all know that there is something wrong with the entertainment world. Why would the devil not use the entertainment world they reach the masses. The change the way act, think, and even the way we dress. So you can keep sleeping if you want to but my eyes are fully awoke and see things for what they are.

    Now do me one more favor start turning the volume down low so you can’t hear the music and watch these people perform it’s very ritualistic what they do. Turn the volume down on your computer and just listen to the words that are in most of this music. Like I said don’t take my word for it use your eyes and ears and hear with your heart and soul.

  59. I swear I was really thinking the same thing. She doesnt need to be half nake to sell records now. She’s older and “has a ring on it” why does she fill the need to dress half naked all the time . That last outfit was Too”half naked”

  60. I agree with the author of this piece. This is an act of shear desperation for someone who is well established and should not have to compete. She has accomplished all there is to accomplish in her industry and has made a handsome living off her stans. So, is this greed plus desperation? She shouldn’t have to work this hard or reveal so much of herself to get attention at this stage. Her brand alone should have people running to see a great show, not her ever revealing crotch. Its low class and cheapens her act/image.

  61. @RUSERIOIS, Bey can hardly sing. Sorry. Rihanna can hardly sing. These young females again can barely hold a note. That’s not talent, it’s a machine with a whole lot of money pushing a product down your throat until you actually believe those people actually have talent and can sing. Even on Beyonce’s single “Ego” she’s trying to run a scale that she can hardly touch during a bridge in the song. Come on now. Let me ask you and the others, will you be hearing “Ego” and “Umbrella” 10,15,20 years from now? that school teacher in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day off”, Anybody?..Anybody? No you wont. I’ll answer it for I won’t go true talent and great singing like Patti Labelle or Chaka Khan. That would be way over the head. How about real talent of today? 1. Jennifer Hudson 2.Rhian Benson 3. Alicia Keys, who can play an instrument. 4. N’dambi 5. Eryka Badu, who can out blow ALL of them. 6. Chrisette Michele. Now granted these women are not shoving their crotch in my face or showing me their chest at every given opportunity, but THEY have talent. THEY can sing and THEY are great entertainers and are on their way. Now don’t get it twisted, I love my beautiful black woman. You guy’s are my “KRYPTONITE”, but when I want to hear you sing, I want to hear you sang! Anybody, Anybody? lol.

  62. LMAO at the thought that rihanna is even close to beyonce’s league. leaving talent out of it for a second, rihanna doesn’t have the recognition, awards, or respect beyonce has. when is rihanna going to win 10 grammys? where is rihanna’s #1 movies that grossed 100mil worldwide? where’s rihanna’s GG nomination? where’s rihanna’s talked about performances? where is rihanna’s top selling dvd? where’s her SOLD OUT world tour? wait, she has NONE of these things. the girl got lucky and has ONE successful album and people like you want to put her on a pedestal. her new cd is already struggling out of the gate. 3 singles (one of which turned into a buzz single), a song that is stalling at radio now and is falling on intunes all within 2 and a half weeks. she has yet to prove herself. next time you want to make such a remark, i suggest you do your research. not to mention, she’s still managed to sell only 12mil with three albums. beyonce did that with her FIRST cd alone. like jay says: men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

    the tour has earned 53mil of the 55 dates counted…clearly, her fans don’t give a crap about what you or anyone else thinks about her tour custumes.

    furthermore, beyonce has said out of her mouth that she’s not here to be anyone’s role model. she’s aware that she has influence, but it is not her job to raise anyone’s child and she’s 100% correct. rihanna is the person who claims she wants to be a role model for her young fans. why don’t you tell her to stop walking around with her boobs (nipple rings to be specific) showing and her ass hanging out? unless i missed something, beyonce may be in body suits, but i don’t remember seeing her nipple rings on and off the stage!

  63. anyone who claims beyonce can hardly hold a note is a flat out hater.

    i doubt legends like prince, patti, diana, luther, michael, bono, whitney, mary, chaka, all her peers and the president and first lady will be singing her praises if she could hardly hold a note.

  64. Oh yeah, throw my baby ADRIANA EVANS on that list of great singers and entertainers.

  65. @ WOHOO, First of all I don’t hate on anyone, let alone some females. If WERE to hate on anyone it would be Denzel Washington. Dude gets all the And as far as the pres and the others you’ve listed, what would they look like saying something negative in the press about today’s lack of talent? I’m just keeping real. YOU could probably out sing Rihanna and dance better than Bey with a little assistance. Your idols are fine though.

  66. @daywalker,

    um, those people i mentioned continue to RAVE about her. they don’t speak of her just to speak of her and say positive things about her in the press. prince is even covering her song suga mama at his concerts. bono was at her concert in the diva zone stanning out. patti says she believes that beyonce is only a few of the talents out now who can actually sing. the president and first lady chose her to sing at their historical inauguration. if her voice isn’t for you, then that’s fine. however, to say she can barely hold a note is a bit extreme. if you are interested, check out her performance of listen on oprah, the one she did at xfactor, her performance of the way we were at the kennnedy center honors, danegerously in love at the grammys and many more if you are interested. if there’s one thing beyonce can do, it’s sing. her voice just may not be for you!

  67. I get why alot of people say beyonce cant sing because they are probably used to church belting which there is NOTHING wrong with that at all because I get goosebumps from it. But when I started studying vocals the tone, CONTROL, power, versatility, emotion, vibrato etc. Beyonce has the full package she has ALL those things I just mentioned singing ISN’T just about how powerful, you can belt its about all those things put together.

    @WOHOO- I was going to tell them to look up the same exact performances lol also the national anthem, irreplaceable in L.A., but the thing that I thinks really going to when people over (not these people on this blog lol) is the “I Am Yours” dvd. cant wait to see that.

  68. in defense of daywalker-he seem like a man’s man-meaning much testerone going on-which isn’ bad-but most men aren’t buying beyonce’s cd-mostly gay men and maybe a handful of straight men. one of the few females that had men and females buying was lauryn. i mean i used to hear duds bump lauryn. im telling you most straight men see beyonce as eyecandy & she is only relevant when they are fantazing in their room, umm ya’ll get the hint.

  69. @daywalker- i just read your comment addressed 2me- sorry im 1 of them people who skim comments then comment. Sorry, yes B is manufactured that’s why she scared to drop the streaked blond wig, cuz she know the mixed girl look goes a long way,adnbut i actually think she can sing. Now, of course she ain’t touching Jennifer(God breathes in Jhud’s throat errytime she sing) and the likes of Crisette Michelle, and patti,etc, but the girl can sing. Trust, if she was half-clothed i think you might rethink it-but its opinions. REgarding content-ur right garbage. she don’t got 50 yr old singing ego, but alicia have them singing her songs. B can grab a wide range of audience. But anway im done with this blog. Good stuff tho.

  70. @bee-yes sista, you my brownsista & a sister in Christ. Im glad u read revelations-luv that book. uno many things are coming 2 pass if you look around the world. He said, “even if it is possible the elect would be deceived. uno what i realized we can’t change minds-only He can. I just pray he turns people hearts 2 the truth, and not just about music, about Him. Once that is revealed, errything will fall in place. But yeah he said,
    “good will be called evil, and evil will be called good.”

  71. Beyonce stans are pathetic just Like rihanna stans People can’t win for losing with you, when we don’t give any of them props we are hating,When we do give them props we are still hating Make up your damn mind, I don’t like neither of these chicks, They will be a faint memory of the past the minute someone better comes along, and you are talking about a bar that beyonce set, ROTFL if that bar was so high then they wouldn’t be a rihanna, The moment Rihanna gets pu&&y grinding 101 down, Beyonce is over, What bar?Set high where? Beyonce is only on top because the other female let her be, If tomorrow ashanti decide to come out with a blond weave and snatch beyonce’s song writers, and choreographer the same people speaking adorations here will migrate towards her so again what bar? For beyonce to be the best she needs to be out her competition, Who is even trying to compete with her? Nobody..People don’t care she is the only one in her lane so how can she be the best ?Same right rihanna she is the only one in her lane so how the hell can she be the best ? Both of these chicks have no competition out there which is why people put them against each other,Beyonce build her career on her image WHICH IS WHY rihanna seems like her only competition since she did the same, It does not matter who sings the best it’s about what they represent and that is sex sex sex , Calling lj Knight a “fat and ugly hater” is not changing the fact that people are TIRED of beyonce and her last albums sales speak the truth, You can’t handle the truth then don’t blog,but calling people names over beyonce is extremely childish 🙂 Beside you really think beyonce will love you more? or call you? text? twitter? LooL YOU ALL ARE SOME YOUNG very young chicks you’ll learn…

  72. All the components that Beyonce has someone in the music industry today lacks.
    SO…Bottom line is, if you put beyonce on the stage with anyone haven’t rehearsed, no instruments or anything and you said “do you” she will come out very strong and most likely on top. Period.

  73. Beyonce can straight up sing her butt off…THAT shouldn’t be an issue. This topic isabout her clothes; it is established that homegirl can sing for days! Please don’t give me that; at least sound like you’re a bit more observant & aware of talent. She doesn’t have a typical “gospel” voice (which gets old btw) but hers is special because it is both angelic & soulful. Let’s be real, shall we? To say that she straight up “cant’ sing” is embarrassing to say the least…it makes me question your ear. Liek someone said before, her voice just isn’t FOR YOU. But because it’s not FOR YOU, doesn’t make it any less talented. Geez.

  74. You’re not tired of Bey’s crotch enough LJ Knight. What’s stopping you from skipping her crotch shots and fast fowarding her performances?

    Bey wants to wear very revealing close in public, so be it. Why are you so invested in another grown woman’s choice? Worry about own.

  75. She can sing I don’t think anyone should say that. But her voice is very basic. There is nothing about her voice that stands out too me.

  76. @RUSERIOUS: My sister in christ I will keep preaching and saying God’s words and hope they will here. Because there is a plot and a plan to still all souls. Please believe me.

  77. @bee-a good forum where you can find like-minded people is watchman’s cry. Trust me, very informative-it shows you how currents event are paralleling to the Bible. its like a family ova there-uno how sometimes you feel like an alien on this site tryna talk about God, not ova there-u fit rite in.

  78. @Bee, Ruserious
    Trust, your words aren’t going unheard…it’s refreshing to hear God’s word & linking the word to current events; that’s the point of the bible & why God wants us to read it in the first place. So THANK YOU; we may not agree on certain things, but opinions are always heard & respected (especially when you back it up with the word)

  79. These are some excellent posts, analogies…

    @Some Stranger On A Forum

    “I don’t like neither of these chicks, They will be a faint memory of the past the minute someone better comes along, and you are talking about a bar that beyonce set, ROTFL if that bar was so high then they wouldn’t be a rihanna,”

    Very insightful and so true…everything you said…Rihanna, Glamour’s “Woman of The Year”…Keri Hilson, “Rising Icon”…luv them both, but it’s all just marketing.


    Erykah Badu said at one of her concerts that about only 5% of the people really know what time it is!


    You would make an excellent sitcom writer, you should contact Tyler Perry or write a screenplay or sumpthin!

    Very intelligent, humorous, passionate people, whether it’s a nay or yea!


  80. @RUSERIOUS: I will check that out but one of things most Christians make the mistake of, and I am not saying you do this, is we talk to each other. Jesus came to this planet and he healed the sick and talked to the wicked. Most of his disciples were men of extreme moral fibre problems. So you have to go where the spirit leads you and I felt today it led me here.

    If these people on this blog thinks that it is okay for a woman whether married or not to get on stage and perform in that manner and there is nothing wrong with her they are just as sick as she is. And then to think that it is okay to market that image to little girls we have a bigger problem in our communities than I thought. This is a lost person and she is begging to be found. She is surrounded by people who see her as a dollar sign and will tell her anything looks great just so they can keep getting paid. There was a couple of other people I remember that were like that I think their names wer Elvis and Michael and they both died a tragic death just because someone didn’t say stop. Just stop you can’t do that. So like I said she is lost and she has a lot of lost people following her.

  81. can any1 recall sum bey perfomance whr she was simulating a car.?tht was damn right epic.n she was fully dressed for it so bey dsnt nid the leotards or body suits.

    we all knw she kills on stage beta than any otha artist besides the l8 M.J.n hu are the haters kidding bey can sing her ass off ny1 disagree then watch Caddilac records.stop h8n plis.ain sayin she the best cos brandy won me ova but dang it listen 2 sum of the songs in tht movie n then get back 2 me.bitch can sinG N THTS A FACT!!


  82. stop comparing beyonce to michael jackson the only thing she does is steal dance moves and songs for a career her cd sucks and she cant even dance beter than ciara or keri hilson get the hell out of here if anyone is the next mj it is janet,ciara or keri hilson beyonce just shakes her butt thats not dancing are u blind shes so busy showing her body u forget how dum the songs are she is a queen of lust

  83. beyonces voice is common anyone can copy her all i can say is the end of the world is coming do your research this is wrong and triflin ho she dresses wake up stans













  86. i dont need to see the edges of her pu$$y to know she’s a great artist (no im not a fan)…..

    her outfuts can be sexy and revealing..its ok.. but its just raunchy now…no thank you. not needed. taking away from the talent everyone says she has.

    go to a mary concert where she wears a wife beater, ripped jeans and pumps…all you see is MARY..

    thats what i want…

  87. @ GAbrielle and RUSERIOUS
    i could not agree with you more..I am a huge Beyonce fan, i love her music and performances. BUT, i agree when i saw her last pictures at the last award show, i was disappointed. i am tired these outfit with her ctotch hanging out and then the dancing doesn’t help..again i love beyonce and at first i was like its hot but now it like old and tired and its like she is trying to hard and she dont have too. i will buy her album if she had on a trash bag.. i dont want bey to let her sexy image overshawdow her talent.

  88. 17150918, you are on point especially with your last post regards to explaining her vocal stylings. Even though, Bey can take it there(she actually does a lot of Call and Respond), she does other things with her voice that sets her apart.

    In bwboard, we have a thread about her voice almost everyday. That’s telling right there. Not everyone is going to appreciate what she does and brings to the table but as long as her fans, that’s all that matters.






    HELL NO!!!




  92. I am trying my darnedest not to make a long post because the points that some have made aren’t getting it. It’s seems to me that people want to see her as they do no matter what.

    It’s kind of sad actually. I saw someone say that her outfits take away from her talent. If she was wearing them EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE, I could see that. BUT SHE DON’T.

    That’s what baffles my mind with comments like the ones I am seeing. Another thing, I never worry about entertainers being a “role model” to the younger people in my family because they aren’t supposed to. I am not let my future children listen to Making Love in Between the Sheets, by the Isleys, for example.

    A classic song, but too racy for any kid to listen to. I bet NONE OF YOU have stopped listening to songs that talk about sex or anything like that.

    I bet none of you are saying, Usher needs to stop taking off his shirt when he performs. That’s the double standards that happens when it comes to men and females, and it’s a shame because it’s usually the females that do this.

    Another poster said that Bey is just eye candy to str8 men. All female artists are, no matter what image they have. Most str8 men aren’t going to buy R&B albums or rap albums by females. The WOMEN are going to do that. The women are the buying audience for music. Especially R&B.

    So if Beyonce’s image was THAT offensive, she would have no buying audience at all because her audience are FEMALES. 18-30 is her demographic. So all these, she looks like a tramp and harlot comments are ridiculous. Like I said, I didn’t want to make a long essay of a post, but these things have to be said.

  93. And another thing, for the posters who say that Beyonce has done nothing to advance music: Beyonce is one of the best Rhythmic singers of her time. If not the best.

    In fact, she is the only female artist of this decade to have 6 songs debut on the rhythmic from her newest album. The last female to do that, was JANET.

    She’s a big influence on Rhythmic music, in fact, BBC Soul had a documentary going back to Ruth Brown on the history of Rhythmic Music and Beyonce was the end of that documentary. She’s consider the future of that genre. That’s her lane and other artists coming into the game see this and try to put some of her sound in their music.

    So peeps can dismiss her accomplishments and contributions to the music industry. She’s the only female artists under 30 to have a legend award for contibutions to music and the arts(WMA awards). That alone refutes this opinion that some have.

  94. So again the bottom line is if beyonce wore beautiful flowing non revealing gowns for the next 10 years non of you would still respect her because you never cared for her in the first place. (lets just keep it real).

    One more thing and then Im out. Think about this if you put beyonce and for instance jhud/chrisette up on stage and they sang each others BALLADS do you honestly think jhud or chrisette could sing “listen”, “dangerously in love”, “ave maria”. And dont let bey’s POP(which appeals to white audience) voice fool you because she can be very versatile and sing a song like “and im telling you”


  96. CoCo ice-Y’s wife dresses like this everyday.. soo,, why ya’ll aint talking about her?

  97. and another thing she is NOT the ONLY artist that does this why don’t people talk about the, At least she is running around like Rhianna wearing see through shirts and dresses…

  98. @Curtis,17150918 Good points!

    Beyonce has a much more versatile voice than these so called powerhouses…only Beyonce can sing a song called “Single Ladies”, then turn around & sing “If I Were a Boy”, then impress Barbara Streisand by singing “The Way We Were”, then sing “Diva”, then sing “Dangerous…” you get my point. Like I said before, her voice isn’t the typical gospel voice…but it’s special. It’s easily recognizable & HARD to emulate. When I go to church, I can point out 3 J-Huds and 2 Chrisettes; not taking away from their talent but ppl are putting them on this end-all, be-all vocal pedestal. At the end of the day, some of YOU may not remember a vocal performance that moves you, but I promise you that she will be remembered for great things.

    YES, she has set a bar…because of her, we expect singers not to lipsynch. We expect them to have incredible stamina onstage. We expect them to have charisma, to show passion & become characters onstage, & most importantly, to SING.

    When it comes to her choice of outfits, at least nothing’s done for the hell of it. They are thematic & support this era of her career. When it’s all said and done, only Jay-Z gets a peak at Sasha Fierce (in the bedroom) because we don’t see Beyonce rolling around the Champs Elysees in a see through bodysuit.

    If she indeed needs help, she will get it. God knows her heart, not us. No matter how many skimpy outfits she wears, we can not judge her character. Judge her taste level, but not her heart. Let God do his job.

  99. When was on top when it was her time. Her time is up and she still wants to be on top. Every artist has their time to shine. Her shine is over. She doesn’t even represent for brown sistas. She is so hard core about keeping her hair away from the blackness. She straigtened her nose and wears butt pads. She’s been lying about having a bootylicious booty. She doesn’t care about her fans, if she did, she wouldn’t switch out from Shakira to Lady Gaga. She just wants to stay in the limelight. There is no next album soon. She has to do one more album with DC. By the time she thinks about doin another solo album, she’ll be atleast 32. Her looks are already starting to catch up with her. Plus, men can rap longer than women can sing. Jay-Z is damn near 40 and still on top. When we women hit 30, it’s basically down hill. She doesn’t want to be washed up while her man is still on top and trying to get with the next hottest singer (Rhianna). He seems much happier when he’s with Rhianna and she know this. She can’t shake them butt pads forever and I don’t think her voice is going to hold it down. She can sing but not sang and I’ve never heard any soul or bone chilling notes from her. She knows wsup with her career, that’s why all the desperation. She did have a song with the words “Nasty put some clothes on” which she needs to take heed and put some on herself (desperation). She needs to stop being fake and keep it real for the brown sistas. She’s just pretty. The talent is forgettable. On the real, an average brown sista can do what she does or even more.

  100. @Gigi, I think your opinion is totally invalid. It’s chock full of judgements, which is pretty sad. If Madonna can hold it down at 50, then Beyonce should have no problem continuing her career. If Gwen Stefani can rock out at 39, Beyonce will be right behind her. Jay-Z doesn’t want Rihanna, & Rihanna doesn’t want Jay-Z…so no competition there. If anything, Beyonce’s drive won’t allow her to flop at any age.

    They thought Destiny’s Child was all she had. Then Crazy in Love would be her only hit. Then Irreplaceable was the last great song she would ever sing. Here we are, 10 years later with Single Ladies. If she continues to outdo herself every album, the sky’s really the limit & ppl like you will just keep saying how (insert song) will be her last hit.

  101. Hey gigi i really liked and disliked your post at the same time so weird lol as far as her trying to look white, being a liar, and being confused i think even her in deep denial followers know that but that is something that SHE has to deal with, all we should care about is the music/and the image,Believe it or not, Everytime beyonce is on tv she represent Black women WHEN WHERE AND HOW are we supposed to catch all the people who watch her and explain to them that not all of us are raunchy, disrespectful of marriage ,unlady like, insecure and what not? So it’s easy for people to say “Don’t worry about her worry about your own” But she is (Sadly) one of us we have to worry about that,We are a minority in this damn country it’s about time to get in line and be it not look like it ,however i am STRAIGHT with you beyonce can sing but she cannot sang no matter how much i’ve tried to lie to myself about it,I’ve studied music i know a strong vocalist when i see one and she is not it, she could be, But i feel like her fans (they’ll be the death of her) convinced her someway that she was so much it that she thinks that she doesn’t need improvement which is sad…

  102. Hey gigi i really liked and disliked your post at the same time so weird lol as far as her trying to look white, being a liar, and being confused i think even her in deep denial followers know that but that is something that SHE has to deal with, all we should care about is the music/and the image,Believe it or not, Everytime beyonce is on tv she represent Black women WHEN WHERE AND HOW are we supposed to catch all the people who watch her and explain to them that not all of us are raunchy, disrespectful of marriage ,unlady like, insecure and what not? So it’s easy for people to say “Don’t worry about her worry about your own” But she is (Sadly) one of us we have to worry about that,We are a minority in this damn country it’s about time to get in line and be it not look like it ,however i am STRAIGHT with you beyonce can sing but she cannot sang no matter how much i’ve tried to lie to myself about it,I’ve studied music i know a strong vocalist when i see one and she is not it, she could be, But i feel like her fans (they’ll be the death of her) convinced her someway that she was so much it that she thinks that she doesn’t need improvement which is sad…

  103. Do you all really believe that J-Hud and Chrisette couldn’t sing Listen not only would they sing it they would take it away from her and she would never sing it again. You all just go to far with this woman. Her voice is not all that and why you all are trying to make her out to be the best and baddest singer ever I will never understand and won’t even try but you are just making assesz of yourselves now.

    And rumor has it that Striesand hated what Beyonce did to her song. Everyone is not obsessed with this woman and some of you all need to realize that. Outside of a few black blogs no one else is even talking about her. Get real people.

  104. J-Hud & Chrisette could sing Listen, just not as well. It’s not about vocal range; the song wouldn’t suit their tones in a flattering way, just like “And I Am Telling You” or “Epiphany” wouldn’t suit Beyonce’s tone. No one is saying she’s the baddest, but give credit where credit is due.

    Like I said, J-Hud & Chrisette (& many others) aren’t the end-all, be-all of vocal talent. If anything, look out for Rachele Ferrell…that sista blows all the others outta the water, including the mighty Jennifer Hudson.

    (@Bee, where did you hear that Streisand hated her rendition? I HIGHLY doubt that. The look on her face proved otherwise imo.)

  105. @M- GREAT POINTS and so true.

    This is soo off topic but I remember when the First Lady, Sasha, and Malia when to Bey’s concert people were actually turning against the Obama’s, I seen things like who cares about her anyways, she’s a nobody just like beyonce, and my personal favorite(and off this site i might add)”i do agree with the statement that the Obamas are over hyped …….all these calculated family outings are a distraction from real issues at hand,i now view him as more of a reality tv show star than a president,i think he is in love with fame…

    @BEE- When/where did you hear that Barbra hated her rendition? Im not going to even wait on the answer because thats obviously a lie. You could see Barbra loved that performance the way she was so connected to just watching Beyonce, I never even seen her look away once.
    @ some stranger on a forum- And I’VE studied vocals for a couple of years now, and if YOU really did your homework you would know that Bey has ALL the right elements. I mean do you really think Jhud could sing classical music come on just be real with YOURSELF. Dont lie to yourself its not healthy.

    Honestly while yall are naming people like Jhud Bey’s biggest competition as far as vocals go are Christina A. and Fantasia.

    And god forbid but if beyonce died tomorrow you people honestly think she hasn’t brought anything to the music industry and wouldnt be remembered as one of the best to ever do it???

  106. 17150918: How dare you insult my intelligence? i am not one of your internet buddies, to play dices with respect your elders little girl, and if you had done your homework (assuming that you even stepped feet in a Vocal performance class)it would be IMPOSSIBLE for you to sit here and nearly call this woman a virtuoso,Knowing that her vocal capacities ARE LIMITED, and that she is using technique to fool people into believing that her voice has any type of substance. Just because you mastered Guitar , heroes does not give you any leverage to put your 2 cents when grown people are talking, and you sitting here and making a comparison between beyonce and Christina aguilera, and bringing Fantasia into shows that you CLEARLY don’t have a clue about what you are talking about, and if tomorrow beyonce dies of course everyone will be praising her talent but give it a year before the hottest thing step up and take that crown then she will just be a faint memory tormenting YOUR nightmares, Sorry if it hurts but it is the truth There will be millions of her likes (dianaross/tinaturner) in the future D.E.A.L with it. You can deny it all you want don’t matter to me , Gotta come down

  107. LOL at some stranger on a forum typing like she’s my mother. Where do I start I insulted your intelligence because you already had done it yourself if your saying people who are REALLY limited in range, control, basically almost everything is better than someone who has all those attributes. obviously you dont know anything about ones voice if you think that jhud is a better singer than bey point blank period. Ive never physically touched guitar hero in my life but that was a funny joke lol. Beyonce can blow you away but you will still think she has no substance because you dont like her get over it 4real. She’s had countless standing ovations because people(music legends, producers, other artist) have felt the voice and “technique” she was singing not everyone gets those only the ones who truly deserve it.
    Its funny how you all of a sudden studied music after someone(me) mentioned I do.
    Oh yeah I only wanna hear one more thing from you and that is: Can Jhud sing classical music???

  108. O yea also I compared C.A. and Fantasia to her because mainstream wise they for me are her closest comp. If fantasia stops all the yelling you can hear that she has perfect pitch, control breathing techniques etc. watch the national anthem at the baseball field and you will see what I’m talking about. And Christina I really dont have anything to say that white/latina chick can sing her a** off PROPERLY just like bey.

  109. Really Beyonce can sing classical music? I hope you aren’t referring to the BET Awards?
    Anywho, back to the clothes. Beyonce can’t become any less riskier with her clothing choice. She started out with dresses just a little too skimpy then EVOLVED to the “cleveland” baring leotards. She does need to change it up. She’s far past the progressing my image stage, there is nowhere else to go with it. AND GET RID OF THE ECHO IN “LIVE” PERFORMANCES!!! She’s also lipsynced like every other artist who does more than walk around on stage.


  111. M, you are so on point with your comments. And a perfect example of what you made about Jen especially is that she HAS sang DIL and Listen(With Bey on the oscars), and not only her tone but her lack of agility is really evident when she sings those songs.

    Now Bey don’t have the power or fullness of tone that Jen has, nor is she belting higher than Jen because Jen is a Dramatic Soprano and Bey is a Full Lyric Mezzo. But that’s ok because what makes a great vocalist is working what you have.

    Bey has one of the best ears in the industry, as Prince even said of her, she has impeccable rhythm and pitch. That’s what she brings to the table.

    I was not going to say anymore because this could go on and on, but I had to vouch for what you said because it was so on point and you weren’t dissing the others because all three have their characteristics with regards to their voice and vocal stylings.

  112. And with Chrisette, she has great color with her tone. Her and Bey are probably of their age group when it comes to that. She’s also an alto so Bey’s upper register is actually more consistent and stronger than Chrisette.

    For example, Bey’s signature note is the F over a Tenor C, Chrisette can do it, but not as well as Bey because her vocal “fach” is lower than Bey’s.

    But her tone is awesome though, and stamps whatever song she sing(more than Bey’s tone does depending on the song) and she has a passion for being a great vocalist. She still has a lot to learn and will be great as well as having longevity. I love Bey, Chris and Jen. All of them have their strengths and attributes that I love as vocalists.

  113. @Curtis

    THANKS!! Great comments and you clearly supported your stance. I am a Beyonce, Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, Faith Evans, Mary J Blige, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Angie Stone, Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu fan and the list goes on for any sister with TALENT. If I listen to Jill Scott, I don’t expect to listen to Beyonce’ expecting to hear the same type of lyrics, the same style of singing and identical voices. They are two totally different vocalists and I love that I can relax with Jill Scott or dance and sing to Beyonce. I can’t believe that so many SISTA’s want to diminish the accomplishments of this young, successful BLACK woman. Some of you actually had the audacity to attempt to justify your JUDGEMENTAL remarks by questioning this woman’s religious views and/or beliefs. I can understand if you’re tired of seeing the leotards/bodysuits because you would like to see more versatility in her outfits when she is performing but to question her beliefs and to state a singer in her late 20’s is beyond her prime is RIDICULOUS.

    What does Cher and Madonna (over 50 yrs old) wear versus Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand’s attire? EXACTLY. A SINGER and an ENTERTAINER will not wear the same type of attire. An Entertainer moves onstage and performs intricate choreography with backup dancers while singing and a Singer moves casually from certain points on the stage and minimal dancing is involved with their performance. Sisters, let’s be realistic and stop with these superficial standards of morality you attempt to place on each other (but you don’t adhere to yourself). If you like Beyonce, fine, if not, support the artists that YOU prefer.

  114. 17150918: You are a child and nothing you type make sens, you sound like a teenage desperate to get her point across by any means necessary stop lying to yourself get your behind off of the computer stop praising a woman who is already set for life and go get your own, Then you’ll impress me OR ANYONE ELSE you’re trying to 🙂

  115. @17150918- that was clever and immature that you did that because I dont know who to refer you as.But I’ll take a shot at it and say someone I’ve already had a disagreement with. But going on NO I’m not talking about the BET awards Im tallking about singing french at the oscars, also learn to be lonely at the oscars, ave maria at rockefeller center etc. the list could go on. And as far as the echo effect its to entertain give the SONG more ummph also some of her songs use echo “if i were a boy” for ex.

    @Curtis- Bey’s actually a dramatic mezzo soprano she has a more deeper raspier voice. Great points also but these people wont understand because they dont want to.(also have you seen that why your beautiful live? if not you HAVE to see it I didnt even like the song until her performance at the Wynn and the signature Prince scream…nailed it)
    @sepiastar- GREAT POINT and glad that you respect all of them like they should be!

    P.S. I like all the SINGERS but dont try and act like one has minimal talent, because they are more progressed, and versatile than the others. Give credit when/where it’s due.

  116. @SSOF- Im not little or a girl but…Ok I will do just that, just make sure you keep going to your vocal classes because you have ALOT to learn. Be easy my BROWN SISTA.

  117. Beyonce primarily identifies, unfortunately, with her alter ego self. She loves Sasha the Slut Fierce more than she loves God.

  118. @M-shut up. My point is always valid cause it’s mine. She can’t sAng at all. She has no soul. She can yoddle her butt off. As a matter of fact she did that already that’s why she wears butt pads. You must not know what soul is obviously. Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle is soul. Whitney has soul and even crazy a$$ Mariah. Beyonce will never be as great as any of these women above. Madonna is not holding it down. She’s copying just like Beyonce is a copier. She’s trying to adopt black kids like Angelina Jolie and have a pyt like Demi. She’s wack too. Nice example. You don’t know what real music is. Gwen Stefani is unique and different, that’s why she’s still here. She’s doesn’t look her age either. Beyonce is far from a homegirl. No one has to put her out the game, she’s doing a great job of that herself: stealing songs, saying she wrote songs when she didn’t, lying about her body, being fake, etc. I see why you idolize her; you don’t recognize real from fake. If she wasn’t pretty she wouldn’t be in this game. Both Kelly and Latoya sings better than her. Where are they? Why do you think her daddy is hatin on Latoya? Her parents have been shoving her behind in front of people and now groupies like you are still doing it. Why do you think people only compare her to Rhianna and not people like Whitney or Mariah? She can’t even sing better than Christina Aguilera.

  119. @gigi, how about YOU shut up? In that whole essay, you had nothing to say. Fail.

  120. & thank you Curtis, excellent points. I think this argument is officially a wrap.

  121. @GIGI- you obviously believe EVERYTHING you hear. And yoddle???LOL it’s called vibrato and EVERY singer should have some type of it.

  122. Thanks, Sepia. M and 17150918 also. Makes me feel good that we can actually have a mature convo, whether we agree or disagree. And it is ok to disagree, you know what I mean?

    I love your musical taste in regards to female vocalists. All of them have something to offer. For example, I am not a fan of Alicia’s tone like that, but she sings with such passion and her voice especially in her middle register is so warm and inviting. Diary is my fave AK song for that reason.

    Then you have Kelly R. who may not have the most power, but she has such a smooth, pure tone. Like Untouched Spring Water. I love when she sings ballads the best because that clarity comes out more.

    Erykah does the most with so little, meaning she is not trying to wow you with rangethough she does have (she has belted a D over High C before). She comes from the school of Billie Holiday where tone, emoting and phrasing is more important than range. It works for her.

    And as for Chaka, Whitney, Jill Scott(The woman uses her voice in a a remarkable way, I can talk about her voice all day, but this is not the topic), MJB(The most influential female artist of the last 20 years) are all legends and their music and talents speak for themselves.

    I was saying on another Beyonce topic that this is really a great time for female vocalists coming into the game. So many good ones, especially with their own flavor even though labels are fully allowing many of them to show it all the way, but that’s another topic.

    I believe when it is all said and done, history is going to be very favorable to this era. *Sorry for the long posts, I love talking music*

  123. 17150918, I am not 100% sure that Bey is a dramatic only because her tone is “bright”(I am saying these terms to you because you know what I am saying) when she sings in her upper register. But she does have that raspiness especially in lower tone. But then again, DMSs have a warm higher register but strong rich mid register and Bey has that.

    Plus she is so agile with her voice too and most dramatic aren’t. But I have heard people who I respect with regards to the voice, say the same as you. So I can see it. I would love to see an interview where someone who works with Bey’s voice tell us what her vocal fach is because the voice is funny thing to analyze at times.

  124. I still can’t believe Michelle Obama said that Beyonce was a good role model for her two young daughters. Beyonce has a goody two shoes image off stage, but on stage and in her music videos, she does nothing but pop her coochie and sells sex.

  125. beyonce s voice aint that great i can copy her anyone can its just plain vocals

  126. @curtis- yea it’s a shame that people have to down her and lie to themselves while doing it but enough of that. Yes her voice is very agile and versatile, she at one note then skips right into another so smoothly and effortlessly. I would love to for her to do a performance where she sings a whole song acapella that would be unbelievable.

  127. LOL Kill this thread. The skimpy tramp attire backfired on Beyawnsay. She thought she was gonna be the talk of the news, but seems like BS is only one giving this chick shine.

    Try again beyawnsay.

  128. I like how the red looks on her- as a previous poster pointed out, Beyonce is an entertainer, and she does it very well.

    I think the black community places superficial standards on our singers and entertainers.

    Obviously all can not sound alike or dress alike ….then of course we will have the familiar juvenille thread of ‘swagger jacking’.

    Me personally, I only liked 2 songs from Beyonce’s last album (which I didn’t get, so I guess it’s a good thing she releases so muany songs :p )

    I personally wishes she would pleassse do something with that hair of hers and I honestly don’t think she is all that gorgeous.

    But do I wish her ill, or that she would ‘fall off’? Absolutely not.

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