I Don’t Do That: Sexual No-No’s

Making love to your partner for the first time can really be a tricky affair. Chances are your nerves are already wrecked as it is. Wondering if the other person will like your body or if that weird mole on your nipple will scare them off, are probably just a few of the crazy thoughts swirling through your head already.

Nothing however can make that situation worse than discovering your significant other wants to either perform or have you perform some sexual act that you find offensive. From butt spankings to salad tossings, nothing seems to be off the menu today for many people. However many women still remain traditional and even conservative when it comes to what they will and won’t do in the bedroom.

So today’s question is a simple one: What sexual acts are absolutely, positively off the menu for you?


  1. i agree with moonya, no threesomes, swapping, same-sex relations, S&M, no oral sex either, and no pornography materials or sex aids to help. a good old imagination and telling the person what you like and making a compromise when their is no agreement.

  2. i agree with moonya that no threesomes, swapping, same-sex relations, no S&M, no oral sex.

  3. I can’t and won’t get into women and S&M. No partner swapping for me either. However I have tried some things with my honey that I didn’t think I would ever do and I even enjoyed it. But down right nastiness will not this way…..

  4. @moonya, OKAY?! idk yall S&M might be fun, but there is a need for rules,
    @serenity: okay? whipped cream, even yogurt, but hmm he needs to shower before my tongue goes in foreign areas lol

  5. Agreed. No threesomes, swapping, same-sex or S&M. While I can’t say I’ve never seen a porn video before, I can say I don’t care for them nor do I need them to enhance the sexual experience, personally. I do agree that a little imagination and some whip cream and some chocolate or caramel sauce goes a long way. (SMILES)


    I agree. I’mma need him to be “Zestfully Clean” before these lips travel South. (SMILES)

  6. the only thing i wont do is same sex for me and/ or him but I would do a 3-some, 4-some or 5-some all men not sexually involved with each other. I will NOT toss the salad or swallow some other person bodily secretions. other than pretty much open and extremely secure with my body.

  7. Hey guys, have any of you tried altoids or had them used on you?

  8. threesomes:

    i am too selfish to share (and be shared).


    no interest whatsoever.

    salad tossing:

    *lol* reading that reminds of the chris rock stand-up where he talks about an HBO show/documentary about prisons. “jelly or syrup”.


    as long as i’m the “dom”. *evil grin*

  9. Absolute NO right off the bat: same sex of any kind…no S&M, no threesomes, no lesbianism, no same sex porno (dont mind regular hetero porno as long as its tasteful), no salad tossing- none of these things turn me on or remotely interest me.

    although if he is freshly clean and we are in love, I would give big Jim and the twins a tongue bath. No bootyhole licking though EWWW!

    I dont mind oral sex giving or recieving but it has to be with my man or husband. Not any old dude Im dating gets the cookies or the royal treatment.

  10. I myself will not do same sex two-somes three-somes etc.of any kind!!!! Sharing NOT!! I enjoy oral sex very much as far as returning the favor I will have to know and see his status!! Trust I have shared that expericence with few men. I am proud to say. In my opinion some women don’t have the respect that they had when I grew up. It hurts my heart to see youn ladies being nilly willy with any guy who asks them their name or justs say hello!!! I have found when you respect yourself truly he will as well. I have decided to wait for my husband and to be secure enough to feel free sexually without being embarassed or ashamed. I am all out to please and feel that either I am enough for him in every way or get to stepping. GIRLS ROCK!!!!!

    I enjoyed reading the other comments!!

  11. Every woman on here that says they wont do threesomes or have sex with another woman will be single for the rest of her life. Its what guys what. Quit being sticks in the mud!!

  12. No threesomes…that’s just too awkward for me.

    No swapping…sorry he is all mine!

    No salad tossing…I just cant do it

    NO SWALLOWING! I love oral sex but I am not swallowing that is disgusting to me (no shade to anyone who does)

    and finally I WILL NOT PEE ON ANYONE!…yes I have had someone make that request of me. That’s just downright unhygenic.

  13. @taurus….I don’t agree…every man does not want their woman with a woman….not that he might not like it at all ..but just not his woman….HOWEVER..for you guys saying no ORAL SEX..I mean your sex life must be boring… Every Man loves that!!! I don’t know about being single the rest of your life..but YOU DAMN SURE WILL BE CHEATED ON THE REST OF YOU LIFE..LOL… The only thing that’s out for me is….IDK!!! well..no peeing on me, and sharing..other than that..i’m down for whatever..my man sprung!..with my hubby only!

  14. O yea…no actually bootyhole licking..i can bite it or kiss on it or right above the crack..lick up and down the crack..but no BOOTYHOLE…MY MAN DON’T EVEN WANT THAT!

  15. I’m surprised that no one mentioned anal sex. That is a definite hell no for me so you can already assume I’m not going near anyone else’s anus(licking, etc.) Those sexual acts are really un-natural and unhygienic.

  16. LOL!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!! Licking & kissing etc. in the anal area is out!!!! I agree unhealthy & disgusting!!!!

  17. My No-Nos are no peeing & im not licking anyones butt. lol I’m not gonna knock u for doing it because we are all grown but sex SHOULD be fun. If you are just having missionary sex & then go to bed..u are missing out on A LOT! This is why so mnay men AND women cheat…. some of u are so boring in bed that ur spouses want to find some excitement elsewhere. even if its watching porn. I’m just saying. Dont get offended just being honest.

  18. No, threesomes, no swallowing, and definitely no anal. I don’t know what’s up with all these so called heterosexual men that want anal. There are a lot of fat booty men out there who will give it up to them. Go ahead and be gay. Stop trying to be on the low and get it from women. I tell them they have homosexual tendencies and that gets them off the ass.

  19. Welp Imma say it just because a man likes anal sex it doesnt make him gay… What makes him gay is the attraction to another man.. It is painfully obvious that no one other than me and a few others have heard or know about a pgland orgasm for a man.. But Im guessing if a woman likes anal sex that makes her gay too.. Sheesh.. Dont pee on me.. But most of the no’s on here.. smdh… no knock it till ya try it.. Would be so surprised..

  20. Outside of woman on woman, I’m down for whatever! I’m just not interested in women. Married and love it. I love to experiment. D&M takes you to a whole other level. Done it and loved it! I will lick any and every area on my man toes and all. Anal sex is awesome for me! Toys cool! I also like to make my own videos. We love an adventure. I will jump into character in a minute! Love to role play. P.S. Can’t swollow, but I did try. lol

  21. @Taurus,

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I AM married dear (16 years and counting) and still no threesomes, swapping or same-sex or S&M.

  22. @Glow

    Your husband is so bored with u and I’ve bet he’s cheated so many times.

  23. absolutely no bondage…do not want to be tied up..no anal sex..including butt plugs and dildos

  24. personally i love having sex am willing to try anything once, the same way my man pleases me i would please him in the same way, trying new and exciting things brings out the freak in me and thats always a good thing in relationships

  25. No Threesomes, swapping, no salad tossing, no S&M.

    Voyeurism I would probably like.

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